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Happy New Year from South Africa
posted by gina rothfels - 31st of december, 2010
Happy New Year to all at Dreamstime. Hope it's your BEST one yet!
Adobe´s Lightroom
posted by starblue - 29th of december, 2010
Hi to all! I hope that you have a wonderful festive time! Today I will be very short :-) Do you use Adobe´s Lightroom? It is a wonderful software. I love it! Here is a nice article about a new version of Lightroom. Perhaps you can... More...
Requested "Christmas" payment
posted by meryll - 23rd of december, 2010
Today, one day before Christmas, I requested my 100$ payment, a nice Christmas present, thank you DT, thank you buyers! These pictures made it...
Next most successful image!
posted by meryll - 17th of december, 2010
Four last sales of the same image in two days made this picture of white paper my next bestseller... a nice surprise!
100 Photos Online!
posted by jdanne - 15th of december, 2010
That's my photo number 100: It's the Salisbury Cathedral's cloister in South-England, Europe. And this is the indoor view of the cathedral: My start at DT was the... More...
Milestones in action
posted by alexhor - 7th of december, 2010
Do you consider your personal Dreamstime milestones only as a neat statistics? I will let you answer this by yourself. Let me try to direct your mind flow before you answer that. Few months ago I reached a small milestone of first... More...
Making A Focus...
posted by propagandruw - 2nd of december, 2010
It's only been a few hours into the 2nd day of December and already I've made 5 sales this month. Easily my best month by far. The tiny but recent surge in sales can be contributed to the fact that my focus the last while has been... More...
Hunting for success
posted by mjak - 30th of november, 2010
Many, many blogs I've read about THE SUCCESS on stock. Much, much true - how to catch $$$... and much, much lie - mmm, I just enjoy in creative job, $$$ is not main! Yess, it is not main if you have enough. Well, bullying wasn'... More...
My Recipe in Dreamstime
posted by afagundes - 29th of november, 2010
I thought about sharing my recipe here in Dreamstime with you. First, you should start with a lot of patience. Add passion to the other ingredients and we are on our way to go. Yes, you will need to work hard... More...
50 images online!
posted by trevorb687 - 26th of november, 2010
Hi all I started with Dreamstime back in 2007 and after a series of submissions where everything was rejected I kind of gave up . A few months ago I decided to have another go and now seem to be making a bit of progress !! I`ve even... More...
Acceptance ratio
posted by alexhor - 24th of november, 2010
Hi, fellow contributors! This will be another long reading. So if you are waiting for your uploaded files become unfinished files you may want to spend some time here. Once again, here are some of my thoughts and notes which... More...
5 Level 2 downloads
posted by dteurope - 20th of november, 2010
yeaaahh. 5th Level 2 download reached.
50 downloads accepted!
posted by dorvard - 20th of november, 2010
Finally I reach 50 downloads! Me have successfully accepted in exclusive photographers on Dreamstime
TIFF sales
posted by meryll - 19th of november, 2010
In last three days I had among common sales also two TIFF sales: I am lucky. Thank you Mr/Mrs Buyer!
My successful images approaching level 3
posted by meryll - 2nd of november, 2010
There are a few images approaching to level three in my PF . I like watch how these images sell and wonder which of them would be the first one to make it into level three and get the desired tenth download first. Actually, it feel... More...
110 Approvals in 10 days
posted by bcritchley - 28th of october, 2010
After a great 14 day trip, time to chill out, relax and get away from everything I decided to upload a few shots on my return and see how things went. To my delight I have now had 110 images accepted in the last 10 days with an... More...
Microstock adulthood.
posted by petarneychev - 23rd of october, 2010
Two (of mine) articles back I wrote about the importance of being unique. Lately I've been realizing that I missed one very crucial point, which (imho) is much of the answer to the question why some will make it and some won't (in microstock,... More...
Blog articles and sales
posted by mephi55to - 22nd of october, 2010
It's obvious that if you want a website to be successful you need to fill it up with content like articles, blog articles, etc etc. I've noticed that I only had sales when I wrote here on the blog. It may be a coincidence,... More...
Be The Best "You"
posted by davewebbphoto - 20th of october, 2010
Getting exposure as a photographer — and making sales — is all about standing out in the crowd. But, in Dreamstime especially, that crowd is VERY, very large. So how do you stand out? It's all about exploiting your unique skills... More...
Recently hit $2000
posted by davidwattsjr - 5th of october, 2010
I just recently hit $2000 in sales. I'm grateful to all the buyers that have found my work useful. Many of you are reading this and are just starting out. My message is simple: keep shooting, keep learning, keep growing. Virtually... More...
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