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300 images!
posted by meryll - 1st of october, 2010
Today I have achieved 300 images online! My sales has also increased remarkably too so it seems work is rewarded here. Thanks to buyers, thanks to DT! More...
Second level!
posted by kodols - 30th of september, 2010
Yes, finally i made it! I have my first second level image! September has been my best month, because of many accepted images, getting exclusive, highest earnings and mountain of motivation. Thans DT for chance to improve myself.... More...
How is your September?
posted by meryll - 30th of september, 2010
I am glad I can say at the end of September that this is my best month ever on DT, with 2x more sales and revenue than in August. To me DT rocks! And how is your September??
a first milestone reached
posted by fotoarts - 24th of september, 2010
Dear Dreamstime members, I would like to share a really good moment with you: Today I reached my first personal milestone here at Dreamstime. With my sale number 164 I finally crossed the barrier of the minimum payout and was... More...
First 100 sold !
posted by archangel72 - 24th of september, 2010
Yes, my first achievement in "only" 9 months on Dreamstime. Well, it could be definitely better, but for now, and with my present humble equipment I am satisfied. The result will be improved next year with my next camera purchase.... More...
I made it to 100 photos online!
posted by mvogel - 17th of september, 2010
I finally made it to 100 images online today with this picture. It took a lot of work and I learned a ton on the way. Thanks to everyone for your help, encouragement, and support. Now it is on to the next 100 images. More...
New goal, 100 images online
posted by mvogel - 4th of september, 2010
It has been said that setting goals is one of the keys to success. How else can you know when you have succeeded if you have no goal to measure you progress by. My first goal was to get started when I did in February of this year... More...
First assignment success
posted by deniskelly - 1st of september, 2010
I'm participating in my first assignment - Hidden Local Treasures - and am thrilled to have one of my submissions approved. This is part of The Wash, a large estuary in Norfolk on the East coast of England. These sheltered mudflats... More...
New Log-in Page
posted by elianehaykal - 1st of september, 2010
Why haven't anyone mentioned it yet? Not in the forum nor in blogs?!!!! I LoVe ThE nEw WaRm DeSiGn and the fact that it shows photos of your last searched keyword :D
One strike, one hit, on base first time at bat
posted by mvogel - 31st of august, 2010
So I finally got my 50 images online a couple of months ago and the current assignment was the first opportunity that I had to participate. Once I read the assignment I was very excited. I live in a area where we have several UNESCO... More...
What microstock photography gives to me.
posted by dmitrytsvetkov - 27th of august, 2010
I heard about microstock photography a little bit less than a year ago. It was autumn. September or Octomber. I'm start thinking: "I'm not worse than all these people who make there money. Why not to try?" And I upload my favourite... More...
Be Successful on DT: Stay Active
posted by visceralimage - 18th of august, 2010
I took a couple months off from uploading on Dreamstime to prepare for my Russia expedition (5 years in Russia). I also took a break from the message boards on DT. I noticed that my sales dropped by half; most interestingly, my sales... More...
Personal Milestone: Thanks Everyone! Please keep up the good work!
posted by chrissatchwell - 16th of august, 2010
Today I logged into my account to see a very nice milestone for my account. I am an affiliate for the website, I am a rubbish photographer so I stick to promoting only :) The milestone: I've now made $10,000 in affiliate earnings... More...
Being Unique is Your Bright Future in Microstock
posted by petarneychev - 29th of july, 2010
If you've been a part of microstock photography for more than a year then you already (should) know it - unique images sell best, competition is severe on all levels, it's increasingly harder to deliver more (creative) and better content... More...
My second payment
posted by smartview27 - 26th of july, 2010
With this photo I was able to request my second payment. Thank you Dreamstime. You are a wonderful partner!
My first 100 uploads!
posted by ozmosis - 3rd of july, 2010
I joined the micro-stock world three years ago, but I started uploading pictures only some months ago. In just three months I reached up to 100 uploads. From my first image on the right to the last image on the right, which is the... More...
Make Your Landscapes Really Pop!
posted by davewebbphoto - 24th of june, 2010
A photograph isn't necessarily reality - but simply your version of reality. Have you ever taken a photo of a stunning landscape only to find the image doesn't do what you're seeing - and feeling - any justice whatsoever? There... More...
2,000th download!
posted by walleyelj - 17th of june, 2010
Well, not too long ago I marked my 1,000th upload (1,038 right now). Today, a huge personal milestone - 2,ooo downloads! Here's the lucky image: Given the fact that I have limited time to devote to my photography (my day job has... More...
referral programe
posted by alitvfilm - 10th of june, 2010
I am trying to activate my referral programe, but ending with errors. I try for so many time by copy and paste, but still unsuccessful. Of cos I’ll be proud if I can make it especially attached in my blogspot website, flickr, facebook,... More...
A Bit of Hard Work Does Pay Off
posted by bcritchley - 3rd of june, 2010
Well I have been a member here for just over a year and for most part not very successful. My first month saw me get 15 uploads and 45 rejections. It hurt and I pretty much felt fed up and left it feeling like I did not have what... More...
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