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Local Global
posted by ellenboughn - 10th of october, 2007
Business and travel have shrunk the world. Our customers sometimes want images that represent local and regional lifestyles and symbols. How can you best illustrate the character of the country in which you live without using flags... More...
Erin Go Bragh!
posted by ellenboughn - 22nd of february, 2007
Erin Go Bragh translates to "Ireland Forever" and in the US where everyone claims to be Irish on St. Patrick's Day, it is often heard.
In parts... More...
Hearts for sale
posted by kimson1972 - 19th of january, 2012
The symbole for the goodness, love and life ! I cannot feel more comfortable when some of my images of heart have been sold here on Dreamstime ! Great ! Love to your all out there ! ///kimson
The spiral symbol
posted by emisup - 21st of september, 2011
In the rites and myths of many cultures has been crucial, and still has. Let's analyze a little 'to obtain a summary of meanings. To the Celts, for whom culture was one of the key symbols: the spiral had a double meaning, which depended... More...
Magic geometry; geometric patterns in Islamic art
posted by cbomers - 24th of february, 2011
Islamic artists and designers have used geometric motifs to decorate almost every surface, from walls, ceilings to floors, pots, textiles and book covers. As Islam spread from nation to nation, Islamic artists combined geometry... More...
Rich and poor
posted by cristalloid - 14th of october, 2010
In Germany actually there is a political discussion on issues of rich and poor people, who should get the money, how much money, who has to pay for this, what is enough money and so on... this discussion has been growing over the last... More...
Symbol Sprayer ...
posted by davulcu - 25th of september, 2010
I decided to share an Illustrator tip with you . For repetitive figures Symbol Sprayer is a great tool. Just try this; From the tools menu choose star tool ( it is in the same section with rectangle tool ) Draw a star to... More...
Never seen!
posted by gheburaseye - 25th of april, 2010
Hello to everyone! I hope you had good weekend ...as usual, I focused myself on my illustrations. We never forget that our work on dreamstime doesn't end when an image is approved by the DT: our work is continuous! I looked at... More...
DT & Facebook
posted by smartview27 - 20th of april, 2010
Hi DT People, I just noticed the new symbol (for me...) for DT & Facebook. Great tool, great connections!
Sign and letter collection
posted by patl - 29th of september, 2009
Please pardon a bit of self promotion and take a look at my latest collection of signs, symbols and letters. Some are funny, some are sad, but all are meaningful in everyday use. Sign, sybols, and letters Here are a few. More...
Butterfly: unique symbol
posted by olyashevchenko - 24th of march, 2009
Butterrfly is an insect from lepidopterous order. It is unique because of the life cycle which contains metamorphosis from egg, then caterpillar through pupa to beautiful bright adult. That is why butterfly image became symbolic.... More...
Easter is coming!
posted by awizard - 9th of february, 2009
A very bright Orthodox holiday is coming! During Easter, Jesus Christ died and returned to live. Easter is a symbol of divine justice over the world. What does this holiday include? A common attribute is an Easter cake. This cake... More...
Wolf and Raven
posted by mildegard - 13th of january, 2009
Every picture has it's own story. Here's the one about my "Wolf and Raven". My husband has an unusual hobby - historical reconstruction. He and his friends are those guys who craft metal armor, swords and axes and then go to some... More...
Favorite subject of my husband
posted by papuga2006 - 29th of february, 2008
The tiger is a mammal, the largest of four ‘big cats’ Lines, Tigers, Jaguars and Leopards, lives in eastern and southern Asia, reaching up to four meters long and weighing also a lot. The most recognizable feature is his pattern... More...
Symbolic of white
posted by papuga2006 - 29th of february, 2008
White like no other color (o should I say absence of color), have many symbolic meaning in our and other cultures. In many cultures white is a symbol of perfection, purity, innocence, rebirth, live and even death (Islam), north direction... More...
Happy 1st of March!
posted by achilles - 29th of february, 2008
There is an old Romanian tradition where men offer a small gift to women on 1st of March. The gift is wear and always has a nice red-white string (that's what makes it a "martisor"). The initial custom was that men were receving gifts... More...
Chinese New Year
posted by espion - 8th of january, 2008
It is approaching the Chinese New Year soon, an occasion celebrated around the world wherever there are Chinese people. And the orange or tangerine is a symbol associated with the event. It is a visual pun for the word gold in... More...
How do you define spring?
posted by sukro - 1st of november, 2007
WOW - here I am on the first day of november - preparing for the spring sales... I have been putting together a , and while doing so I began thinking about the smell of spring and small fragile flowers being carefully held in hands.... More...
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