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Drawing Techniques
posted by vennys - 2nd of september, 2013
Can someone give me a hand please..? I have a lot of ideas, but I´m missing knowledge for better techniques (mainly not hand-drawing). Are there any books for microstock - work..? (how to create stickers, backgrounds, ...) I know... More...
Dealing with noise the smarter way
posted by robinstockphotos - 3rd of july, 2013
You noticed a bear inside a cave just before evening. You recall seeing a duplicate of this shot in the last National Geographic magazine. You bring your thousand dollar camera up with a proud telephoto lens sticking out a couple feet... More...
one of my favorite images
posted by iiberry - 23rd of september, 2012
One of my favorite pictures. I must strive to learn photography techniques, achieve the goal of a picture online.
Bird Photography: Approaching
posted by silasfirth - 25th of june, 2012
I know it's been a while since my last blog articles on bird photography. I've been really busy and haven't been able to spend as much time working with my photos as I'd like. I still manage to get out, though, and hopefully this information... More...
Understanding depth if field
posted by dmccale - 25th of july, 2011
I wanted to share this link I found. depth of field In my opinion, we can never learn enough about photography. Sometimes I think I know something and zap its gone. Therefore, I try to read on different techniques as often as I can.... More...
Vertical or Horizontal Photos?
posted by haslinda - 7th of june, 2011
Do you like to shoot photos vertically or rather horizontally? My initial preference was to shoot landscape or horizontal photos. But for some strange reason I find my photos shot vertically sells better than those done horizontally.... More...
No Tripod? Use body parts...or whatever...
posted by haslinda - 24th of april, 2011
This really does not sound as gruesome as the title implies. Well a tripod is particularly useful when taking photographs to reduce the inevitable camera shake. But sometimes it is just not possible to drag that tripod along. Especially... More...
5Ps of Microstock
posted by haslinda - 20th of april, 2011
When I was studying Marketing in school, the 4Ps were drilled into our brains. Let's go into the world of microstock and apply this. Product - Photography/Illustration As contributors, we are the suppliers. So make the product unique... More...
Expanding Portfolio - Learning Along the Way
posted by haslinda - 2nd of february, 2011
It was a chance internet search that point me in the direction of microstock and DT was the first agency that I signed up and gotten a sale. In the beginning, my uploads are all mountain landscapes. That is what I love and the purpose... More...
Phone lights up the wonderful world
posted by dingdvr - 19th of november, 2010
I am a college student and I love photography,but so far I have no digital SLR cameras. It does not matter, I have a HTC phone HD2. Although he is only 500 million pixels, I think my phone out of the same film as good as those pictures... More...
Pure White Backgrounds: What a leason I learned!
posted by morganoliver - 21st of october, 2010
Of course isolating an object on a white background, I always try to touch-up on Photoshop. I'm still learning all of Photoshop's amazingly helpful touch-up functions but this one is the latest lesson learned. Only after my "Budget"... More...
Vector images
posted by williamardrey - 5th of september, 2010
I have just begun experimenting with vector images. I have to say it's a lot of fun and I have a tendency to let my imagination run wild when I'm creating images. I downloaded a not so expensive program from the internet. It is called... More...
Portrait Lighting
posted by rtdesignstudio - 13th of may, 2010
Hi, we've just published an article on Portrait Lighting, where we explained the basic lighting techniques and schemes for creating 5 types of portraits. Please check it out and let us know what you think. Portrait Lighting More...
A quickie on object isolation
posted by arielmartin - 5th of february, 2010
A couple of quick tips: To have an object isolated fast and easy (as it can possibly be) first you need to shoot with that in mind. Use white background and get a light between your subject and the background. Just experiment until... More...
Tips for Better Photographs
posted by brooksinstitute - 3rd of december, 2009
Have you been taking pictures that don’t turn out as you envision? Wondered how to use various camera techniques for that perfect snapshot? Since each camera is built differently, learning how to operate your camera can be essential... More...
Let's talk a little bit about image sharpness
posted by petarneychev - 5th of may, 2009
Few things are more impressive than a full blown image with spot on focus and perfect optical sharpness. Unfortunately, few things are as hard as accomplishing this on regular basis, especially when you shoot under natural light and... More...
Editing advice needed!
posted by javashots - 17th of april, 2009
How many of us worry constantly not of our composition, subject matter, or ideas. but rather, we worry about "did I apply too much color saturation? Not enough saturation? or the dreaded "Image over filtered" rejection? poor lighting... More...
Corrective Techniques for portraits
posted by creativei - 7th of april, 2009
Here is the first part of my blog, which I promised will share here, this is a Exclusive Bobby Lane's Class. The successful portrait photographer realizes that his principal aim is to obtain characteristic likenesses of his subjects.... More...
Making Flash Not Look Like Flash
posted by maigi - 12th of october, 2007
Wow!What a great site: flash photography techniques! Neil van Niekerk shares his knowledge about lighting techniques. A lot of good tips and examples! I discovered it today for myself and couldn't help but post this link here too.... More...
Techniques for interviews
posted by redsun81 - 24th of september, 2007
excerpt from a forum...Is it the truth?How many of you guys do this? "I find that interviewers nowadays are not very trained to interview people. It's like the person who can tell the best story gets hired. Not the best worker.... More...
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