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  • Ripped paper tutorial

    by Tonygers | 30th of August, 2007

    Yet another subject that sells an unbelievable amount is the image of a piece of ripped paper????? Very strange but what do I know? I'll tell you! I know of this cool photoshop tutorial that'll show you how to make your own. You could get some nice effects like these... More
  • Feather tutorial

    by Tonygers | 30th of August, 2007

    I'm constantly amazed with what actually sells here at dreamstime and sells very well for that matter. One such subject is the humble feather. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? I certainly can't understand what it could advertise but the amount of sales the subject has wouldn't you want... More
  • Hurrah.

    by Palto | 30th of August, 2007

    It has become cold, it has already begun. I would have thought the heat will last eternally. By the way look my photos of the Russian nature. See Article
  • 3d photo effect tutorial

    by Tonygers | 30th of August, 2007

    Here's a really cool effect for you to try with one of your images. This photoshop tutorial will show how to make your subject look like they're coming out of the photograph just like this image here The fact that I can only find two examples of this kind of thing on Dreamstime... More
  • Create a cool looking eyeball

    by Tonygers | 28th of August, 2007

    Here's a really cool Photoshop Tutorial that will show you step by step how to create a really cool and realistic eyeball that you can maybe use in your images as a prop like these ones? Or as a wallpaper background like these ones?... More
  • Bloggy,!

    by Photojay | 28th of August, 2007

    I just have a second to get some quick thoughts out there, so I don't have time to add the images to support this message (sorry to all of you who only read my blog because you get a little notice telling you that I included your image in my blog). Here is my ONE image:... More
  • Ultimate touch up photoshop tutorial

    by Tonygers | 28th of August, 2007

    Have you ever taken a really good facial photo of one of your models but wanted to make it look better yet natural? This ultimate make-up photoshop tutorial will have your subjects looking like super models from those glossy magazines in no time at all. Well actually the... More
  • Create a haunted house

    by Tonygers | 27th of August, 2007

    With halloween just around the corner now's the time to think about uploading all those spooky images you've all been preparing..........What?..............You haven't prepared ANYTHING for the halloween season? Oh boy it's just as well then that I've found this cool photoshop... More
  • Rainbow vortex background tutorial

    by Tonygers | 27th of August, 2007

    Create a cool rainbow-like vortexy thingemy bobby kind of backgroundy thingy. Errr you know what I mean??? LOOK! Just follow this photoshopy tutorially thingmy-bob kind of a thingy and you too can have something like these.- And if you add something else to it like... More
  • Make someone look older

    by Tonygers | 26th of August, 2007

    Here's another Photoshop Tutorial that's more a bit of fun than something that you'll actually have to use to make your images better. The tutorial itself is very in depth and time consuming but if you perhaps want to see what yourself or maybe a loved one would look like... More
  • Make someone look younger

    by Tonygers | 26th of August, 2007

    Sometimes when working with models I would imagine there comes a time when every photographer (Or even model themselves) looks at and scrutinises there work with a fine toothcomb noticing every little blemish, line, wrinkle etc etc etc. This in depth and very informative... More
  • What If Model Releases Are Not Possible?

    by Bwendy3 | 25th of August, 2007

    That is the problem I recently had when I wanted to submit a photograph of a sea plane I shot while out sailing. The problem was that when I blew up the photo to 100%, I could clearly see the passengers faces in the back of the plane. I really wanted to use this photo... More
  • black & white question for photographers

    by Melkorey | 25th of August, 2007

    I have found photos that I want to purchase based on their composition. My friend prefers black & white. I'm finding few b & w that will fit her needs, and we need more photos. I know I can take color photos and grayscale them, but it's not really the same. Any advice... More
  • Solar eclipse tutorial

    by Tonygers | 24th of August, 2007

    Here's a cool Photoshop Tutorial. That'll show you how to make a cool solar eclipse effect just like these. See Article
  • A great image stitcher

    by Sorinus | 24th of August, 2007

    Autostitch is the world's first fully automatic 2D image stitcher. Capable of stitching full view panoramas without any user input whatsoever, Autostitch is a breakthrough technology for panoramic photography, VR and visualization applications. This is the first solution... More
  • Cool abstract background

    by Tonygers | 23rd of August, 2007

    Every stock portfolio should have at least a couple of these kinds of images - because they are so popular. With the help of this nifty little Photoshop Tutorial you can get your own collection up and running. Hope you enjoy this tutorial and please leave comments.... More
  • Create A Collage Of Polaroids From A Single Photo

    by Tonygers | 23rd of August, 2007

    Here's a cool Photoshop tutorial that'll give you a great effect that's very pleasing on the eye. Or you could just use an image of a black background to get results similer to these. - Hope you enjoy it and please leave comments. Thanks More
  • Turning dull into sunny

    by Tonygers | 23rd of August, 2007

    Have you ever taken a great picture that you just couldn't use because the sky was dull, cloudy, overcast and just downright miserable? How would you like to turn that dull sky into a blue sky and also make the subject of your photo fit into the picture like it was bathed... More
  • Oh dear... Am I turning into an addict?

    by Shadow69 | 23rd of August, 2007

    Recently, I had the good fortune to experience a really important milestone in my life. I got married. It was a brilliant day, and my wife looked radiant. In this day and age when most people look upon the wedding certificate as nothing more than a piece of paper imposed... More
  • parchment tutorial

    by Tonygers | 23rd of August, 2007

    Ever wanted to create an image of old parchment paper like this? Or this? Or these? Well now you can with the help of this easy Photoshop Tutorial. These images are very popular on stock sites and it wouldn't harm your portfolio to have one of your own available... More

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