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  • Glossy buttons

    by Tonygers | 22nd of August, 2007

    Here's a very simple Photoshop tutorial that'll have you making cool glossy web buttons like these - in absolutely no time at all. Enjoy. More
  • Design a pad of post it notes.

    by Tonygers | 22nd of August, 2007

    You know? Those little sticky pieces of paper with scribbles on them that we use or come across every single day. With the announcement that the new Dreamstime assignment is all about communication then what better way to communicate than with a post it note? It's still... More
  • Painted face tutorial

    by Tonygers | 21st of August, 2007

    Firstly let me give ALL the credit for this article to one of our very own photographers Perrush Who not only wrote the following tutorial but also has several great examples of what can be achieved by following this great photoshop tutorial HERE. And here are a selection... More
  • Beauty Where It's Least Expected

    by Kenneystudios | 21st of August, 2007

    While out shooting pictures of my fiance refining his skills, naturally I started looking around at my surroundings to see what else might make a good photograph. The breeze was blowing very smoothly across the overgrown grass. It caught my eye and I thought, "This might... More
  • How long do you spend?

    by Nicemonkey | 21st of August, 2007

    How long do you spend with your photos in photoshop tweaking and correcting them? If a photograph isn't working do you chuck it or put it to one side and go back to it later? How ordered is your work flow? Comments? See Article
  • Add a rainbow

    by Tonygers | 21st of August, 2007

    Have you got some great looking lanscape images? Want to take them to another level? Of course you do, how about a rainbow? With this tutorial you can add a great looking and realistic rainbow to your images. They could look as great as these.- This really... More
  • Adding graffiti to an image

    by Tonygers | 21st of August, 2007

    Ever wanted to add a personal touch to your images like adding your own graffiti style? Something like this maybe? Then just follow the instructions of Graffiti tutorial I think it could add a new dimension to some of your images if not a little fun? Enjoy More
  • Make a cool looking planet

    by Tonygers | 21st of August, 2007

    Here's a really cool tutorial that'll show you how to make a planet from scratch with photoshop. After creation you could incorporate your newly made planet into your images in a number of ways like these. - Or use it in a cool space scene. like... More
  • Cool retro stars

    by Tonygers | 20th of August, 2007

    There seems to be a growing trend to incorporate 70's style retro art into advertising these days and there's no better 70's image than that of the shooting stars like this - and this - and this - . By following this photoshop tutorial and with a little imagination.... More
  • Join the chain gang?

    by Tonygers | 20th of August, 2007

    Here's a really simple photoshop tutorial that you can all try if you want to create some simple yet almost realistic chains. Here's some examples of how it might look when finished? - With a little bit of imagination you could get some great results with this tutorial.... More
  • Lady Liberty

    by Davidwattsjr | 20th of August, 2007

    On a recent trip to NYC I tried to make the most of my visit with various photographs of the major sites. The conditions were not ideal - it was hazy and there was a lot of glare. But, I like the way a few of these turned out. I especially liked capturing Lady Liberty... More
  • Multiracial is popular

    by Pureradiancejennifer | 20th of August, 2007

    I have many pictures of children in my portfolio from all different backgrounds. I have found, pictures of biracial or multiracial children are very popular and have received many downloads compared to my other pictures. I am excited that there is such a need for this type... More
  • Create an easy rock texture with photoshop

    by Tonygers | 20th of August, 2007

    A really simple and easy way to make a rocky like texture in photoshop like this. - This. - Or this. - The result is really outstanding. Try it here. More
  • Crumpled paper photoshop tutorial

    by Tonygers | 20th of August, 2007

    Hi again folks Hope you all actually enjoy or at least have a go at these tutorials. Anyway, have ever wanted to create something like this? - or this? - or this? - EASY PEASY LEMON SQEEZY Just follow this easy photoshop tutorial and bob's your uncle.... More
  • Growing as a Photographer

    by Naturevision | 20th of August, 2007

    Unfortunately by the time we get to the point in our lives where we can purchase the better cameras, and great lens we have reached our prime. A 20 year old usually cannot afford a digital SLR unless he is a professional photographer or has a great job with lots of disposable... More
  • Using Pen Tool for Isolation

    by Natie | 20th of August, 2007

    OK, I promised to tell how I use Pen Tool for isolation of objects. Indeed, there are some small tricks which I use in every type of isolation, and I'd like to share them with you. First thing you should remember about Pen Tool is: don't make too many points trying to... More
  • Why are Solar Panels Hot?

    by Davidwattsjr | 17th of August, 2007

    Ok, this time a question. Of my brief and limited time submitting photographs to this and other stock photography sites - my best selling pictures are solar panels. 30 sales on this site, 39 on another site, and a half-dozen more sales on various other sites. Samples... More
  • Isolation of objects

    by Natie | 17th of August, 2007

    I work in 3 magazines as a retoucher, and every day I have tons of photos and pictures to be proсessed, retouched, isolated and so on. When I started working, I didn't know how to isolate objects correctly and accurately. I had to read a lot of articles - some of them were... More
  • Add a tattoo

    by Tonygers | 16th of August, 2007

    Ever wanted to add a tattoo to one of your models? Thinking of getting a tattoo yourself? Here's an easy and painless way to get great results (at least on screen/paper) by following this great and easy Tutorial Here's some great examples of tattoos on Dreamstime already... More
  • Making a glass ball in photoshop

    by Tonygers | 16th of August, 2007

    Add a new dimension to one of your existing images by creating a glass ball over your image with realistic reflections and distortions. This challenging, demanding yet simple tutorial will give you results you will be proud of. Here are a few examples of what you could... More

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