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A Traditional Culture Dance in Jogja
posted by purnawan - 8th of april, 2014
Have you ever hear Jogja? The complete name is Jogjakarta a district / province in beautiful Indonesia. People often knows Jogja with many culture tradition. Some beautiful object for tourism like Prambanan Temple and Borobudur Temple... More...
I wish you all the age of horse is happy!
posted by hanbaoluan - 27th of january, 2014
China's traditional lunar festival - the Spring Festival (2014 year of the horse), is coming, this is also the Chinese people the most solemn festival in a year.Here's wishing "DT" friends a happy New Year, May you last come into a... More...
... By Bread Alone
posted by elianehaykal - 16th of october, 2013
A staple food in most cultures, bread is universal and so a symbol of unity. An event was created a few years ago: World Bread Day, it's celebrated on October 16th :) What I learned is that it's a world-wide event... More...
Romanian traditions - part 2
posted by razvanxr - 13th of november, 2012
At the end of the last month (on 27th October 2012) I was asked to drive someone at a fair, 50 km away from my town. He told me the traditional craftsmen from Slatina will be there. For me, it is always a joy to meet this people. But,... More...
Romanian traditions
posted by razvanxr - 1st of november, 2012
One of my favorite photographic themes is Romanian traditions. And when I say this, I mean traditional clothing, traditional crafts, traditional houses and the way the romanian peasants lived their life. One of the most remarkable... More...
Ritual ceremony
posted by jianbinglee - 6th of june, 2012
people is the fundamental reason of the cultural gene. solemn, very unique. More...
Chinese traditional drama, part two: Pingju Opera
posted by photoexpress - 18th of april, 2011
Pingju Opera is the second largest opera in China, next to Beijing(Peking) Opera. It was originated in Tangshang, an eastern city in Hebei province, in circa 1909. Now it is very popular in the North and Northeast of China. Combined... More...
Kalyug? Maybe! For me its just a change!
posted by thefinalmiracle - 20th of march, 2011
Meerabai - a saint, a singer, one of the only devotees and lover of Lord Krishna! An icon from Rajasthan and one of the leading saints of the Vaishnava Bhakti Movement. It might be a myth or a reality but her love for Krishna symbolized... More...
The good old days... part 2
posted by wingnutdesigns - 27th of may, 2009
As a little follow up on my last post about vintage toys, here are some more with a more feminine slant.
Chinese New Year Traditional Food In Malaysia.
posted by ongchangwei - 24th of january, 2009
This is a few photo of Chinese New Year Traditional Food In Malaysia. OCWO Creation More...
Chunyun, world's biggest annual migration
posted by 70sphotography - 19th of january, 2009
>The official Chinese New Year holiday for 2009 is on January 26. A total of 188 million passenger trips will be taken in China during the upcoming Lunar New Year period, the country's most important holiday. The yearly exodus is the... More...
Try something new
posted by jinlide - 20th of december, 2008
I have many gorilla pictures, some online and more in the archive. I always like their very expressive faces as well as their expressive postures. Since the pictures were taken in a zoo, the backgrounds were not always attractive.... More...
Beautifual traditional building in China
posted by j6789 - 10th of november, 2008
China is a country with a long history, ancient Chinese buildings have a long tradition and unique style. In particular, is the classic wooden structure buildings, its elegant appearance, color, heavy, unique style, whether the corridor... More...
My (P-EL) license sales this month
posted by ongchangwei - 30th of october, 2008
Very happy, this is my first (P-EL) license on this month. Photo title is Chinese Traditional Food.
Red in China
posted by bendao - 5th of september, 2008
The emphasis of red colour in chinese culture originated from the han-chinese culture's veneration towards red colour. The red color wards off anything evil, red is auspicious. This view had already began in pre-historic times. Red... More...
Chinese traditional painting on the buildings
posted by sleiselei - 4th of september, 2008
In the Summer Palace of Beijing, I found some chinese traditional painting on the buildings. The painting with many years history but still with beautiful colors. The painting show you chinese arts and chinese storys. :) More...
traditional old architecture
posted by j6789 - 8th of august, 2008
In China,there are many traditional old wood of architectures. These architecture is the special design, the concinnity of sculpt, the magnificence of adorn and the perfect function.
elegant lotus
posted by jasonjung - 7th of july, 2008
it's season to enjoy the beautiful lotus, most of chinese people love lotus flower, because the lotus flower is very quiet and elegant, just like chinese traditional standard of personality. the leaf and bud is also pretty, lotus... More...
traditional Chinese medicinal herbs
posted by fenghui - 12th of april, 2008
Herbal medicine has been a part of the written history of traditional Chinese medicine for over 4000 years. Herbal therapy has three main functions as below: 1TREAT THE IMMMEDIATE problem 2strengthen the body and help it... More...
Chinese traditional Gong Fu tea ( 2 )
posted by watercattle - 27th of march, 2008
Last time, we talk about the how to prepare Chinese traditional Gong Fu tea. Now, dicu chat the next step to taste and drink it. D. Put the tea leaf: the proportion is 1:18 E. Wash the tea leaf: take the teapot in the right... More...
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