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White Stuff - Shooting tips & tricks for lots of white (or black)
posted by edosaodaro - 7th of april, 2014
Hi Guys! Does any know any tips and tricks for taking pictures with lots of white (or black) in the frame? Here are a couple of tips that I use: 1. Metering off blue skies - this invloves point the camera up towards the sky... More...
Butterfly Photography
posted by robinstockphotos - 19th of february, 2013
The very mention of butterfly photography creates an image of vivid attractive subjects fluttering in a dream garden. That happens if you are a buyer or end user of butterfly photos. What if you are a contributor? You begin to imagine... More...
Bird Photography
posted by robinstockphotos - 6th of january, 2013
I've always been interested a lot in observing birds. Sitting with a pair of field glasses or binoculars and watching out for a single little bird for hours and hours...that was when I was 12 years old. Now after 6 years I can combine... More...
HDR Photography - Tips
posted by robinstockphotos - 7th of december, 2012
Love HDR photography? I agree it is interesting. But are you doing it the "professional" way? It is not always easy to get HDR photos perfect because of little things we often ignore. Here is the quick list you must scan through... More...
A simple trick for Hummingbird Photography
posted by physi28 - 26th of july, 2012
Those among us who have been trying to get decent pictures of Hummingbirds in flight, know about the difficulties involved: some species exhibit a rather (relatively) slow flight between their stops in the air, allowing you to focus... More...
A St. Patrick's Day Toast
posted by karenfoleyphotography - 16th of march, 2012
. May the road rise up to meet you, May the wind be always at your back, May the sun shine warm upon your face, and the rain fall soft upon your fields. And until we meet agan, May God hold you safe in the palm of His hand.... More...
Shooting tethered
posted by dark3y3s - 16th of february, 2012
Hello guys! Have you ever thought your camera's tiny screen was not enough to preview your images? Or felt a bit disappointed after seeing the pictures on your computer? Well, I certainly did. And I recently found out there's a... More...
Travel Photography - Some Tips
posted by shopartgallerycom - 14th of may, 2011
This is the first article I published in Shopartgallery's Page On Facebook and is dedicated to Travel Photography, a fascinating world in which once you've entered, is very difficult to leave. It becomes a burning passion that... More...
Journey to my first 100th sale
posted by nectar3d - 28th of july, 2010
WOW! I have reached my first 100th sale! I am so happy! Thanks again to DT and other members! And today I would like to share some of my precious experience throughout this entire journey with others, specially those who just started... More...
Wildlife - Outside Your Camera
posted by kenneystudios - 18th of april, 2010
How do I find wildlife? What do I bring? How should I use the lighting? .... These questions are asked over and over again, yet most articles and tutorials do not get to the other aspects of the art of photography. There is much more... More...
Did you know?
posted by rosedarc - 23rd of march, 2010
Although DT's interface is incredibly user friendly and the blogs and message boards are full of information, some things are not always obvious to the newbies. Here are some of the things I've picked along the way and wish I'd known... More...
Thanks to your tip and tricks I've done my first isolated pictures
posted by trottola - 18th of february, 2010
Hello every one, I begun publishing few images last year, but I didn' much. I wasn't sure I could get results with my compact camera. So, I did some illutrations. One of these has been downloaded very soon, but just one time.... More...
How to get 100 percent approval rate {Am I cheating???}
posted by creativei - 29th of october, 2009
Well this blog may not be useful for everybody, especially for exclusive contributors. I tried this method this month with my uploads, and it did work, achieved 100 percent approval rate with my 10 uploads. For me Dreamstime... More...
Imaging Tips and Tools
posted by fultonsphoto - 30th of july, 2009
As someone who has taken many wedding images in the past, I am registered to AsukaBook USA wedding albums. http://asukabook.com/ I have used one of Desislava's wedding images to keep with the wedding theme... One of the advantages... More...
Purple Fringing Quick Fixes
posted by travismanley - 26th of june, 2009
Just wrote a new post at my blog twcdm.blogspot.com Here is a sample of that post. Purple Fringing, AKA: Chromatic Aberrations (sounds like something you would hear on an episode of X-Files), AKA: Lens Fringing. Even with... More...
5 Simple Photoshop Fixes
posted by travismanley - 18th of june, 2009
New post at my blog check it out twcdm.blogspot.com Here is a portion of the post: Here are a five simple Photoshop fixes you can to to most of your photos that will really make them shine. 1. Levels - Check your levels.... More...
Let's talk a little bit about image sharpness
posted by petarneychev - 5th of may, 2009
Few things are more impressive than a full blown image with spot on focus and perfect optical sharpness. Unfortunately, few things are as hard as accomplishing this on regular basis, especially when you shoot under natural light and... More...
twcdm.blogspot.com POTD#2 (photo of the day)
posted by travismanley - 31st of march, 2009
Just started something new on my blog twcdm.blogspot.com Im calling it POTD (photo of the day) and as the name implies im going to be posting photos daily (or mostly daily) and giving a quick rundown of how I got the shot. Here... More...
Third Sale!!!
posted by eclecticelegance - 16th of march, 2009
My shamrock illustration just sold!!!!! What a pleasant surprise and great way to start the week!!! And St. Patrick's Day is tomorrow, too!
My Photography Blog
posted by travismanley - 3rd of march, 2009
Hey im blogging about my blog... I recently started a blog twcdm.blogspot.com as an extension to my website twcdm.com. My goal with this blog is to share tips, tricks and tutorials about photography, Photoshop and getting... More...
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