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Successful or not?
posted by silent47 - 17th of october, 2013
I often try to improve myself and upload more and more to make a living out of this business but...we all know that,sometimes we lack:inspiration,time,mood etc..These articles are for those who wondering why there are not successful... More...
Great tutorials for Inkscape users
posted by bitesize - 14th of august, 2012
Plenty of you will be advanced in Inkscape but some who are still learning, like myself, will hopefully find these tutorials helpful. Be warned, most are videos so you need quite a lot of bandwidth. As my bandwidth has increased... More...
The Miz's tutorials
posted by littlemacproductions - 14th of july, 2012
A while ago we had a contributor The Miz. He was very helpful to many of us by providing "cheerful" criticism with a tad of a bite. He also took the time to create many tutorials to address an assortment of processes one would do... More...
vector silhouettes tutorial
posted by alionaz - 24th of september, 2010
Hi everyone! Today I will discover the secret "how to make vector silhouettes". Let's start: 1.Open your image on photoshop. 2. With quick mask or other tool select the object or silhouette. 3. Create new layer without diselect... More...
Photoshop User - Image of the week
posted by dsabo - 25th of june, 2010
Hello Fellow Dreamtimers, I am writing for the first time for 2 reasons. First, if you have never heard of NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals) you should check them out at www.photoshopuser.com For $99 per... More...
The Beginners Guide to Food Photograph
posted by rinderart - 24th of september, 2009
The second in the beginners guide series has arrived. 260 pages of Images,Diagrams, recipes and Lighting setups. We have Also bundled the 2 books together at a reduced Price. Please go to www.rindersmithphotography.com for ordering... More...
Tips & Tricks to create Panorama Images
posted by creativei - 9th of april, 2009
Panoramas are becoming easier to accomplish these days thanks to Adobe photoshop. This software easily allows digital photographers to stitch together separate photos taken in succession. I developed this interest during one of the... More...
My Photography Blog
posted by travismanley - 3rd of march, 2009
Hey im blogging about my blog... I recently started a blog twcdm.blogspot.com as an extension to my website twcdm.com. My goal with this blog is to share tips, tricks and tutorials about photography, Photoshop and getting... More...
Isolating on White Background
posted by kenneystudios - 9th of february, 2009
To view blog on my personal website, click here. There are many ways to isolate a subject onto a white background. This tutorial will showcase 2 examples using my own techniques that I have learned. The images in the examples are... More...
Found a neat Place
posted by ladykassie - 6th of september, 2008
VERY COOL SITE I love this website.. there are also a few good tutorials.. Stay groovy!
Useful Inkscape tutorials links
posted by sil63 - 7th of august, 2008
Hello! I thought I'd share a few links to Inkscape tutorials I found useful. I'm a total newbie to Inkscape and these tuts helped me understand the basics of this wonderful free software. For Italian illustrators, there are also... More...
illustrator Challenge
posted by one8edegre - 19th of april, 2008
I have set myself a target of creating 90 illustrations in 15 days ... i am not quite sure if i will accomplish it you can read about it right hereMy Blog
tutorials of illustrator
posted by one8edegre - 8th of april, 2008
I have update my blog with few tutorials in illustrator check them out and drop a note if you like anything ! Tutorials @ AiVault
Youtube: over 58,000 videos on photography
posted by loveliestdreams - 4th of april, 2008
If you haven't thought to search youtube for photography, there are over 58,000 amazing photography related diy, lessons and tutorial videos. I've spent some time in online photography classes, and youtube is one of the best... More...
Isolation Tutorial (Advanced)
posted by notebook - 18th of january, 2008
Did you really think I got four exceptionally well trained giraffes to pose calmly in my super-sized snow-white studio with a hundred gigantic light boxes? Na-hah! Actually, I got them in their natural habitat amidst a peaceful green-... More...
Useful photoshop shortcuts Part 3 ( Edit)
posted by one8edegre - 24th of october, 2007
Edit ===========================Alt+E Clear (selection) ---------------------------Delete / Backspace Color Settings ------------------------------Ctrl+Shift+K Copy ----------------------------------------Ctrl+C Cut... More...
Useful Photoshop shortcuts Part 2 ( Tools)
posted by one8edegre - 17th of october, 2007
Path / Direct Selection Tool -----------------------------A Brush / Pencil / Color Replacement Tool----------------B Crop Tool -------------------------------------------------C Default Colors --------------------------------... More...
Vue the Infinite
posted by paulus - 4th of october, 2007
Hi all, I just wanted to post some very basic information/tutorials here on using the 3D software Vue Infinite 6.5 to create your images...more for illustrators than photographers, but all are welcome. I created this very basic,... More...
LINKS to tutorial sites
posted by northman - 18th of september, 2007
I am making a list of all (most) tutorial sites for photoshop that are on the web to make the list as big as possible i wil need your guys help. so if you have a link just post it below :) http://www.jasmania.nl/ http://www.... More...
Photoshop tutorials ???
posted by northman - 17th of september, 2007
I am looking for some websites with some good Photoshop tutorials about fixing images. post the link below many thx.
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