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Copyright or Copycat?
posted by ellenboughn - 19th of september, 2007
“If I have seen further (than other men), it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants,” is a quote attributed to Isaac Newton in reference to his dependency on Galileo’s and Kepler’s work in physics and astronomy. There is... More...
A traveling foodie
posted by tempestz - 26th of october, 2013
As mentioned in some of my other blogs, I have the unique opportunity to travel the world for my engineering day job. This has brought me to places throughout North America and Asia. During the course of my travels I have been exposed... More...
Finding A Niche
posted by teeimagination - 2nd of june, 2013
Finding a niche is definitely important, preferably one that isn't over crowded already. At the same time, photographing what you love, is very important. So I find myself mixed between what I love and finding a "not so crowded"... More...
Shocked To Win the Dreamstime Assignment
posted by wisconsinart - 8th of may, 2013
I like participating in the DT Assignments, it challenges you to do photography outside of your usual comfort zone and I think it's a great way to gain exposure because your accepted images become part of a unique collection. In... More...
Little Things Mean Alot!
posted by lifeontheside - 26th of february, 2013
'Vision is the art of seeing something that is invisible to others' Jonathan Swift This blog is about the little things that alot of people don't ever see when looking at a subject. When alot of people look at a subject and take... More...
Why I just love Dreamstime
posted by robinstockphotos - 28th of january, 2013
I'm new to stock photography and so far I haven't done photography seriously. It was just a hobby - snap whatever you like looking at or whatever looks beautiful. But since I decided to do it for some income (to buy... More...
Create something new!
posted by vcarmstrong - 11th of june, 2012
A couple weeks ago I was doing some research for an upcoming photoshoot with a pretty girl and a motorcycle. I knew the shoot would be in the evening so I did a search for "girl sexy sunset motorcyle". Much to my surprise, there... More...
Occupy London Photos
posted by sydney - 12th of december, 2011
I have been fascinated with Occupy London protesters camping site and the amazing opportunities it provides for photographers. Also, I have been able to find and capture so many variations of images each representing it's own message... More...
Added to my HDR collection
posted by patl - 22nd of september, 2011
Please take a look at the 4 new images that I added to my HDR collectionHDR Photos
New image in HDR photo collection
posted by patl - 11th of june, 2011
I've added a new image to my HDR photo collection, HDR Photos Please let me know what you think.
Microstock Photography – A new Approach to ensure success?
posted by gbphotostock - 27th of september, 2010
For the past four or five years that I’ve been submitting to the Microstock Photography market I had always said it was a numbers game. Therefore the more images that you uploaded to the libraries or agencies the more downloads you... More...
Saturation, Invention, and a new old direction
posted by goosey - 10th of september, 2010
So here we all are, slavishly adding new images to an ever increasing pile of creativity and opportunity. But how many times now is the same subject being captured from all perspectives, and how long will it be before we can't add a... More...
Being Unique is Your Bright Future in Microstock
posted by petarneychev - 29th of july, 2010
If you've been a part of microstock photography for more than a year then you already (should) know it - unique images sell best, competition is severe on all levels, it's increasingly harder to deliver more (creative) and better content... More...
Stock Sinners, Repent! The Stock World Is Ending! Repent!
posted by wisconsinart - 23rd of june, 2010
O! Bretheren! Judgment of thy Stock World is nigh! Are thou preparest to meet thy Reviewer when Stock as we know it descends into the Pit of Fire? It is no longer 2005, my Bretheren, the days when any image could be slapped onto thy... More...
Venice is always Venice!
posted by yuritz - 22nd of may, 2010
think you already know what I'm going to talk about,during the last weekend went to Venice for a visit and although I have been there many times before,it's always a great place for nice shots,try something new or just for a walk and... More...
Being unique on Dreamstime
posted by miluxian - 12th of march, 2010
All of us try to be different, one of a kind at work, in relationships with different people, or when expressing ourselves. But I think everybody knows how hard is to be unique on Dreamstime. Now, with more than 8 million pictures online,... More...
be different
posted by keki - 11th of november, 2009
Kids Who Are Different by Digby Wolfe Here's to the kids who are different, The kids who don't always get A's, The kids who have ears twice the size of their peers, And noses that go on for days... Here's to the kids who... More...
The Niche In Your Back Yard
posted by wisconsinart - 17th of august, 2009
You can give the same camera to 100 different people yet you will see 100 unique collections of work after the people have created a collection of images. This is because as individuals we all see the world differently and our creativity... More...
The Unique Assignment Shoot
posted by thefinalmiracle - 16th of march, 2009
I was talking since long on forums about the shoot I was excited about related to the current assignment. Finally I could do it before the last date. Well I am very busy with things here since its summer approaching, my sisters wedding... More...
Popular or unique?
posted by billysiew - 10th of december, 2008
Which type of picture will sell better? Popular or unique? For popular pictures, can be found more easily but may be others better than yours..? For unique pictures, less chance to be found, there for not many sales.. This... More...
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