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Upgrading equipment, is it necessary?
posted by hkrunning - 22nd of january, 2014
As a photography beginner, this question is always in my mind recently. Although a good photo depends mainly on your photographic skills, ideas and composition of a photo, etc., I find that a better lens and camera really help in many... More...
Upgraded Equipment
posted by doubleclick7 - 25th of october, 2013
Finally tired of fighting the camera and the far-too-often "out of focus" issues when an image is not accepted, I went ahead and ordered a Canon 7D (upgrading from a T2i.) I can't believe how much better my images are turning out!... More...
rejected image, creative solutions
posted by wimseyed - 19th of september, 2013
enough flowers in the database, so a creative solution for my waterlilly hi folks, within a few months I am two years on dreamstime I think my portfolio is getting better, more diverse, containerships are my best selling items,... More...
Need an upgrade ? Full Frame Camera ??? "L" Series Lens ???
posted by mudplucker - 28th of april, 2013
Hi you all, and welcome to my second blog: Since i did my recent first ever photo shoot with a model (circa 6 weeks ago), i have stopped to reflect on what i produced in that shoot and comparing it with what i want to produce in... More...
posted by williamardrey - 6th of july, 2012
I'm looking to upgrade my digital SLR to a more professional model. I have looked at some cameras online and like (on paper) the Sony alpha A850, and some of the Nikon cameras. I would like suggestions as to what would be a good camera... More...
New lens and hopefully some more pictures
posted by llareggub - 16th of may, 2012
I have been very quiet on the photography front for a few monhs, winter was brutal and cold and planting season is always very busy! However I have taken some of my macrostock earnings and invested in a couple of new lenses, the Tamron... More...
100 uploads and upgrade
posted by wimseyed - 4th of may, 2012
started in january as newbie, (still I am a newbie, I still have a lot to learn), but things went well, now I have made an upgrade of my equipment, thanks to the buyers of my pics, not that my earnings are so high, some people always... More...
Finally making the jump to full frame!!!
posted by asakalaskas - 19th of march, 2012
After waiting for over a year to see what Canon would produce with their Mark III, I've finally made the jump and ordered a Mark II for a drastic upgrade. While I have no doubt the III is going to be a mind blowing peice of equipment,... More...
Upgrade your equipment and save yourself some postprocessing time
posted by m4rio1979 - 17th of february, 2012
When I began with stock photography back in July 2011. I was using mostly kit lenses like my 18-55 and 75-300 kit lenses from Sony. I tought that this kit lenses will satisfy my needs in photography, since I was beginner at a time.... More...
My new DSLR is here!!
posted by esinel - 20th of september, 2011
Yesterday I just got my first DSLR, a Nikon D5100! I am really happy and today I hope I can spend the entire day testing out all of its features. Hopefully I manage to shoot new photos that will finally be approved on DT, since tons... More...
I finally upgraded to a DSLR
posted by titania1980 - 16th of july, 2011
Hi! After 4 years in DT, a porfolio of 1,561 and 2,279 pictures sold, I finally have upgraded from my Canon Powershot G9 to a Canon 550D with a 18-135 lens I suppose this won't be a big deal for the most of you, who have... More...
Some of my managed collections upgraded...
posted by shkyo30 - 8th of july, 2011
Hello everybody! This is my first article in my (little) blog, just to say you a small news. ;-) Actually, I manage five little collections with very different subjects, and this week, I upgraded four of my collections: - "Woman... More...
Upgrade Dilemma
posted by photoexpress - 12th of december, 2010
Recently, I was told by a hairdresser that he is about to upgrade to higher rank and the expense will be doubled, if I continue to take him as the first choice. Yeah, it is a rule in the barber shop that I often come up to, the more... More...
yeeey ! My first 2nd level image !
posted by bogdanhoda - 27th of october, 2010
I always thought that it has great potential, especially because it generates many many sales on other stock sites !! weeee, tonight my image reached second level :).---> Next milestone-> 5th level :) i suppose this... More...
This, That, or The Other
posted by williamardrey - 17th of september, 2010
I have decided to upgrade my basic equipment by Christmas, but don't know exactly what to do. I currently use an Olympus E-510 DSLR and I love the kinds of pictures it takes. However, the resolution of a lot of the pictures is not... More...
New Photoshop CS5?
posted by rzs - 6th of may, 2010
Hi people, I just want to ask you, if you have first experiences with this new edition of Adobe Photoshop. Especially, is it worth it to upgrade from CS4? What do you think?
Finally a Level 2 image
posted by gnohz - 28th of april, 2010
Finally, I managed to get a Level 2 image after a long time in Dreamstime. I realised that it's definitely not an easy task. I have a few other images that are on the verge of getting upgraded to Level 2 but I have no idea how much... More...
The Process Of Photo Submission
posted by crystalgarner - 16th of february, 2010
The process of photo submissions to stock agencies has been an interesting adventure for me so far. I am currently working with 14 agencies and I have learned a lot about my images, what editors are looking for and have taken stock... More...
Have my D300 firmware upgraded
posted by shaja - 24th of december, 2008
I did not get my D300 firmware upgraded immediately while the new 1.10 version released since I do not want take any risks if the new version has some new problems come along with. and I was keep in searching the firmware related news... More...
Upgrade pains... And the importance of backups
posted by southernstar71 - 15th of december, 2008
For once, a blog post that has no real photographic content, just to underline once again how important regularily backing up your data is. Beside being an amateur photographer, I'm also a keen simracer (I use the iracing.com simulator,... More...
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