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  • Additional format uploads and sales ?

    by Virgilxxn | 30th of April, 2011

    As you upload images to DT there is an option to upload an additional format. Would like to hear if there are a lot of photographers who upload additional format also, any sales of those? From designers/ buyers point of view, would you be looking for additional format... More
  • YES!!!...500th upload :-)

    by Cooper5022 | 16th of April, 2011

    Yesterday marked my 500th upload on DT. It has been an 18 month process of developing my photography skills and enjoying what the South African wildlife and birdlife has to offer. On the bird front, I probably only have half of the 600+ species this wonderful country has... More
  • my earning exceeded $2

    by Kannichan | 14th of April, 2011

    It is a long way for me. But, I am glad that there are some downloads from my list of images. (To be precise, there are 4 downloads.) I will work harder and explore to shoot on other objects! Additionally, I will learn to make illustration too! Glad that I joined... More
  • Rekeywording

    by Dianabahrin | 13th of April, 2011

    I have been reading these days about the importance of choosing the right keywords so I decided to check the first pictures that I uploaded.I was quite surprised to see only ten keywords for each of them. I know this isn't my biggest problem (I should upload much more) but... More
  • 200 up :)

    by Llareggub | 13th of April, 2011

    Woohoo! Finally got to my 200th upload from a series of flaming baseball pictures I was working on over the weekend, the new upload limit seems to have knocked my "mojo" a little and my AR has taken a little slump! It has been an interesting 3 1/2 months and... More
  • The highest score with 3 darts is 180

    by Komar | 8th of April, 2011

    I know this is a strange number to celebrate, but I have been sitting in my 170's for what seems like an eternity. I just got my 180th photo online on Dreamstime and my immediate reaction was to shout One Hundred and Eighty, in the same manner as a darts referee, anyone who... More
  • A year at DT

    by Nikmd | 23rd of March, 2011

    Today I have completed my first year at Dreamstime and I am very happy with my effort and the wonderful support from Dreamstime. I have 273 uploads this year and and 216 sales too. Being exclusive to DT has made me reach this goal so far and I am very glad. Thank you fellow... More
  • Breaking the records "B"

    by Physi28 | 21st of March, 2011

    Also two days between upload and sale See Article
  • The ultimate in refusals, a Free image rejection...

    by Billdayone | 15th of March, 2011

    I am a bit confused.   I researched how to upload a couple of images to the Free section. I followed the instructions to upload by activating the option, that if an image is not approved for my portfolio, it could go to the Free section.     This is a similar image,... More
  • 100 Uploads!

    by Onedayoneimage | 9th of March, 2011

    Very happy to have reached my second portfolio goal! Here's one of the images that helped me get there, it's the glorious flowering Guayacan tree of Central America. See Article
  • My 100th image!

    by Chicco7 | 25th of February, 2011

    It took more than one month, but I finally reached 100 uploads! This is my 100th, an editorial pictures with two children found on the peruvian mountains during a trail to the Macchu Picchu: Best, Chicco See Article
  • My first image with 100 views

    by Cooper5022 | 24th of February, 2011

    Yesterday I reached another milestone in this exciting journey which is dreamstime. One of my images has been viewed 100 times and downloaded 14 times. I check progress every day and its extremely exciting to see another download or which images are more popular and being... More
  • Themes

    by Antoinettew | 21st of February, 2011

    Easter, travel and back to school are the themes I am working on at the moment. When is the right time to upload? It is said that 3 to 5 months before an event is the right time, so I am doing my best: More
  • Passed 100 Upload Milestone....But It Was Tough!

    by Noodles73 | 21st of February, 2011

    passed it overnight (now 104 images and 17 photos) and happy about that, but so many rejections and my acceptance ratio is very low. Please, check my portfolio and let me know your opinion/tips/suggestions! V See Article
  • The beauty of stock photography

    by roncescu | 21st of February, 2011

    A couple of years before I discovered stock photography and of course ... this website. I searched 10 of my best pictures and I uploaded them here. Well, being an amateur photographer I stopped uploading pictures until this year when I entered the account and noticed I... More
  • Finally, Milestone 1.400 approved images reached

    by Fotodesignjegg | 18th of February, 2011

    Dear DT Photographers, I reached my milestone of 1.400 images online . I will try to work harder in the next month to make more uploads. My next big aim is 2.000 images. What about you? What was your last milestone? Bye Roger See Article
  • More downloads then uploads!

    by Trottola | 8th of February, 2011

    Finally I've reached this unexpected milestone: my downloads are more then the uploads! That's great because this let me understand that my portfolio is working well. I want to say thank you to DT and to all buyers of my pictures. I'm working to expand my portfolio... More
  • The Last Nine

    by Petarneychev | 5th of February, 2011

    This is going to be a very quick tip for those of you who fall in the not-so-frequent contributor group. Think of the last nine images which you upload. Carefully. Older users may already have noticed that these images are usually shown on your profile page in the "Latest... More
  • I am a photographer working exclusively with DT

    by Gennaro86 | 4th of February, 2011

    HI Finally I am a photographer working exclusively with DT !!!! I waited 13 days but now my second milestone of 2011 is catched! Now I have to upload 100 files to catched another milestone... Please want you comment this picture, "Ecologic hand "? It's my... More
  • 100% A.R.

    by Francy874 | 3rd of February, 2011

    Dear friends, today I want to talk about "Acceptance Ratio". Since I joined to Dreamstime, January 2011 is the first month that I have 100% A.R. and for me it's a great satisfaction!!! Other months I have come close to this goal and finally it was happened :-) I think AR... More

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