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After the revision, it seems that my images stop downloaded .
posted by maocheng - 2nd of december, 2013
After the revision, it seems that my images stop downloaded .
Shoot it or lose it
posted by seawatch1 - 7th of july, 2013
I just came back from one of my favorite shooting spots for flowers and critters, Flamingo Gardens I went to shoot some video of two of the waterfalls on the property and get some more shots of the various critters that roam the gardens.... More...
Killers and Heroes
posted by physi28 - 9th of april, 2013
As so many nature lovers I enjoy a lot watching nature documentaries in the TV, different channels offer spectacular scenes from all the continents. It is no longer exclusively the habitat of National Geographic: Discovery, Odisea and... More...
Images of home
posted by chanevy - 6th of november, 2012
Well, Iowa isn't really my home. I grew up in upstate New York and I miss the beautiful Adirondack Mountains. I used to feel that there was nothing to shoot out here in the Midwest, it all feels so flat and I do hope to get back to... More...
Two years, new target
posted by arturoosorno - 6th of october, 2011
Today I want to share my thoughts. This month I celebrate two years in Dreamstime. 220 uploads, 300 sales, increasing acceptance are some of the achievements. However I think the most important achievement is that I have expand my... More...
4000 images online!
posted by grafvision - 28th of september, 2011
Today I have achieved 3000 images online! My sales has also increased remarkably too so it seems work is rewarded here. Thanks to buyers, thanks to DT! More...
Taking a look at old shots for new stock
posted by halient - 8th of september, 2011
In the last 3 years on Dreamstime I have shot over 40k shots and only have ~200 online. With that I mind I decided to look at some of my old shots from my externals I have almost a full TB of shots that haven't been looked at since... More...
Do not underestimate re-keywording
posted by grisho - 8th of february, 2011
One month ago, after reading some of Ellen Boughn's articles about keywording and some other useful blogs giving tips about keywording I finally decided to make a full re-keywording of my images. I was postponing it for quite a long... More...
Rethink, Revamp, Revise, Redo....Learning How to Create.
posted by angelaostafichuk - 29th of december, 2010
Day four in a hospital in Bolivia and I've had a lot of time to think about stuff. Bedrest is never fun, but after a month of travel, I got hit hard with something on Christmas day. Such is life, and as usual life is an adventure which... More...
My first 1000$
posted by grafvision - 26th of december, 2010
Finally reached $1000 dollars in sales, this is the image pushed me over that level thanks to all the buyers and DT.
My first assignment
posted by grafvision - 20th of december, 2010
I just got approved for my first assignments. Here is the works. I'm so happy. :)
The versatility of On-Air
posted by onair2 - 10th of july, 2010
Allow me to introduce you to a collection of images titled ON-AIR. Originally designed for Radio and Television Studios, the sign has now come to represent a vast range of Media and Content mediums. And I've become a... More...
Helping the comrades
posted by junpinzon - 11th of june, 2010
These days, more and more people are getting into the arts and the creatives. Especially now that technology is making image creation easy. With the continuous improvement of digital photography technology and other illustration and... More...
Seeing through the camera
posted by eternalfour - 21st of march, 2010
Taking pictures not only involve looking and shooting. When we are experiencing a certain place space or object, not only our vision is stimulated; all our senses are; so when the photo is taken one may think that a great photo has... More...
The influences of personal vision
posted by wildmac - 9th of january, 2010
Reading through some things on facebook today I came across this article by Brenda Tharp. It got me thinking about what places, people, books,music or other works have influenced me in my work. I thought that maybe you would find it... More...
posted by nikitu - 26th of august, 2009
Vision is what makes each photographer different from the others and in fact, each human being different from the others. Vision is our own unique way to interpret the outside world. It is also "the thing" that makes our images.... More...
Viva Eurovision! Viva Norway!
posted by maigi - 16th of may, 2009
Eurovision Song Contest - Moscow 2009 What a wonderful show! Well done Russia!! Congratulations NORWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1. NORWAY - Alexander Rybak - Fairytale 2. Icland - Yohanna - Is It True? 3. Azerbaijan - AySel & Arash... More...
Making the best out of your talent
posted by summerrain - 13th of december, 2008
Talent. A very simple word that can mean so much. Everyone got it, but not everyone knows how to truly get in touch with it, how to expand it, how to use it. There's no simple answer for this, no handbook, i'm simply going to share... More...
Favorite uploads
posted by bradcalkins - 5th of november, 2008
Every once in a while I do a picture that takes a bit more time, or is something that I think up ahead of time and make happen. It is always a great feeling when that type of shot turns out how you envisioned it, and then is accepted... More...
New Message Forum
posted by ladykassie - 5th of september, 2008
Envision your World has a new message board. If photographers would like to join Envision your World photography club, and live in the surroundings areas in Florida. (Trying to keep a close member area, 2 hours from tampa, N-S-E-W.... More...
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