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Hello everybody
posted by pergulet - 27th of november, 2011
Hello! I am a newcomer and I wanted to greet all the community. obviously critical to the photographs and comments are welcome. Bye!
posted by druglee - 25th of february, 2011
Thank you for visiting!! It would be very much appreciated if leave your comment on my photos. Especially on those whose thumbnail attracts you to come in and eventually decide not to buy. That would definitely be very helpful for... More...
After almost 6 month...............
posted by creativei - 3rd of december, 2010
I'm confused, was I inactive or blame it on facebook. Well firstly yes i was inactive for almost a year now, partially due to work pressure and several other issues related to my personal life, but glad Alhamudlliah, now things are... More...
Welcome page of DT
posted by starblue - 30th of september, 2010
Do you know what I like best on the new welcome page of DT? When you make research with a keyword, the welcome page of DT remains with small thumbnails of the searched topic for the rest of the day. For example, last week I wanted... More...
Welcome to China
posted by shcoastline - 18th of june, 2010
Dear friends from the whole world, welcome to China. You'll find amazing culture, history, peoples, animals, foods on this wonderland.
Beginning time on DT. What are yours sales here??
posted by mustang79 - 28th of january, 2010
I joined DT about 6 monts ago but wasn't use it untill last month. I was focused on different stock websites and lerned a lot in half of last year. Anyway I have a lot - mostly landscape pictures, and they are accepted with no problem... More...
posted by littlelion - 2nd of january, 2010
Welcome to LittleLion Studio’s blog, or should I say welcome to my blog? Either way, you are very much welcome! Truth is it is a blurred line between myself, Leo, and LittleLion Studio at least for the time being. With that said,... More...
First post - Hi all
posted by pasopvirpot - 22nd of december, 2009
Hi from South Africa to everyone, this is my first post here on the Dreamstime blogs. I’ve been reading all of your blogs the past few days, very interesting. I started with microstock about a month ago and currently have 36... More...
A Warm Welcome & A Million Thanks...
posted by jeniicorv8 - 29th of november, 2009
Mani’s blog about his talented friend encouraged me to write a public praise and thank you to a very dear friend of mine who now is one of us here in DT. I once mentioned a friend who upgraded her dslr and in the process thought... More...
Hi! Salut! Guten Tag! Hola! Ciao! Konnichiwa! Namaste! G'day Mate!
posted by redzaal - 8th of may, 2009
Greetings everyone! I have finally put up a picture of myself and filled in my profile page. I guess 100 uploads has made me feel more legitimate on Dreamstime - but to be honest the whole process since I started in late December,... More...
Beijing well-known park
posted by sleiselei - 5th of march, 2009
Beijing, as China's capital, has a long history and culture. Now I introduce some of the famous Beijing Park,I hope to be able to help you know Beijing. Welcome to Beijing ! :) 1 The Palace Museum The Palace Museum, historically... More...
Hi everybody
posted by subditouno - 26th of february, 2009
Mi name's Yariv and i want to take many advantage of being on this site subscribed. Well, I don't have a camera yet, but I will to buy one soon. Lately, lomography has been a personal interest expecting to be me into its mood.... More...
6 months, tips for newbies
posted by bradcalkins - 28th of october, 2008
Well, I've passed the 6 month mark on DT and have to say that I am very pleased with how things have gone. I started out my first month with a single sale which encouraged me to keep uploading. Other sales have followed and ultimately... More...
Beijing Welcomes You
posted by zqfotography - 13th of august, 2008
In the summer of 2001, I sat in front of TV to watch the release of host city of Olympic 2008. That night, July 13 if i remember correctly, every Chinese shouts out, "Beijing, Jia you!" Yes, It is Beijing. At that time, I was a... More...
My first sell
posted by kort - 20th of june, 2008
Yeah! I've only been a member for about 2 weeks and only got 11 photos up here (and 7 refused) and already got my first sell Hope it doesn't last to long for the next one :) Cheers!
Introducing myself
posted by bugsy - 11th of june, 2008
Good day! I'm happy to say I just had my first two photos accepted to Dreamstime. After the great things I've read and been told I'm going to make Dreamstime my exclusive stock images provider. I'm anxious to get started and... More...
Photographer: you are welcome!
posted by j6789 - 27th of may, 2008
As you know, China is a broad geographical countries. At the same time, is also a long history and cultural relics and scenic spots of many countries. For a photographer, China is a fascinating place. In the past 30 years, China's economic,... More...
The new day
posted by chenyan - 24th of april, 2008
hi,Good evening everyone! I am a rookie and Register here today,looked many beautiful pictures,I am tempted。The next day, i will update some pictures about travel,nature,flowers,buildings et。,all are Shooted... More...
Olympic Games
posted by pengdevey - 16th of april, 2008
The Olympic Games are a grand gathering of all mankind.This Olympiad will be held in Beijing.As a Chinese, I feel very happy. Because there are many foreign friends to come to China,We will learn a lot of them.We will become friends... More...
posted by fcarucci - 14th of march, 2008
Hi! My name is Francesco, I'm italian, but I've been living and working in UK for about seven years now as Graphics Programmer in a videogame company. I've just had my first photos accepted at Dreamstime and, for a non professional... More...
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