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A lots of book covers
posted by silent47 - 12th of july, 2013
OMG!This image is already in some books covers...This is very amazing...Thanks to those people who bought my image The tangerine killer Barrow of the damned Someone watching Zombies and aliens to name just a few...WOW... More...
Why writing a photography blog will make you a better photographer
posted by mike2focus - 1st of november, 2012
If you want to improve you photography skills, blogging on the subject of photography will help you to stay active in the pursuit of continuing to educate yourself. In effect, it will force you to keep learning. Gathering content for... More...
Photographer as Designer
posted by mlhead - 26th of april, 2012
Besides photography I am a writer so with the advent of self publishing through Amazon I decided to put out some novels and short stories. The process is very much "do it yourself" from typing, to layout, to cover design. So I have... More...
Learning To Write
posted by angelaostafichuk - 8th of september, 2011
Although I've been rejected by the media many times in my city, I finally got a tiny article in here! Now to keep writing for myself.... More...
My first Level 2 image!!
posted by neerajarora - 27th of october, 2010
Finally one of my photo entered into level 2. I have very small portfolio due to not having too much time for photography. It has given me inspiration and in future I will concentrate more on taking pics.
Do you dot your i dots
posted by palangsi - 3rd of august, 2010
As a practitioner of Graphology, I have noticed that there are some people who do not dot their i dots. I have been teaching some people photography over 4 years and realised that these people generally don't like using off-camera lighting.... More...
Tips On How To Kick Writer's Block To The Curb!
posted by knowledgeable - 8th of july, 2010
The worst fear for any writer is to get writer's block! It is truly a nightmare! For some writers, it is a nightmare that they so desperately want to wake up from but find that they can't. As a writer myself, writing to me personally... More...
My hands!
posted by trottola - 5th of march, 2010
I finally decided to take some pictures shooted for dreamstime... and I begun to use my own hands... ...yes, not only to shoot with camera... but to show them in my pictures!!! Our pictures say a lot of the photographer, for example... More...
posted by tomas24 - 5th of december, 2008
Hello to everyone who reading this. Today is a great day, because I started writing my own blogg. To be honest, I writing blog from 4 months, but this one in new, is in english language and most of the content is translated from my... More...
Light Writing
posted by ladykassie - 29th of august, 2008
This is something I would love to try out.. Light Writing I did some photos with the nightlight.. and have a tutorial on how to create a .png file from the light source.. PSP Tutorial More...
Chinese writing brush
posted by renjianming - 3rd of july, 2008
The Chinese writing brush is the traditional writing implement in East Asian calligraphy. The body of the brush can be made from either bamboo, or rarer materials like red sandalwood, glass, ivory, silver, and gold. The head of the... More...
Logitech io Personal Digital Pen - article
posted by loveliestdreams - 3rd of january, 2008
Has anyone tried this yet? Records while you draw/write with it on paper, then it downloads to the pc. It's so awesome. A shop on ebay sells them new for $50. Logitech io personal digital pen - computertimes.com article The... More...
Seeking the Muse
posted by anastasiarabiyah - 10th of november, 2007
As a cover artist and even as an author who creates my own cover art, the most difficult task of seeking just the right image in the piles of fabulous stock photos is finding that one that jumps out. I love drama, creative use of light... More...
Blog Credits. What to Do?
posted by kenneystudios - 21st of september, 2007
It started a few weeks ago. A short message was attached to an image approval email. I read it. I wondered, "Why?" I paid it no mind. A couple days later, I clicked on the "Blogs!" tab. I started reading some of the articles posted.... More...
Internet Diary - The Blogging Era
posted by pufferfishy - 15th of august, 2007
When I was 11 yrs old, I started my own personal diary from a makeshift notebook. It became my "best friend". I wrote my life's stories & secrets I would never dare to share with anyone else. About the boy I liked, the things I went... More...
How I did it: Cover page layout for health magazine (?!)
posted by bsilvia - 30th of july, 2007
And now something completely different! Following the rumors on more and more people claiming to be Vampires, I decided to start a magazine "Vampire's Health", or at least design a cover page in case anyone ever decides to make a... More...
I Meant Much More Than I Said
posted by elenaray - 16th of july, 2007
I wish conversation could be three dimensional. But the spoken sentence, in its need to convey information concisely, is one dimensional and arrives in a linear trajectory. There is no art for expressing what lies beneath our words;... More...
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