Finding Inspiration (Part 1)

posted on 2nd of july, 2007

Whether we talk about stock photography, graphical design, or simple everyday family photography it seems that the issue of inspiration never leaves us. Thinking about this issue seems to be more and more at the front of my photography work, and I suppose it is so also with many of you.
Inspiration and Passion
Over and over I am finding out that placing myself in an environment which meets my passions in life is inspiring also for my photography. For instance, helping people, being where I'm needed, providing for others as much as I can... Although these things might seem quite distanced from photography, the sense of fulfillment and joy of life for me has always resulted in higher quality photography. Similar results are there also when I am exposed to photography which expresses my passions. One simple example are the several images I have included throughout this article which have been very inspiring for me.
I've also learned how to keep my eyes open for images, both here at Dreamstime, as well as on the streets where I live, which somehow convey concepts related to my passions in life. Thus, every day for me becomes also a search for visual expressions of my desires. Whether it will be still images, life down the street, commercials, book covers, magazines... I am constantly on a search for these things because I know that they encourage my passions, which besides all else also betters my creativity.

If you have gone through my portfolio you will notice that the latest images are not images which communicate the concepts I was just talking about. And this is what I find the most puzzling - being inspired by my passions often leads me to taking better photos of things "outside the box." What I mean by this is that I find myself inspired when I photograph something which I do not normally feel as comfortable with. One particular case for me is isolated objects - I always found them dry and boring. Well, not anymore. :) Through those inspired times when I began taking the isolated shots I've come to love them more and more!
A few last words on the importance of inspiration and how I myself deal with the lack of it.
I have come to strongly believe that non-inspired images are also less appealing. This is the reason why I avoid taking photos when I am not inspired and my passion is stirred. In such cases photo shooting is a weary and heavy process. Not much fun. In general I try to avoid taking pictures just for the sake of taking pictures. I first look for what I call a creativity push.
When I am inspired I don't hesitate to use the moment for coming up with and/or capturing ideas. This is where the slip of paper and the pen become dear friends. ;) I write down, describe, sketch... Do anything so that later on I can re-create the idea through the lens (and my editing software!).
When I am not inspired - I look for my passions. I place myself in an environment where I know that I will have a chance to use in practice my desire to help and support. For you it might be something different, but I suggest that you try this when you find out that your creativity is stagnating and decreasing.

The follow-up on this article - Finding Inspiration (Part 2) you can read here.

Now, as well as in the future - I am truly interested to hear what you think about what I've shared. So, comment, comment, comment! :)

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Posted by Gugagugs on November 04, 2007
good work man!

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