Aaaargh... Lost them all

posted on 26th of july, 2007

For the last two months, I had been driving around the country snapping pictures of localities to be published in local calendars. Had done quite a bit, and was rather pleased because I had even managed to capture some shots of very particular events in each location that only happen there once a year.

Unfortunately, I was moving house at the same time. And I do have to admit here, that I had been procrastinating a bit on the packing. (Wait for it, there is a link here... do you see it coming?)

I have two portable external USB hard drives. Generally, after a photo shoot, I'll transfer all my images from the memory cards to one of the hard disk and during the evening take a backup to the other one. About once every two months I will also copy to CDs.

In any case I moved house... things were going fairly smoothly, unpacked most of the stuff... and then set up my desktop computer. Couldn't get the wireless internet connection working. Very frustrating, especially since the laptop didn't seem to have any problems. After spending a couple of days on that, I decided to take a break from that particular issue and work on the photos instead. Turn on the hard drive... whirrrrrrrrrr.... beeeeeeep.... beeepity beeep. And I'm thinking to myself "You are a hard drive, not a b*** modem. Stop making that noise". After about 30 minutes of this I suddenly realised, the hard drive is knackered. Obviously, during the move it must have got dropped or something and the head has crashed, (that was the link in case you missed it).
I'm not going to get anything off it.

No problem, I turn on the backup drive. Oh crap, during this hectic period I had been extremely lazy and not done any backups at all. So two months of work down the drain. And my deadline was only a week away.

So I just spent the entire last weekend driving around the region taking shots again and getting royally p*** off because of course all the special events are no longer there.

Moral of the story, never move house... OK... the simpler one is to always take backups immediately. But with the technological advances (concerns about backward compatibility) and sometimes the fragile nature of the media (how easy is it to scratch CDs and DVDs), what is the best way to do this. Would love to hear from everyone as to how they handle this and what their routine is.

In any case, I think I've learnt my lesson. Of hell, I think I forgot to take a copy of last nights transfers!

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Posted by Daniel_Cox on July 11, 2009
Sorry to hear the misfortune. I have been working with IT for years and always stressed to everyone that I work with to backup, backup, backup their data always. I was beginning to wonder if I might be OCD about it, this just confirms that I am sane after all. OK, maybe not completely but atleast in that area :-)

As for advise, I personally keep 1 320gb, 3 500gb, a 750gb, and a few small 60gb to 120gb USB drives and most of them are back ups of backups. I also write to DVD's (always 2) when I get a sizeable group of pictures or for specific countries, shoots, or whatever. Good luck in the future and hope you always remember.


Posted by Gyeah on July 09, 2009
from a broken HDD, you can recover more than 90%. I backup my files on an external HDD, and when they are for a dvd 4.7 Giga I make two dvd copies, and one I give to my motherinlaw. you never know what is hapening, so it is the best to have a copy somewhere else, not in your house. :D
Posted by EmeraldUmbrellaStudio on July 04, 2009
I have a redundant backup offsite that automatically backs up all of my systems @ 3:30am every day
Posted by EmeraldUmbrellaStudio on July 04, 2009
ouch, can you take it to have the disk repaired since the data is stored on the magnetic disk
Posted by Rebeccaosborn on July 03, 2009
That's crap, sorry it happened, but thanks for the warning to us.
Posted by Cerenzio on July 02, 2009
Hey, thats ME holding my face! lol. BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP!!!
Posted by Fotogeek on August 23, 2007
You are not alone here. I had a new computer, so I just postponed backing up my vacation pictures...Guess what? That new computer crashed and I lost them all. Moral of the story? Procrastinators are in for it...Big time.
Astargirl, I also have a few pics that are only on DT now...By the way, any chance we could have them back, obviously for free?
Posted by Achilles on July 26, 2007
Just creating another backup of all files, thanks for the heads up!
I would suggest going with the disk at a local repair shop though.
Posted by Lindigo on July 26, 2007
I am sorry for you. I had something similar earlier this year. It is so frustrating.

Comments (9)

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