The Other Side of the Pending Line

posted on 20th of september, 2007

Yes, there is such a place. And, yes - there are people out there... not... zombies, beasts, or some other sort of freaky creatures. :) But you knew that already, right? :P

Ok, now, why am I writing this? Or maybe you are bored of the whole patience talk? Lemme guess - you want your images reviewed, and you want it now... So why am I now reviewing, but waisting time writing articles? Hm... well, because I think it will help you. :) Take this brief article as a piece of advice coming out of experience... and a lot of reflection upon that experience.

It didn't take long before I figured that people like getting to know about the editors... what their days are like, what they like shooting, what they ate for lunch on Tuesday last week... :D And the blogs are a perfect place for that. As Tangie shared once - it's like a coffee lounge where people share. So, here comes my brief sharing.

A bit history first... When I joined Dreamstime about a year ago, uploaded my first files, waited a day... I started thinking a certain thought that kept coming over and over. "Why are they still not reviewing my files?!" No surprise so far, huh? :) Then that thought smoothly started to develop into a kind of an attitude - the more I uploaded, the more I expected a quick review. Back then it took about a week, sometimes one and a half. One day I realized that my demand of speed wasn't doing me much good. Refreshing the site all the time, checking the ETR to see how it changed, checking my mail to see if the review notice came in... They say a watched kettle never boils... neither do images. :D Then I decided - for three days I won't check the site at all. Ha ha - try that one, see how you make it. :P Wasn't easy for me, but I did it. And then it was GOOD. Someone once used the metaphor of microwaving and marinating concerning our culture today. We're so much into the former, yet, what actually is best for us is the latter. We demand everything, and demand it now. Yet, it would taste so much better if only we were able to wait longer.

Now, fast forward to the time being... Since I joined the editors team earlier on this year I learned even more about "the patience talk." Also, the pending line wasn't just a bunch of files from other people, but my everyday subject to process. Yes, as a result of everyone's hard work that pending beast hasn't gone wild for the past months... However, this does not happen with the snap of the editors' fingers (even if you think it does ;)). Just as contributors spend time and energy into creating, editors do the same for the sake of providing the best results not only for the former, but also for their customers.

Anybody crying yet? Can we have some tissues, please! ;) Now, seriously - consider your editors cute (or whatever else positive adjective you want) enough to deserve a fair treatment of patience, good images... I personally won't refuse a bar of chocolate, and I know others may join too. :)

Here's a really simplified three step guide to avoiding impatience and various psychological disturbances due to waiting for your images to be reviewed:

1) Take good photos. Always select before you upload. Uploading a good photo will guarantee you a load of satisfaction and joy to keep you going for some of the waiting time.

2) Never forget to unwind, rest and have some fun time when you notice you're getting impatient about your files. Go out, and enjoy life. We'll take good care of your images. :) (I know golf might be pricey to your pocket, but I just loved that photo!) That will also provide your mind and heart enough room for future inspiration.

3) Try not to see the editor as your enemy. :) Rather, see him/her as your friend and helper on your photo journey.

Let me know how things go for you. Comment and share how you manage to wait a couple of days for images to be reviewed. I know it's hard for many new contributors, as well as for older ones. Maybe what you do can help someone else... So, share, please, share...

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Posted by Sid on June 05, 2009
"I personally won't refuse a bar of chocolate, and I know others may join too. :)"

subtle way of asking for a bribe, isn't it ? :P
Posted by Freedomphotos on June 04, 2009
Thanks for the informative article. It is helpful to know all these things and I think you all do a great job, it must be quite trying at times. I have difficulty making decision of what to upload, but found that if I take the time to check categories before uploading that I have a better chance of hitting the mark. Thanks again.
Posted by Noonie on February 02, 2009
I spend my time between reviews just looking at the profile pictures of all the absolutely beautiful and handsome admins!!!!
Posted by Johoden on February 02, 2009
Glad I read this,thank you.
Posted by Icyimage on October 07, 2007
"Always select before you upload." this is my hardest part.
Posted by Maigi on September 26, 2007
Great article. A must read for all contributors!
Posted by seeingimages on September 22, 2007
Thank you Petar. I found this article helpful. Good job.
Posted by Thefinalmiracle on September 21, 2007
Hmm... You are right! But we never take you guys as enemies [:P] more like some examiners that dreaded me in my school days... heheh. And yes though I came out of the refresh bug for reviews I am stuck with it to check earnings.. lol!
Posted by Bwendy3 on September 20, 2007
I am one of those people anxiously waiting for the results of my uploads. I realize that there are hundreds, probably thousands of photos that need reviewing each day, therefore I try to be patient. I will say that my photos seem to be reviewed more quickly than when I first joined, which makes me very happy! Thanks for all your hard work.

Comments (9)

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