downloadtime remaining 75 years? ? ?

posted on 1st of october, 2007

I love machines and all they do for us. In the photo world of today where would we be without a computer or all the machines that make our life easier.
But there are times they make me scream. © Kenneystudios (Help)

Like when you wait for an upload only to have it fail right at the end and boom, no upload.
Now the best one I had in a long time, I mean a real screamer is when I was being a good boy and backing up some of my photos on dvd's and you know that little gauge that comes up and tells you how long the download will take?
I swear by all that's holy it said " 27,593 days four hours and 17 minutes remaining on download.
I couldn't believe what I read but it was there. I calculated that out to like 75 years. For as smart as this machine is does it not know what 75 years is...

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Dreamstime Therapy

posted on 5th of october, 2007

O.k. I came up with a good idea and I thought I'd throw it out there for thought. Any good therapist will tell you that when you need some cheering up you should find some thing out of everyday to make you happy.
And everytime I get a sale on Dreamstime I'm like a little kid, happy as a lark.
So my plan is to convince Dreamstime to sell a therapy package for $365.oo . I'll pay them to buy one photo a day and everytime I log on and see a sale I'll be happy for the day.
Think about it , a trip to the shrink is probably more than that and that's only one time.
O.k. cut that in half and Dreamstime could have the therapy budget package for every other day.
Or the low income therapy package for every three days.
This of course is only temporary until we get...

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Posted by Dcwcreations on October 06, 2007
It truly was a joke, sometimes I get a little goofy.

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Proud of our people.

posted on 12th of october, 2007

I am not always proud of the things my country does, but I am very proud of the people that serve our country and defend it in far away places and at home.
I am not a flag waving fanatic but as my loved ones and people that are dear to me return home from the war I will celebrate the homecoming.
I respect and salute all those that serve all.
Thank you

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Rainy day backgrounds

posted on 18th of october, 2007

We have had some rainy weather for several days in a row. This really cuts down on the outside photo's other than the rainy shots.
But it does open up the opportunity to take some indoor shots.
Backgrounds are as open a category as your imagination.
Colors, shapes, subject matter are all important factors when some one is looking for the right background. They can and are used for many scrapbooks but are also used as a backdrop for photo overlays.

So when the weather is bad look around and get creative, because backgrounds are a category that everyone could benefit by having some in the portfolio.

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Posted by Torie508 on October 18, 2007
I love the wire nuts background. That is very original.

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captured time

posted on 29th of october, 2007

Photographers are indeed beholders of time machines. As we take our photos we capture the time it was taken at the time. (still with me?)

I recently went to a good friend of mines farm where nowdays he spends his time making children happy and adults children.
When I made a return trip two weeks later I found it hard to believe I was at the same place. It had changed that much.
Now I must confess that the part of the world that I live in changes seasons very quickly, but it was still very dramatic.

Fall colors soon become bare trees. Leaf covered ground soon becomes snow banks.
So keep in mind as your taking your next photo that you will capture that time and that photo will never be done again. We might set it up very close but each photo is a sliver of...

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Posted by Dcwcreations on October 29, 2007
True, so true.

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