posted on 5th of october, 2007

A widely distributed video produced by a soap company shows that some long necked, wide-eyed beauties aren’t necessarily that way because of exalted strands of DNA. Go here to see how expert makeup and the judicious use of PhotoShop can transform a merely pretty woman into a supermodel. There are some tips there that you can put into your own bag of tricks.Speaking of tricks and changes…brings to mind ‘trick or treat’ and the seasonal change going on outside. If you tire of transforming your sorta lovely friends into superstars and yearn for a more seasonal theme, here are some suggestions for autumn and Halloween shots.Seasonal still life images are used to set the mood for end of October sales...

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Posted by Cathysbelleimage on October 09, 2007
Thanks for the great tips, as usual... I Had seen this vidéo before and showed it to my daughters and all my friends' daugthers... It was good for them to see this...

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Local Global

posted on 10th of october, 2007

Business and travel have shrunk the world. Our customers sometimes want images that represent local and regional lifestyles and symbols. How can you best illustrate the character of the country in which you live without using flags or depicting landmarks? The assignment beginning in mid October will request images that best characterize your country. To give you a head’s up, here’s a head start.

Dreamstime has photographers in nearly 200 countries. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of your country? Get personal. Post your rationale for your images to the blog.

The images can represent a feeling, food or people dressed in national costumes. One rule you will need to follow: nothing terribly generic like a macro of blades of grass...

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Posted by Cathysbelleimage on October 10, 2007
I have P. Menzel's book: Great book for everyone to go through at least once to get an idea. I know my young daughters do from time to time, and even though they travel with us a lot a bit everywhere and see it for themselves, it affects them each and everytime they look at it.
Thanks for the heads up on the next assignment !
Posted by Petarneychev on October 10, 2007
Here's a working one: Local Global

It's the "%" sign that's not supposed to be there...
Posted by Cmarshall717 on October 10, 2007
Tried to check out your link, but it said no longer available and brought up another opened window which directed me back to DT home page.

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PDN PhotoPlus - Biz Blitz

posted on 22nd of october, 2007

I just returned from four days at the PDN PhotoPlus Expo held in the massive Javits Convention Center in New York City. I was pleased to be part of a panel entitled, 'Microstock: Past, Present and Future' hosted by PDN and moderated by PDN editor, Daryl Lang. Based on my experience of speaking there in past years, the panel was heavily attended. (The total show attendance was over 30,000).There was ample time for questions from the audience that indicated a high level of interest in and understanding of our business model.

Lee Torrens who writes 'Microstock Diaries' was on the panel with me and prior to the seminar, we discussed microstock issues over lunch. (See his photo with me below). For someone who has just entered the microstock model as a contributor (two years ago) and as a respected...

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Posted by Ellenboughn on October 24, 2007
Master photographer Albert Watson spoke at an evening presentation at PhotoExpo. You can download here. Or you can subscribe to The Digital Story podcasts on iTunes.
Posted by Maigi on October 23, 2007
Thanks for the happy review!!
Posted by Charon on October 23, 2007
That would be nice if there is a video or podcast. I want to know about Future.

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Snow: Real or Instant?

posted on 25th of october, 2007

How do you make it snow when it doesn’t? Hands down, the real stuff is best but sometimes you have to fake it There are all manner of tricks. There is phony snow that is mixed with water and some swear by instant mashed potato flakes. A discussion about the merits of various types of imitation snow is here. For a discussion that will help you cover an entire mountain with artificial flakes click here
Here’s some ideas to ponder while you get ready for winter weather to really kick in. And some thoughts about why it may be the best time for winter themed studio shots too as it is much easier to prop and find wardrobe in the winter...

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Posted by Bertrandb on October 26, 2007
The best snow I ever saw was on a short holiday in Vienna. Snow is a tricky subject, though. It can often appear either washed out or grey depending on your aperture setting, and in sunny conditions, it can create extreme contrasts that are hard to capture at low dynamic range. For this shot I added a slight blue tint to avoid the greyness. [imgl]1366365[/imgl]
Posted by Godfer on October 26, 2007
Hi the image of the little boy in the red parka is mine. It was the first time my boys had ever seen show and is really a snap shot taken before I ever got into stock photography. You're right in your comments and I think that I will have a go at cloning out some of the background and re-uploading. I love his expression too. Thanks for using it. Mandy
Posted by Petarneychev on October 25, 2007
Here's the corrected link: Snow: Real or Instant?

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