PACA International Conference

posted on 2nd of november, 2007

Amidst all the glitter, smoke, gambling and Elton John that was Las Vegas this week, picture agencies and archives sat down for a series of three day seminars and meetings hoping that 'what happened in Las Vegas' WOULDN'T stay there and that all contacts made would develop into long term relationships. Our goal was to keep up to date on the industry and to meet with partners announced (Brightqube) and others that you will hear about in the upcoming months. Michael Rogers' keynote speech, Futurist-in-Residence for the New York Times, was the highlight of the conference. Read below to get an inside look at his vision of the future as it impacts images. Meanwhile why isn't Serban in any of these pictures? Aside from the fact that he is zillions of miles away running things, check...

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Posted by Debljames on November 02, 2007
Yes, that's the problem. Just remove the period from the address and it works fine.
Posted by Fotogeek on November 02, 2007
More reasons to keep shooting. Thanks Ellen.
Just to let you know that the top link returns an error message. It ends with a dot, unlike the original link, should that be the problem?

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Focus on Wolves

posted on 6th of november, 2007

I spent last Sunday afternoon listening to Jim and Jamie Dutcher speak about the six years they spent living with a pack of wolves in the Idaho wilderness. Those years have been documented in their still photography, films and books. Using photographic and scientific talent, they revealed many elements of a wolf pack’s life and in so doing, created understanding of the valuable part that wolves play in the wilderness ecosystem

The Dutchers raised the pack members from pups while they, themselves, lived in a yurt compound in the midst of the wolf containment area. Jim and Jamie stayed throughout all the seasons in the high wilderness for the duration of the project. By careful observation and documentation, the individual wolf personalities and ranking were...

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Posted by Kittycat on November 14, 2007
Beautiful article about the wolves. Thank you for sharing.
Posted by Lattapictures on November 13, 2007
Ellen... love the way you write!
Posted by Ellenboughn on November 07, 2007
Ok so we replaced the coyote image with another great shot of a wolf. (This points out the need to always be as careful as possible with keywords. The coyote shot was keyworded with both 'wolf' and 'coyote' but an animal can't be both. The user relies on the keywords to be authentic so use care!

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What Time Is It?

posted on 14th of november, 2007

There has been noise recently in the photo news about an email exchange that writer and Wired Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Chris Anderson, had with a hapless photographer who had sent Anderson a promo piece using bulk email from a purchased list. Anderson blasted back, accusing the shooter of being a time waster and practicing lazy marketing, indicating that all future emails would be blocked.

I’ve managed to block a few emails myself including some with anatomical references, those from an ex-employee of a couple years back and irritating emails from my cousin’s wife but until now have just accepted that a few hours everyday will get wasted sorting through unsolicited emails
I assumed Anderson’s retort was a typical Silicon Valley arrogant and aggressive...

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Posted by Charon on November 14, 2007
Data gathering is fun, but how to interpret the data to become meaningful is a science and art. DT could do a "10 most searched keywords" or "10 most used keywords" but that may lead to be a keyword disaster. May be "10x10 most seen photos" is fun but not useful to me though. Anyway, 4 Hour Work Week is surely my life goal! Thanks for sharing!
Posted by Maigi on November 14, 2007
Funny. But true. Good suggestions, thanks!
Posted by Ellenboughn on November 14, 2007
Our super team fixed the problem and fast!

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Retro and Recession

posted on 20th of november, 2007

In the US housing prices are still falling, the stock market is as bumpy as a dirt road and more difficult to navigate, a credit crisis is the big news everyday and the dollar has sunk below the Canadian Looney in value. (Gotta love a country that calls its dollar coin a Looney). A recession in the US looms say the soothsayers. So what does this all mean for Dreamstime and photography in general?

Want some good news? According to an issue of the New York Times last week the good news is that housing prices are falling, the stock market is bumpy, the Looney is worth more than the dollar and a US recession may already be upon the country. US financial woes are definitely good news for our neighbors: Canadians that live close to the US are swarming over...

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Posted by Korat_cn on December 21, 2007
Retro... I love all kind of retro things. I have a big collection of old photos, hand-written letters, furniture and objects in my home :)
And what about this photo of my teen granny? :)

good tip Boughn!   Original 1915 antique photo - young girl   
Posted by Ellenboughn on November 27, 2007
check this out: Disco, baby! Sorry you have to watch a commercial first.
Posted by Ellenboughn on November 27, 2007
yes...the Looney and the Dollar are just about even again tonight. so sorry! :)

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Special Needs

posted on 27th of november, 2007

The idea that we need to focus our lenses on people with disabilities and special needs came to me while reading Daryl’s Lang’s (PDNPulse) post last week. He mentioned a new book by the well-known portrait, celebrity and ad photographer, Richard Corman. Corman has photographed the Special Olympics since 1991. In his book, I Am Proud: The Athletes of Special Olympics, Corman has captured the athlete’s joy and successes. While Corman is famous for his photography of professional athletics, celebrities and for advertising work, his sensitive treatment of Olympic athletes has greater meaning for him.
Organizations that support the efforts of the disabled need inexpensive images for newsletters and fund drives. And these images provide inspiration to all of...

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Posted by Tellophoto on January 12, 2008
I too felt people with special needs were good to photograph but was scared of how others would use the photos. Thanks for this...
Posted by Noonie on November 27, 2007
Nice article. I have a good friend who lost a leg and is still working at getting his life back to the way he wants it and in the past I have helped with special children at school.
My best story is the time I was helping at a triathlon and a boy who was wearing a prosthesis pulled me aside, and asked me to stand at the waters edge and hand his leg to him as he got into the shallow area. That way he could put it on before having to literally crawl out. I found out later that he was trying out a brand new prosthesis that was going to be marketed for cyclists and runners.
My personal story is a granddaughter. She doesn't have anything really bad she was just born with a cleft lip. It was fixed somewhat after she was born and can be made "proper" when she's old enough to want plastic surgery. Of course, as pretty as she is I want to use pictures of her. I fixed her mouth in some and in others I left it, if the shot wasn't a closeup. If I get the good side I do nothing but have...(More)
Posted by Psalm113v9 on November 27, 2007
Thank you so much!!!! This hits really close to home. I take team photos for the local chapter of Miracle league baseball and have falling in love with these special needs children. My 8 year old granddaughter has CP and is autistic. and all though i would LOVE to place photos of her here i cannot because od adoption issues. Though how would photos of things she uses every day do, like her wheelchair, leg braces, feeding tubes, bottles of meds? Also what about a special needs accasable playground or wheelchair lift into a swimming pool.

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