PACA Annual Meeting

posted on 5th of may, 2007
It's late Friday night in Alexandria, Virginia and from my nicely upgraded room on the 24th floor I can see the Capital and the Washington Monument. But I'm not here to sightsee. Tonight was the opening reception of the PACA (Picture Agency Council of America) annual meeting. I first joined PACA when we could all meet at a small table in a Chinese restaurant in New York City. Since then PACA's membership has grown to embrace all members of the stock photography world. Dreamstime became one of the first of the social network photography sites to be welcomed into PACA. Ellen and Jeff The purpose of this weekend's gathering is to meet with colleagues in the industry and to learn from both the members of the press and a panel of buyers about... [ Read more... ]
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Posted by Cathysbelleimage on May 06, 2007
Ooops! That's too bad... Too bad that people think they have to lie to get their images out there...
Thanks for keeping us posted on the latest, Ellen.
Posted by Ellenboughn on May 05, 2007
I attended a very interesting panel today. Users of stock photography listed their most frustrating experiences with stock photography. Here are the two that came up again and again: Bad captions and incorrect keywords. One example was of an animal in a zoo that was titled that it was in a specific wild animal preserve. The user was the National Wildlife fund and they were very upset when they used the image and a reader noticed a zoo building in the background.
Posted by Orchidpoet on May 05, 2007
Ellen, looks like it was a fun meeting. Please spend a lot of time in bars and restaurants and have a great time with your colleagues. :)

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More PACA Conference

posted on 8th of may, 2007
The PACA Annual Meeting continued this past weekend. The seminars on Saturday and Sunday were well attended, especially the ones given by image users and members of the printed and online press. PACA president delivered the keynote address early Saturday morning. He took as his theme changes in the business of stock photography and the resulting effects of those on the industry. He urged everyone to embrace them and to banish fear of change. Some might feel our model poses a threat but for the most part during the course of many conversations over the weekend, people agreed with me that Dreamstime occupies an increasingly important position in the industry, serving both a segment of the traditional buyers as well as enabling many more to use stock photography for smaller budgets or... [ Read more... ]
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Posted by Cathysbelleimage on May 09, 2007
Very interesting post... Good luck in your move, Ellen!
Posted by Denisebeverly on May 09, 2007
ellen hope your move goes very very smoothly and you are settled in quickly. thanks for the paca news and photos to help us know what is going on.
Posted by Pinfoldphotos on May 09, 2007
I hadn't realised that those numbers were available on DT.

Looking at it further, at the time of writing, of the 14346 photographers stated on the statistics page,

1578 have no uploads,
2407 have 1 upload,
1249 have 2 uploads
1845 have 3-5 uploads

meaning that 49% of the contributors have a portfolio of 5 or less images!

I guess that goes some way to answering your question Ellen!


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posted on 11th of may, 2007
Golf is no longer a game just for the plaid pants, country club set. Both ends of the financial spectrum have taken up the sport in big numbers. Not just bank presidents are rolling around the course; the fastest growing segment of the golf business is in the Arab Emirates and one of the current golf success stories in pro golf proudly calls himself a "redneck". Golf remains a big business all over the world with many secondary support products and services needing images. The image on the left is the most downloaded image directly related to golf. I believe it's successful for several reasons. First the image is a square format. This gives the image the maximum space on the search returns page. Whenever you can shoot to a square or crop or add to make a square... [ Read more... ]
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Posted by Lensara on May 13, 2007
actually its a good reminder Ellen. Ive played county golf as a single figure handicap golfer for years and it never dawned on me to shoot golf pics,....duh! thanks for the tip
Posted by Has1sue on May 11, 2007
Well tried Golf....

Stoopid Game walking miles trying to get a silly little Ball in a Hole ;)

Okay so I could not get the Golf Ball of the Ground but hey I made contact lol


Posted by Fotogeek on May 11, 2007
I'm with you Ellen when it comes to golf. Right now, the only reason for me to be on a golf course would be to get a few good shots for DT.
However, tenis is a different story.
Funny thing with the square format. What do you mean by "maximum space on the search returns page" when it comes to square images?
Thank you.

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Yummo! Shooting Food

posted on 17th of may, 2007
Many times a business deal has been concluded over a pricey meal or in a coffee shop. Hundreds, if not thousands of cookbooks, are published every year. Entire magazines and web sites are devoted to recipes and cooking tips. Many charities and non-profit organizations self-publish cookbooks as fundraisers. There are so many different kinds of food preparation and cooking gadgets that entire mail order and retail stores are exclusively devoted to gadgets for the gourmet. With the exception of that rare and courageous breed of photojournalists that cover war and other disastrous events, I have more respect for photographers that can make food look appetizing than almost any other genres of shooter. It seems easy. After all a plate of food doesn't usually... [ Read more... ]
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Posted by Ellenboughn on August 22, 2007
Here is a video of a food photographer talking the viewer through a food shoot.
Posted by Karimala on June 18, 2007
Here's the full link to the trendhunter.com site. Amazing how awful fast food looks compared to the pro shots.

Posted by Chef on June 11, 2007
Good ideas, great tips here.
I give you one of mine:
You need a sauce that look like a meat sauce? Use oyster sauce. Available in Asian stores. This sauce looks really great, will not move on the dish and looks great even after a few hours!

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posted on 24th of may, 2007
The older folks are most definitely not hanging around the rocking chairs these days. Life expectancy has been extended greatly over the last 30 years. Those that are living longer are enjoying it more. This is a generation that started going to the gym in their 20's and have been on diets for forty years. They know about their hearts and blood pressure and what to do to stay healthy. These are the boomers. People born after the late 1940's. The knees are a little weak and the breath a little short but that isn't keeping them from doing just about everything they ever did in the exercise department. They ski, their rides are big motorcycles, and they sail and surf. And they break more bones than any other segment of the population because of it.... [ Read more... ]
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Posted by Mpalis on June 03, 2007
nice article. Thanks for sharing
Posted by KDImages on June 02, 2007
I had never heard of Baby Boomer until I queried the keyword "baby" that kept cropping up in pictures of people, especially women, who looked too old to still be having babies when there was no baby apparent in the picture.
Posted by Margaretanne on May 27, 2007
If 50 is the new 30... then the white/grey hair has gone.. with foils and quality hair dyes so readily available.. even 'older' models don't look ancient... the baby boomer market is where the money is... :)

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