Editors have feelings too, you know?

posted on 10th of july, 2007

Tolstoi once said that everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself. I try to remind myself this quote daily, especially when confronted with criticism. Everybody wants to go to heaven, no one wants to die.

The most common question received from (new) photographers regards refusals. If you're no longer new and noticed this (forbidden) question on the boards think what support sees on email. Just as the rules apply on the forums, they apply on the blogs too, so I will not discuss here about refusals. When one receives a refusal, he/she might want to really take it as a guidance and try to shoot better their next batch. Don't complain to support, if it got refused it will not sell. Maybe it will do it once, twice, but we want it to sell hundreds of times.

If you're...

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Posted by Taragolden on January 15, 2008
your images look better than adverage to me..
Posted by Ncn18 on January 06, 2008
very good article....you only can get better if you read it and work like that...
Posted by Seesea on December 18, 2007
Excellent article. I think that i will get more. thanks. : )

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You're the superstars!

posted on 18th of july, 2007

This is written while still under the influence of the Rolling Stones in their first show in Romania, an ex-communist country, where they were waited for 45 years. I don't plan to write about the show itself, this is about something completely different.

Musical genres are subject to personal opinions and you may very well like or dislike these guys. 60,000 thousands people on a stadium waited for them at 110 F and enjoyed their performance more than anything else.

Lots of Romanian blogs have been writing about the concert today. A certain blogger remembered how people could've got arrested in their homes 20 years ago for listening to such music. Just for playing it, just for listening to a certain radio station, just for expressing personal thoughts (photography included).
If you were born...

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Posted by Catur on July 19, 2007
It is good for build your strong brand image as a Great Photographer

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I love the blogs

posted on 19th of july, 2007

Never thought that the blogs will be so educative and helpful to the community. I expected this to be a very dynamic place with a lot of self-advertising that would've needed to be moderated.

Instead, I see how passionate you are about your work and realize what an extraordinary section this will be. Technically it follows almost the same procedure as the message boards, but from a psychological point of view this is entirely different.

It's very difficult to get back to my regular tasks. I will have to remove my F5 key!

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Posted by Dnf-style on August 14, 2007
Just joined the blog feauture today and find myself hooked almost instantly. Man how my work is going to bleed from this. Bled dry I mean. Since we are at it, how do I get nice colors and nice blods etc inside my great blogs.

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Getting Hot!

posted on 24th of july, 2007

110F/45C forecasted for today in Bucharest, with almost everyone staying in house (or shopping for water in the stores).
We faced electricity issues in the office due to the high consumption in the neighbourhood so we can't use any air conditioning. The government closed all public institutions hoping to persuade people to stay at home.

Getting close to announce the winners for the Water assignment. What a refreshment and how many great images. A very up to day subject unfortunately. Hopefully...

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Posted by Tangie on July 25, 2007
Well, what can I say? Too hot but fun...Power on, power off, on-the-spot gathering of the staff, laughter in an otherwise silent office. Hot weather and no electricity, we might have gone to the seaside. Luckily we had at least the water assignment images to cool off.
Posted by Petarneychev on July 25, 2007
Tell me about it! The same thing is happening down in Bulgaria. Funny thing is that the mayor of Ruse cracked an egg on the sidewalk and it cooked for 9 minutes! LOL Would have made a wonderful "in the news" photo. ;)
I want rain!

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Example of why selection criteria is so tight

posted on 25th of july, 2007

In an article that (may) receives applause from traditionalists, Chris Ferrone describes an obvious case of sensitive usage associated with Model Release issues (or better said total absence of).

Next time you get a refusal based on a legal issue (potential trademark infringement or something that seems nonsense about your MR) think about this case:

Virgin Mobile using photo without a model release

Is it the site's fault, the CC license's or the designer's fault?

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Posted by Kenneystudios on August 15, 2007
Another good reason to obtain images from a stock agency instead of a free public domain, such as Flickr or Photobucket. Not only do many people uploading pictures there not know about the legalities of model releases, but many of the websites do not even have a place to upload a release and attach it to the photograph. I used to keep a bunch of pictures on Flickr until I realized that a lot of agencies, even big name ones, would go to that site to obtain marketing images. While many people uploading images to the site are aware of the different licenses (the default is full protection for the photographer), that copyright does not guarantee that any potential copyrights in the image have been taken care of. I decided it was best for me and potential clients to steer clear of what Virgin Mobile went through.
Posted by Achilles on July 26, 2007
Rolmat, I would add that the CC license is not displayed properly on many of the sites using it. What this license brings is more freedom, but what if this is at the cost of too much fraud involved. The difference reliese between understanding what download means vs. licensing!
Posted by Petarneychev on July 25, 2007
Very good example! Too bad it has to be learned the hard way. And that commercial motto... Quite something! :)

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Use clipping paths!

posted on 31st of july, 2007

We often run surveys asking customers or contributors about their experience with Dreamstime. You will probably see more ideas in my blog or somewhere else on the site ;)

Here is one of them:"Clipping Path Outlines on photographs of objects are a handy feature that I haven't yet experienced on Dreamstime."

Although I've seen images with clipping paths this customer probably didn't probably download one of them. It is good to keep in mind when post-processing your photo that there is enough interest from buyers for this so try to provide a clipping path for the main subject in your image. If you work with layers or isolated objects that should be easy to do.

How to create one in Photoshop:
1. Separate your object in a different layer. Make sure its margins are well preserved...

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Posted by Charon on September 07, 2007
Yes, I agree professional traced path is a time saver for designers and paths converted from selections (i.e. magic wand) are usually not very precise which means you need to rework it.

However, path has its limitation in objects which are blurry without well-defined contours such as hairs or object in motion. In some cases I believe alpha mask channel would do a better job for the isolation. Is there any benefit to include PNG or PSD files as an additional formats?
Posted by Colorexpertsbd on September 06, 2007
Dear Serban,

Thanks for the useful post. We are a professional Photoshop clipping path service provider and core graphic design process outsourcing company. Our clients are professional graphic designers. Therefore, they require the most crispy cutout with clipping path. Crispy cutout is not possible with manual hand drawn clipping path(s). Any shortcut like "Magic Wand" for creating path is not considered professional to our clients. Moreover, our expert hands thinks that using "Magic Wand" takes more time as you have to fine tune each anchor point of the clipping path to get that professional look.

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