Finding Inspiration (Part 1)

posted on 2nd of july, 2007

Whether we talk about stock photography, graphical design, or simple everyday family photography it seems that the issue of inspiration never leaves us. Thinking about this issue seems to be more and more at the front of my photography work, and I suppose it is so also with many of you.
Inspiration and Passion
Over and over I am finding out that placing myself in an environment which meets my passions in life is inspiring also for my photography. For instance, helping people, being where I'm needed, providing for others as much as I can... Although these things might seem quite distanced from photography, the sense of fulfillment and joy of life for me has always resulted in higher quality photography. Similar results are there also when I am exposed to photography which expresses...

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Posted by Gugagugs on November 04, 2007
good work man!

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Finding Inspiration (Part 2)

posted on 15th of july, 2007

One of the toughest barriers before a photographer could be the fear of exploring new grounds... new themes, new subjects. In this second part of my search for inspiration I'll give more attention to the issue of what I call one's comfort zone and how that affects creativity, productivity, as well as growth in skills.

Get out of your comfort zone! Now!

I know some of you can stand up and say that you are well experienced in art and stock photography. I can't. I'm still a learner (and try to remain one). :) What I've discovered in this state of mine is that getting stuck to one theme or topic really affects my productivity. I've experienced already several times that when I push myself out of my comfort zone I find inspiration and develop new skills.


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Before Submission - Useful Tips

posted on 18th of july, 2007

In this article I'll try to point out a few really basic tips for post-processing before submission, which I trust will be helpful to those of you who are newbies to stock photography. Others might also find them helpful, and if you're well experienced in the areas which I'll cover briefly - please, share your tip(s) in a comment! :)

Tip 1 - The camera won't do it all for you. It's highly recommended to have the optimal setting on your camera before shooting, but I will also challenge you to always post-process, even if it's to fix just a tiny bit. As a newbie to stock photography it's very easy to think that shooting large amounts will sooner or later get you a large portfolio and significant income. Well, it's not that easy, and I trust many of you have realized that (esp. if you'...

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Posted by Mcmorabad on January 01, 2009
Useful tips for beginners, thanks!

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Take a Break, For Crying Out Loud!

posted on 26th of july, 2007

break, noun: a momentary halt in an activity (Merriam-Webster Online).

I hope you didn't really need this definition, but in case you had forgotten, this is what a break is. I'll elaborate more on that... and point out a few new things you can do today to make yourself and other people happy.

Today, take a break from your regular work, whether in photography or somewhere else, and spend some quality time with the people who love you - your spouse, kids, parents, friends, colleagues. Do something special and extraordinary for them - give an extra long hug; share a romantic kiss at a special place; cook their favorite meal, spiced with extra love. Send them a note or a letter... Now add flowers too. You can also print a photo, it's still in fashion... Don't forget to frame it!...

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Posted by Petarneychev on October 18, 2007
I totally agree. :) See, the thing is that when I talk about reading a book by default I mean a classical book. Some of them have what you mention too, but I see what you mean. Thanks for the note! :)
Posted by Bluerabbit on October 17, 2007
Perhaps you should add--read an OLD book. The new ones, novels at least, have nothing to do with leisure. They are all about anger, resentment, bitterness, envy, and control. They have to be "important." Yuck!
Posted by Tangie on July 30, 2007
Dear Petar, I really love your articles, they are funny, academic, instructive and constructive. Enjoy your break and best regards.

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The Retro Style and The Contemporary Audience

posted on 31st of july, 2007

Okay, first of all - what led me to this article... Until two days I was using a mobile phone dating from the first trimester of 2001. Yes, it was a working one, and no - the screen wasn't color... Neither did it have Bluetooth, a camera, MMS capabilities... By some technological miracle it did provide an IR port and GPRS, which actually made it a really cool phone back when it came out. :) Anyways, that was the old phone.
What this little experience made me think of is the concept of retro style, it's purpose, and how it connects to today's audience. Don't ask me how the connection happened... I don't know.
Next - if you're waiting for a lecture you won't get it. ;) This will be more of a question and answer (the latter is where you come in) article, which I hope will be able to challenge your understanding...

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Posted by Petarneychev on August 03, 2007
That was about the time we got a color TV too! :) We still keep both - the old b&w and our first color one... Talking about nostalgia... :)

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