Snap! Not! Vacation Photos

posted on 2nd of july, 2007
Trying to pack too many photos into too little time can result in photos of everything but few, if any, terrific shots. To document your vacation as well as taking some great shots for Dreamstime, you need to plan ahead. It's not just about getting the best airfare and hotel for your money. I'm going to write several blogs on vacation photos over the next month as we enter prime holiday time. You'll see that a lot of the information isn't about photography. It's about planning to maximize your photographic OPPORTUNITIES. Don't neglect the standard research in guidebooks and newspapers. www.travelandleisure.com and www.budgettravel.com serve up the best tips from those two magazines. Many newish Internet sites are springing up to help you figure out not only where... [ Read more... ]
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Posted by Ellenboughn on July 20, 2007
we prefer the Fremont Lenin, the troll and 'waiting for the interurban'; btw, since you live on bainbridge, you probably know that one of the best skyline locations for the space needle is FROM a ferry docking around sunset. Over here we have frog rock and toe jam hill. Frog rock isn't a rock that looks like a frog but two huge boulders that have been painted to look like a frog. Someone repaints it every year or so. Don't we live in a wonderful quirky place?
Posted by Cascoly on July 19, 2007
we prefer the Fremont Lenin, the troll and 'waiting for the interurban'; btw, since you live on bainbridge, you probably know that one of the best skyline locations for the space needle is FROM a ferry docking around sunset.
Posted by Ellenboughn on July 19, 2007
re the space needle image removal - as seattlites, we'd MUCH rather you removed the actual space needle itself!
Having just spent a year in Florida before moving back to Bainbridge Island, seeing the Space Needle was a welcome sight. So don't have it taken down. What other city has such a strange landmark? Sorta sums up what I love about Seattle!

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More Trippy Photo Tips

posted on 12th of july, 2007

In the past two posts we have discussed some pointers for doing research before you leave to ensure that you don't miss a location or an event and some tips on photos while on a family road trip. Now let's get serious about some other important issues.

Packing: do not check your equipment if you can help it. It has a good chance of being stolen or damaged. A photographer friend just returned from an around the world assignment for a large corporation. He started in Sao Paulo then to London, Paris, Barcelona, Moscow, China and home to Seattle all in twenty days. I sat down with him on his return to get the benefit of this recent experience to share with you.

He had to decide whether to carry on his computer or his camera gear from Sao Paulo to London....

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Posted by Lizonred on December 14, 2007
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Posted by Ellenboughn on July 24, 2007
Fleyeing: you have it down! Safe travels and thanks for the tips.
Posted by Fleyeing on July 22, 2007
As a regular traveler to and inside SE Asia, I can only agree with these tips. As to flying, the metaphysical question always is what "To Check or Not To Check".
My paradigm is that whatever is checked, I can lose. So I make a priority list of items in decreasing order. Cam (included charger and cable) are on top, then the portable disks, then the laptop. My record is 14kgs in a strong (Samsonite) small crap looking backpack as hand luggage plus the cam belt, which I never put down.

To my horror, in September 2006, just after the planned plane attacks from London, all hand carried luggage was suddenly reduced to 7kg flying into LHR (Heathrow). In that case, you will have to make some snap decisions on the check-in counter as to what is totally vital and what isn't.

And be creative. I only checked one portable disk, the other one just fit in a pocket of my pants. The cam belt didn't count so I put more heavy stuff in the side pockets of it. When traveling, make...(More)

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Road trip! Family Vacation

posted on 25th of july, 2007

Recently I listed some resources to use in preparing for vacation photos when your holiday requires air travel and hotels. For many though, vacation is a time to visit friends and relatives close to home or to drive to a favorite spot at the beach or in the mountains. These trips offer just as many, in some cases more, photo ops for the savvy shooter.

You are more likely to know the secret locations in an old neighborhood than in an unfamiliar place. And it’s difficult for Uncle or Mom to refuse to sign a release. Plus summer family gatherings often involve lots of people of all ages. A sure fire stock shot is the multigenerational family group shot. Or the older generation teaching the youngest ones how to make a pie or how to fish. Or as grandpa refuses...

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Posted by Gingergirl on March 17, 2008
Thank you! Good articles at all :) And useful

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Masters of Light

posted on 30th of july, 2007

Lots of blog talk lately about what differentiates a pro from an amateur. If an image has what it takes, I don’t care who took it. Could be a top photographer or my Aunt Nellie: it’s a professional image. But on the over all career level, it’s usually the light that separates the pro from the am.

Top career photographers have to consistently execute tough assignments. The best professional advertising and editorial photographers relentlessly meet challenges posed by demanding conditions and impossible deadlines. They work with the personalities of difficult clients whose jobs are riding on the success of multimillion-dollar accounts. Most of all they have to know how to create, manipulate and control or fake great light.
The single most important step you can take to...

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Posted by Maigi on August 05, 2007
Inspiring article... :) Thanks for the links too!
Posted by Antonia on August 05, 2007

Thanks for your helping hand again, Ellen. I love to dabble with the nuances of light, so every helpful idea brings my inspirational barometer to climb up.

Great blog!

Posted by Starfotograf on August 04, 2007
Yes, photography is painting with light. You have to be aware all the time, that you can choose and influence the light. And with the light you can add a special mood, or a special spirit to any object or situation, even simple things.

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