How To Shoot The Rain?

posted on 8th of august, 2007

I was having a quiet vacation with my family in our summer cottage last week, when suddenly the sky turned dark grey and it started to rain so heavily, that I had ever before seen such waterfall from the sky.
And it didn't stop. It just rained, and rained, and rained. Our backyard seemed so fresh and beautiful behind the watery curtain, that I grabbed my camera, opened the window and started to shoot.
I tried everything, slower shutter speed, faster shutter speed, auto focusing, manual focusing, but all I got was our beautiful green backyard and a little bit darkish sky. That's all. No raindrops, no smoky rain lines, nothing. Just a little bit cloudy summer day.
I found here some great rainshoots. How are, you guys, doing...

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Posted by Jllprague on August 13, 2007
nice pics
Posted by Maigi on August 09, 2007
Thank you, Alexander! BTW, I just reread a great page about shooting it the bad weather: Tips for Shooting in Bad Weather by Wendy Green (http://technology.sympatico.msn.ca/Tips+for+Shooting+in+Bad+Weather/ Photography/Tips/Articles/tipsforshootinginbadweather.htm?isfa=1/link). Very interesting. There are some tips, how to protect the camera too.
Posted by Wizzard on August 09, 2007
I take my picture about a year ago. It was simply rainy day. For that image i set ISO = 800 for shutter speed 1/125s, and thats it.
The real problem for me is how cover camera from water because i havent MarkII or something...

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The Most Downloaded Image On DT

posted on 10th of august, 2007

Here it is. The most downloaded image on DT.
11669 views, 688 downloads for the moment.
I was looking at that picture quite a while today and tried to figure out, what makes it so special? Is it shallow DOF? Color tone? business concept? Effortless smile on the model's face? Or just a fact that the photo has been on the site almost from the beginning? What do you think?
Bellemedia is certainly a talented photographer. Many of his photos are on my favorites list. Here are some great examples from his portfolio. A gifted artist indeed.

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Posted by Mahmoudmahdy on August 11, 2007
i think the photo is most downloaded because of both quality and time : the position and focus are great , the subject is commercial and Popular , and the photo still sailing for long time

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One Mighty Button - Delete

posted on 18th of august, 2007

Well, I just got my new website up! How I like it... nowadays it's so easy and fun to modify your site cause there are so many good CMSs (Content Management Systems) around. If you want, you can modify the code, if you don't or don't know how to do it - no problems, you can put your site together as from puzzle pieces.
Anyway, I have worked with my new site for some weekends. Got a brand new name: maigi.com :))). So happy... Anyway, I was just giving finishing touch to my site, and struggled with installation of a gallery building tool, when something went wrong and I just wanted to start again with installation process. I had to delete my incomplete database. And that's why delete-buttons are invented for!
"Do you want to delete... blah-blah-blah... database......

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Posted by Kenneystudios on August 18, 2007
Oh no! I sucks when something like that happens! I hope everything turns out alright for you!

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Out of the creative abyss

posted on 21st of august, 2007

Don't know what to shoot? Where to find ideas? How to climb out of the creative abyss you have fell into?
If you feel like your creative juices have stopped flowing, you can try out The Idea Generator.
Too funny...
Just try to shoot concept shots under those topics... :)

Comments (2)

Posted by Cathysbelleimage on September 06, 2007
This is great Maigi !!! I guess I should get to work: one of my assignement " oversized rubber house" !!! ;O)
Posted by Sebcz on September 05, 2007
This is great! Wow, I need to shoot that:
1. revolutionary vibrating food
2. eco-friendly vibrating club

Too funny!

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