From tomatoes to people

posted on 6th of august, 2007

Photographing, like any activity, needs training. It is easy to train with tomatoes, coffee or, for example, roses. You can take hundreds of shots, you can spend hours studying composition and the best light conditions. And “no one” of your “model” will complain.

But one day you can disclose that the best images are with a human element. A soup lying on a bamboo background is great, and yet it is even better when a beautiful female hand hold it. Many clients will (almost instinctively) prefer this image to the one without human hand. In this moment, you will make the second step to your success – making photos containing a part of human body. I love this kind of photos. Female hands, beautiful eyes, red lips... the human body offer you a lot of beauty and inspiration for photos. On this...

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Posted by Starblue on August 07, 2007
Thanks for comment :-) I wish you a lot of splendid images with your models :-)
Posted by Denisebeverly on August 06, 2007
very nice tips. i just had my longest session with a model, a teenager no less, but he LOVES having his picture taken, is highly creative, and very patient. i have other models waiting whenever life slows a little and i can arrange it. in the meantime i will take your words to heart.

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What do you think about black background?

posted on 13th of august, 2007

Recently I have read several materials about using black background. Not a long time ago, I have tried to take photos with black background.

For example in case of this image of children´s hand protected by mother´s hand.

What I like about the black background the best is the simple and obvious fact that one doesn´t need to pay attention for shadows. Wonderful! Because the question of shadows (for example when they are too hard on light background) makes me upset. Black background resist much longer usable. White background is much more sensitive to any kind of dirt, even if one pays attention as much as possible.

And yet, I must say, I don´t use the black background as often as white (or colorful) backgrounds. Why? I do believe that the reason might be because the...

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Posted by Starblue on September 03, 2007
This your answer makes me feel still more that black background is much prefered by artist, like you - creating artwork for theater. It sound very interesting, I wish you a lot of successes! While white background is prefered by designers working for magazines. I personally have minority photos with black background, but those ones I like for a special artistic, even a little mystical atmosphere :-)
Posted by Francine1040 on September 02, 2007
I lprefer black backgrounds, but they pose a few problems in my line of work. I create artwork for a theatre. A black background costs more to print on a traditional poster. Black backgrounds make it harder to work with stock images, but I still like the look. And some people think the whole thing looks funereal. But I like the look.
Posted by Shecodes on August 20, 2007
I personally prefer white isolated images, since most of my webdesigns are white. However, there are a number of web designers that build with a black background in mind.

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Is the trash your best friend?

posted on 19th of august, 2007

I´ve heard several photographers affirmed: “The best photographer’s friend is the trash”.

I know several photographers who have no mercy with photos that aren’t perfect at the first side (or after a small color adjustment). I can’t say the same about me.

Like with this photo. Imagine the picture without any light effect and without the blue color in background. During walk, my husband, I and our retriever have encountered this Christian cross. But the sky was colorless and the image didn’t come out interesting. However, I didn’t want to give it to the trash.

My husband suggested me to isolate it and to use it for a photomontage. My husband says: “You must make isolation of object in the right day, for example, during days that you don’t feel creative....

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Posted by Starblue on August 19, 2007
Thanks for your nice words, Lavanya. My husband tells me, like you, step by step I will be more and more "generous" with the trash :-)

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