Macro Shoots n' Camera Vibrations

posted on 17th of august, 2007

Most of us experience most of hand-shakes when we shoot macro or highly zoomed shots. Especially those of us who don't use a tripod or a D-SLR, things become worse.

Its just a vague idea I have that the vibration reduction techniques used in any camera are about generating a vibration in opposite direction.

I am a singer, composer and a song-writer. Many times I arrange my own music. In my career I came across a scientist who was working on the same principle for generating noise free cars. The concept was that the commuters in a car shouldn't hear any sound from outside. They were going to use the WAVELET principle there where they would generate a sound which will nullify the incoming sound from outside. At that point something went...

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Posted by Thefinalmiracle on August 26, 2007
Hey, Did you guys benefit from the technique?
Posted by Thefinalmiracle on August 17, 2007
Normally, its the crazy people who find out crazy ideas which come out of helplessness. If I had the money to buy a better camera or a good tripod, I would never have reached these solutions or ever tried to think of them!
Posted by Kenneystudios on August 17, 2007
This is a good idea, and would make sense. I may have to give that a try. :)

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Models, Model Releases and Charity

posted on 17th of august, 2007

I believe totally that nothing in the world comes for free. Being a spiritual counsellor and healer for last 8 years, I have helped many people accross the globe with their relationship problems, health problems, spiritual insights, confusion about life, guilt, sins, and whatever they could imagine. They came to me for healing but ended up questioning me about god or life in general a lot of times. And in all the advices or thoughts I have shared, there has been one thing common which starts from my own - MYSELF!

I am not a famous artist yet or a hotshot photographer in microstock. I am struggling with the harshness of life like everyone else, ended up in loans due to the medical expenses of my near and dear ones. And hence in debt like almost everyone else....

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Posted by Thefinalmiracle on August 26, 2007
Thanks Tangie. I wrote this blog hoping that people will try to be kind in a simple way and with ease in whatever profession they are in.
Posted by Tangie on August 20, 2007
That is a very touchy and impressing article, honestly. It is good to let know about difficulties other people encounter and how harsh life sometimes is to so many. Increasing awareness while relating to photography and also talking about yourself. Congrats for the story.

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Insect Bites

posted on 19th of august, 2007

Clicking insects interests me a lot maybe due to my passion for macro photography. But mind you, insects don’t sell much in microstock. I have never seen much of insect photos sell in here no matter how creative your picture might be. That reminds me of a rejection reason – The is not an RF stock oriented Image! Lol. Anywayz, so when you are deciding to click insects in macro, make sure you put them after the shoots that are going to help you earn some good money$$

Lets start with ants. Ants have fascinated me since long, and I have always studied them with a magnifying glass when I was a kid. It was my hobby feeding them. Yes once I burnt an ant with my magnifying glass by mistake and the second time I burnt it...

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Taking Things for Granted

posted on 21st of august, 2007

I have always been possessive about my music instruments, vehicles, computer and cameras. But still a person like me being careless is something no one around me will believe, but I did end up in a huge trouble lately which made me pay a price.

My day starts at 10 in the morning, I do some photoediting, and then take music classes or have my corporate meetings till evening. Then I do an hour of counseling or healing for someone in person. After that I practice my singing or do music arranging for 2 hours. 10 back to photo editing, 11 pm dinner and back to work online. I do some online counseling, healing and then again 2 hours of work on music or photography till 2.00 AM. And then meditation for an hour.


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Posted by Thefinalmiracle on December 15, 2007
Thanks for the feedback!
Posted by Mrvent on December 15, 2007
Very sad yet very inspiring... Reminds me that there is more than my BMW 540 Car Cover, and it is called LIFE...

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Social Networking Profits

posted on 22nd of august, 2007

We all are aware of the latest craze on the internet about the social networking websites. Almost thousands of users are still registering on such sites every day. The leaders in the sites are now providing RSS and HTML Tags support in their messaging sections as well as in the profiles. The sites cover a vast audience of children, teenagers, adults and whatever you can think of. Maybe some crazy people will start putting up their pet profiles soon as well. Its very interesting the kind of people you meet on such websites and how it can help you.

Being in the performing & recording field, it has helped me in the long way. Already my support song for Michael Jackson called, “The Michael Jackson Anthem” (Available...

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Precious Emotions in Simplicity

posted on 22nd of august, 2007

If anyone goes through my portfolio, the most important thing you will notice is the poor side of India. My portfolio has less people who are of the higher class and more about people who are less civilized and simpler in their lifestyle. You will see beggars, monks, saints and many children who live a life below the poverty line. They have no makeup on them, they are untidy & maybe without a bath for days. All these factors seem negligible when you look into the pictures more deeply and carefully. Am I clicking their pictures to show the poverty in the world or India or is it something else? Even when I click a beggar its for a reason and its definitely something else.

I have grown up in a middle-class family in India....

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Online Nomination

posted on 23rd of august, 2007

Life in today’s world is very risky and unpredictable. We all are covered by life insurance policies as well as medical policies which can cover those risks and other liability factor. Most of them mean business to the insurers but for us as a customer they can be beneficiary if we look beyond our death or accident. Apart from that, we always notice that in every legal financial bonding we get into a bank or an insurance company, we are asked for a person whom we define as nominee for our policy, or the one who will get the benefits of the accounts that we started.

Some days back, I was very ill. So badly ill, that I thought I would die. This is not the first time I had a close brush against death. I was not worried of...

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Posted by Thefinalmiracle on August 24, 2007
heheh.. Tangie thanks for the comment. I was talking about overall online retail you can say. But after reading your comment it really feels strange to be like a ghost reading about its own death. lol :)
Posted by Tangie on August 24, 2007
Well Nikhil, as far as I know, we can pass on the rights to use the account to your wife or very close relatives. You just make sure that we are announced via legal procedures of your death, and we will transfer the right to use you account to your relatives. And I cannot believe we are talking about your death :) ......hope this will not happen anyway, it is terrible.........but hope this clarifies.

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The Real Work

posted on 23rd of august, 2007

Being in the entertainment industry not as a photographer but an artist (in music), I meet people from various fields, when they come to me as my audience. Many times I have stumbled across the best photographers in the country and have had the chance to talk to them. Its not always that these photographers are glamour related photographers, they can be industrial photographers or even photo journalists. They also take workshops and run institutes of photography.

After meeting them more and studying them over a period of time, I realized that there was something that they lacked on a very big scale. It is the ability to generate much larger revenue than they are presently getting. They are so much absorbed in their work...

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Software for Contributors?

posted on 24th of august, 2007

Uploading pictures, editing them, submitting them is a huge job. If photography is taking one hour for a subject, uploading that photography takes double or more time considering the post editing aspects of a contributor here.

If there are any software developers among the contributors or regular buyers also, why not develop a software for DT contributors to make the contribution process more easier and maybe even when offline. Like editing all the data, selection of categories and things like that and then upload it to the website using the same software. It can be done of course if DT is going to authenticate them considering some rules about uploading images, categories, limit of keywords and more technical things which we might not know about.


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Posted by Glitvinyuk on August 24, 2007
Well, to do it properly DT have to provide some kind of API for developers... Otherwise this software could possible break terms of use of this site.

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Download Calculation

posted on 25th of august, 2007

This is something funny and has been confusing me since a long long time in here.

Consider a situation -

My online files - 1600
My downloaded files - 1200

I have 3 assignment files in my portfolio which have been escalated to level 4, and so its 300 sales.

Are these three hundred sales counted in the total downloaded files in my profile? If yes, I personally feel that they shouldn't be counted in that because it totally misleads ourselves about our sales as well as others!

Would like to know what you think about this?



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Posted by Thefinalmiracle on August 26, 2007
Hey thanks Peter. I always forget to keep a watch during assignments due to all that excitement. :)

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Targets n' Milestones

posted on 26th of august, 2007

As I was never a photographer, stock was a word related to investment and my countries financial position as well. I never knew that something like ‘stock photography’ was a term even when I was a regular browser of xxxxx for my general pictorial browsing. I was always fascinated by the pictures there. Then came the word microstock, but I actually came to know this term after I registered on DT. I just registered here as a website which will help me have some additional income from my photographs.

I remember my first approved image and the rejections at that time. It will sound funny, but I have been so ignorant about photography that composition only meant “Musical composition” to me, as I am a singer and composer. I never used to understand the rejection...

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Horse Stance

posted on 26th of august, 2007

While keywording my new image recently I realized that though I have been learning English all the years in my school and college, using it almost everyday I couldn't come up with a single word that can define the action of the horse in this image. I was riding this horse in my holidays and made it stand on its two legs. There for sure will be a word to describe this position or stance of the horse which I couldn't find.

Different positions of horses are very interesting like in these images too, where the horses belong to some warriors in an attacking mode, but obviously there wont be special words to describe the stance of the horse in these pictures.

I guess this is where submitting an image for keywording can...

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Posted by Thefinalmiracle on August 26, 2007
You bet! People from that particular field or even people who are just something like an english dictionary are great with these things. I have a friend who is what I would call an English dictionary. He is busy at the moment. He has promised me to keyword my images for free when he will be free, and that too without spam as he has been in the data entry field for years.

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Duplicate Woes

posted on 27th of august, 2007

When I registered on DT, photography grew from a passion to business. I started shooting like hell & once by mistake I stumbled on a Google link showing me in the busiest contributors list. I never knew something like this existed. It somewhat misled me into a feeling of achievement. I started getting an addiction of uploading and editing pictures till I stumbled upon the next misleading list – top contributors. This again invited more trouble because I started uploading almost every image I had in my database.

With such a huge transfer going on, I somewhat couldn’t keep track of the files I was uploading again and ended up having duplicates on the website. Not many but still there were 2 – 3 files. I ignored it and...

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Posted by Thefinalmiracle on September 27, 2007
For new readers who read this blog, please note that the "X" sign appears where the duplicate picture existed now removed by admin.
Posted by Thefinalmiracle on September 26, 2007
Thanks a lot for all your words of appreciation. Just a joke - "Hey they aint MY kids!" :P
Posted by Maigi on September 26, 2007
Yeah, I was teasing... PS: But you have a great portfolio. Of course all your kid shots are great, but I have always admired, how you can show in such an interesting way all those everyday items like lamps or pots or water sprinklers. Good luck to you with your new uploads!

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The DT Team!

posted on 29th of august, 2007

Many times we see the admins in their portfolios. We see their personality from their messages. We see love some and we hate some. And we give time for all this because I guess we are like a family here.

But then hey! is it for real? Our judgments about the admins are hugely based on what you guys put up on the message boards or customer feedbacks which is mainly based on some guidelines.

We all would like to see you at work. Hey Admins, put up a page in here with the pictures of the DT team, the office and things like that you know. It will really help us relate to you guys in some way apart from just doing business! We would like to see how the office looks, how do the admins look and finally how you all look together.

Now let me see what the DT team or other members have...

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Posted by Thefinalmiracle on August 29, 2007
Well nothing creepy about it. Its about teamwork according to me. All the antz and jumping over that mint to have their slice. Dont we actually do it together in the same way. See it this way -

The mint represents a photo.
The ants (DT and contributor) are extracting revenue (sugar extracts)
Now DT will share it as for company development and also distributes as salary among the employees.

Does the image seem right now :P
Posted by Kenneystudios on August 29, 2007
I have this picture in my head that the DT team sits in lovely off-gray cubicles mine. There are people who bring in food on almost a daily basis, and laughs about personal and work-related stories are shared every 5 minutes. :)
Posted by Petarneychev on August 29, 2007
Yup. Totally agree! :D

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Rain Protection

posted on 30th of august, 2007

I recently faced a lot of problems shooting in the rains. A plastic bag doesn't solve the problem as it is the lens that gets wet and if you want to shoot children crossing in the rain or just some rainy scene, its very hard to do that without having some drops right on the camera lens.

To solve this I created a new casing kindof. Which is very easy to make and use. This can be used only for a pro-consumer camera like S3IS , any point and shoot camera or a SLR with at the max 80mm lens not longer than that. There is this plastic bag that normally is used in packing up those T-Shirts which comes in a sales pack. Like 3 rolled T-shirts are put in this plastic bag with a string. The plastic is quite thick. Get a hold of that kind of bag which is enough to accommodate...

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Posted by Trert on August 30, 2007
for the camera i use a small hole bag, for the lens a lenshood :)

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Extended Licenses & Money

posted on 31st of august, 2007

In many agencies, photography forums, magazines I have seen a lot of people argue about the extended licenses available in the microstock industry. The licenses grant the rights to the buyer to modify the image they bought and resell it as their product (images printed on t-shirts,mugs,magazines,etc) through any means of sale.

Many photographers and designers believe that this is a big loss considering the efforts put in making that image against the price they receive for it. The worst part is about someone else earning more than the contributor himself/herself. While some contributors sell their images through these extended licenses, others keep themselves away from such sales to see that they are paid for their efforts properly.

I have some views about this situation. I...

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