Fact Or Fable?

posted on 5th of september, 2007

Do you trust what you see? Do you trust what you read?
In the Internet communities we all have usernames, we all haven't seen each others ever (of course there're some exceptions) and our judgement on each other is based on our observation skills, and it depends on everything that others want to let us know about themselves.
Do you trust it? Do you believe every story people talk about themselves? Every experience they have gone through? Is everything really happened? Are blog entries true life stories or are they colorful tales of productive imagination?
Are we really those persons what we are in real life? Or are we those who we want to be? Facts or fables?

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Posted by Littlemacproductions on September 12, 2007
In this day and age I have become jaded and do not believe everything I read, see or hear. History, fact, science has a bend to it based on the person doing the intrepretation AND to the victors. Having said all of that negative stuff... I do still believe in alot that I read, see and hear. I try not to be all inclusive!
Posted by Tangie on September 07, 2007
If it were by me........you would have had the button. I am afraid I am not in charge of it :).
Rimbaud is wierd anyway, I just like that particular quotation ..:) poetry is not my cup of tea......I am more into prose.....Like honesty a lot.....And I laughed to die at the ressemblance you drew my attention upon
Posted by Icyimage on September 06, 2007
I think and believe that the articles on blogs are real. I speak only the true, and I believe that and others do the same.

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Cultural Differences

posted on 7th of september, 2007

Have you ever wondered, how much your culture may influence the way you understand people of different background? Sometimes when somebody uses too beautiful words, "what a flatterer", can cross our minds, when one don't understand our words we have repeatedly said, we can think: "Is he/she stupid or what?", and sometimes when one sounds too straightforward, we can feel yourself mad and insulted. Was this all intended? Or is there some influences we didn't know to consider?
If you are European (don't know about Americans though), how would you feel when somebody says to you: "You are walking like an elephant!". If you are European, you can feel yourself very insulted and think: "Am I really so clumsy and fat, that you have to say this to me?". But guess how'd you...

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Posted by Thefinalmiracle on September 07, 2007
I am an Indian. Gajagamini has been a character and is about a woman whose walk has the grace of a royal elephant. But still as an Indian also a far person would take it as an offence thinking that the person is refering to him as an elephant considering its size. :)

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Flying Dragon

posted on 10th of september, 2007

Having a coffee (ok, tea) break. There's a text on tea bag: "Flying Dragon". Does it mean I gonna have wings and breathe fire?

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Posted by Icyimage on September 10, 2007
maybe it means that the tea is very "strong"....
Posted by Maigi on September 10, 2007
Posted by Tangie on September 10, 2007
Maybe you will turn into a cute pinkish dragon :).

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How Do We Communicate

posted on 12th of september, 2007

Another interesting video on TED.com: Steven Pinker talks about how the words we use express the workings of our minds.

Steven Pinker: The stuff of thought

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Posted by Icyimage on September 13, 2007
I love that kind of themes. Especially everything that is conected with our human being, how we react and ctr.
Posted by Tangie on September 12, 2007
Well Maigi, wonderful lecture! this is why I love English language.
It is so full of meanings, we always say more than we really utter.
PS. And this is not "I scratch your back, you scratch mine" :)

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:-) Turns 25!

posted on 19th of september, 2007

Well, not me. Smiley face.
Today is 25th anniversary of SMILEY FACE!

Scott Elliot Fahlman is a computer scientist at Carnegie Mellon University, USA. He is credited with originating the first "smiley" or "emoticon," which he thought would help people on a message board at Carnegie Mellon to distinguish serious posts from jokes. He proposed the use of :-) and :-( for this purpose, and the symbols caught on. The original message board post from which these symbols originated was posted on September 19, 1982. It was retrieved in 2002 by a team of computer specialists seeking to validate the claim, which is still disputed.

This was the message:
19-Sep-82 11:44 Scott E Fahlman :-)From: Scott E Fahlman

I propose that the following character sequence...

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Posted by Cwmgary on September 20, 2007
I wonder who invented the wink? ;-)
(Can you even see the semicolon in this type face?)
Posted by Dhavatar on September 19, 2007
Wow, my photos is here. :D
Posted by Maigi on September 19, 2007

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Great Masters: Harold Edgerton

posted on 24th of september, 2007

Every person is a miracle, everyone has its gifts, its quirks. Some leave their mark in the world, some leave it in the hearts of loved ones. Everyone is remembered for a shorter or longer time. Everyone is special. I'd like to highlight some great photographers and artist, I've had a chance to get to know personally or through their work. Here's the one, who have done so much for photography.
Harold Edgerton - The Man Who Made Time Stand Still(1903-1990)
Dr. Harold Edgerton was born in Freemont, Nebraska on April 6, 1903. He was raised in Aurora, Nebraska, then entered the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1926. He was one of the most significant inventors of the 20th century. Among his inventions was the strobe light, a fast-blinking electronic light that seemed to make...

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