A browse function should be nice.

posted on 1st of september, 2007

Hello fellow Dreamstime,
You guys have created a wonderful blogs for us. I was just wondering if we can have a Browse function like the one in our Modify User Profile to add some picture that's not in our or other portfolio, example some photo on how the entire set-up look like to achieve that picture.
This will be useful since a picture tell a thousand words.I'm sure some pro out there are very keen to review their little secret to the new babe's out here.
Do we have one already that I have miss out?

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Where to place it? part1

posted on 3rd of september, 2007

How many of us still remember the very first day you do your own lighting? I do and the only tip i get is light travel straight,that all you need to understand. The very first thing in my mind is Wah! easy for you to say.
Now the fun parts, choosing which kind of light to use. Oh my ... there are so many from soft-box to umbrella and those funny round head with honey comb or what their name is. The silly thing is after holding the light in my hand the time seem to stop because I don't have any idea where to place it ???. I was like a crazy guy putting the light left right high high low up center and everywhere.
The best part is i have no idea what i'm doing.(who's with me here??)

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Posted by Denkyw on September 29, 2007
At first, all I think is what is the right light, umbrella, soft-box or honey comb? But after some times, things change into what light I have, what is the simplest to set or what the assistant have set for me...

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Where to place it? part2

posted on 5th of september, 2007

One very common thing we often do in lighting is we always get carry away by the joy of adding one light after another. WHY, try ask ourself how much spill light was created by the first, second and ..?..?..The worst is all the spill light are reflecting everywhere and sometime back to the camera lens.
So to full use the very first light is important,all the spill light can be reflected back to the subject by reflector, gradually the first light become the key light and those reflector become the second, third and.....
By learning this way it help me better understand the one and only character of light which is, light travel straight.Best of all I learn also where to place my lights because I create my spill light that I want to reflect back in and eventually those are the place for the additional...

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Shadow talks

posted on 6th of september, 2007

We always come to a time where we saw some outstanding picture with very good lighting that we wish we can do it also. It is possible, look carefully at the shadows. Ask yourself with this
Question: 1)Where the shadows drop.
2)How harsh is the shadows.
3)How long is the shadows.
Knowing where the shadows drop we can tell where the key light kick in.We also can figure out what kind of light are use by studying how harsh is the shadows (soft-box,,round head or umbrella . Finally the longer or shorter of the shadows will let us know where the light are places and of cause not to forget the highlight which have the same theory like shadows.
By studying both of this carefully learning lighting are fun.

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Received and enjoying my prize

posted on 11th of september, 2007

I receive my gift from Dreamstime today and the IPod sound very good. Thank you very much, it came at the very precise timing where it help me to cool down after all the bug that happening at DT.
With the super Total sales: 2147483647 in my folio who care .You all can take your time to correct it, i would not mine He.He...
There are some bad experience but the good one always win, guess this is what they said the up and down cycle. I have shot the gift but i just manage to upload it to my portfolio picture only, so feel please to have a look.

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Posted by Ejla on September 15, 2007
Posted by Petarneychev on September 11, 2007
Congrats! :) As a side note - remember that iPod is a copyrighted design and will not be accepted as RF stock. So, just keep it as your portfolio photo only. :)
Posted by Mailthepic on September 11, 2007
Thanks, i wish i know how to upload a bigger size picture into the blogs ,which is not in our or other folio .

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Sharing my exciting experience on my assignment.

posted on 13th of september, 2007

ON my first submission picture of the Toad enjoying the Ipod were rejected because of the image contains elements that might be protected by copyright/trademark (logos, brands, specific buildings etc.).I could't find any logo or trademark on the picture therefore i start to delete every function button leaving just the screen and earpieces.
Hurray it got approve !, but only manage to stay in the assignment for a day before it been spotted again by our admin explaining it's still design recognizable as Ipod.
Apple must have design patterned it. So finally time is running out, look like my Toad have to abandon the Ipod............Feel so sorry.!!!
From this experience not only logo, trademark but when a product or branding are popular. They may have their design pattern too.This mistake should not repeat...

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Miracle of light

posted on 22nd of september, 2007

It all happen on one evening as we were rapping up a photo shots for an agency in our studio. The mighty sun light shine through our aquarium and created this superb spectrum on the wall. Suddenly every one start creating funny shadow images and with no time to loss , a new photo topic is on. Everyone are full of surprise and i particular like this one .
IS good and fun to have a break after a long hard photo shots. Some lighting are so hard to create but our mother nature just did it like that, out of nowhere. Pity it just last about 15 minute but manage to serve you a cup of drinks
Here i like to say is creativity are fun, when every body give a bit here and there it created miracle. No matter how long you have been a photographer or just some new comer, don'...

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The beauty of this Trend

posted on 30th of september, 2007

When stock images started its a heaven to Editor and Art Director. Everything are no further away from the click of a button. On the other hand for commercial photographers like us, its a bit more like nightmare .Drop in business are certainly a Yes.

This Trend are moving, for sure in a very fast and competitive ways. Since competition are healthy and no point to go against it, why not join in. Finally after some research we decided to join Dreamstime. Although Dreamstime are not the biggest but in theme of potential and return its very promising. (result shows)
During this eight month Wow! we did archive somethings, Wining the assignment, having a name in the Popular Photographers, got some picture in the Popular Images and a healthy...

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