New to Dreamstime, need some input....

posted on 5th of september, 2007

Hi everyone. I am just starting out on dreamstime. I have 12 pictures online so far. Many have been viewed, but none have been downloaded. I was wondering if anyone had any tips for me on how to take pictures that will sell well, or any tips on keywords, or any comments on my pictures so far. Here are a few of them.
© Torie508 (Help)
© Torie508 (Help)

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Posted by Tangie on September 06, 2007
If you want to require criticism on your portfolio, please use the thread created and designed especially for criticism requests link.
As already said, it is too early to expect downloads but do not sweat too much, I am positive they will come. Photographers sometimes wait a lot at the beginning. Others are lucky. You have few photos in your portfolio for the time being. When you will have a large portfolio you will see that more photos are usually more chances to sell.....Good photos I mean :P.
For the rest, I would advise you to check what sells as stock photo but try to get a new approach, to create your own style, a personal touch and signature in whatever you do as photography.
For the keywords, I would not advise you to write as many as possible :). Just write the most relevant ones and some of their synonyms. Increasing the no. of keywords will definitely not improve the quality of your image.
So, mix stock-orientation, with creativity,...(More)

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Views versus downloads....

posted on 11th of september, 2007

I am new to dreamstime and I am trying to figure out how to get customers to start downloading my pics. I have noticed that once a picture gets one download, the views start going up and it gets downloaded again by another customer, and so on... So, I was wondering if I downloaded one of my most viewed pics, would it start getting downloaded by other people??? Maybe customers are more likely to download an image if it has already been downloaded before. Just a thought. Let me know your opinions on this idea, please.

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Posted by Astargirl on September 11, 2007
Very good advice.

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Blogging for free credits....

posted on 13th of september, 2007

I am hoping to use my free credits to purchase some good digital backgrounds for my portrait studio. I take family, children, seniors, and pet portraits. Please let me know if anyone has any good backgrounds for me to use. Thanks.

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Posted by Torie508 on September 14, 2007
For anyone who is wondering, you have to purchase the P-EL license (50 credits) to use a downloaded pic as a digital background for portraits. Thanks for all your comments!!!

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Need help with lighting...

posted on 13th of september, 2007

I have a very small studio, about 8x10 ft., and I use halogen shop lights for my lighting. I have 2 of the double lights with tripods and 2 single lights that sit on the floor. It seems that I do not have enough lighting still to take a good picture. Does anyone have any ideas on how to set these up to get enough light, and so that the lighting is not harsh or extremely bright on the subject? Right now I am bouncing one of the double lights off the ceiling and I have the other shining through a diffuser screen to try to create soft lighting, and using the other lights as background lighting. Am I diffusing the light too much? Please help me!!!

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Posted by Mailthepic on September 13, 2007
firstly can i know what is your subject, is it a product or talent and how big is the item. The 8x10 ft area is a bit small but should be fine for small to medium size subject . One more thing is the four wall painted in white? Light travel straight sometime when come to diffusing light with tracing paper or diffuser it is the distant where you place it. The closer it to the subject the stronger it be and away more soft.
You can still place it half half, mean half light pass through the diffuser and half direct to subject. It all depend on where to place your light and diffuser. Black card also very useful, you can mask certain area that you want the light lower. Again closer the card to the subject, you create a more harsh shadow that drop on the subject and away softer.
The things you should remember are DISTANT of your light, diffuser,black card and reflector from the subject make a lots of difference. Have fun.

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Changing color to sell more pics...

posted on 19th of september, 2007

I took a picture of the mini blinds hanging in my office the other day. They were a very plain ivory color and it didn't really look like a picture that would sell. So, I went into photoshop and changed the color of them several times. The blue one has sold 2 copies so far. I figure maybe someone might like the picture, but want a color besides blue, so I uploaded two more colors. Hopefully, they will sell too. So, there is an idea for all you photographers out there. If you have a really good abstract picture or background picture that is just not selling, try a few different colors. It worked for me!

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Posted by Torie508 on September 19, 2007
Thanks so much Tonygers and Hobbyink for the comments!

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Changing color to sell pics 2....

posted on 19th of september, 2007

Here is another example of how I used photoshop to change the color of a picture to make it more interesting.

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Changing color to sell pics 3...

posted on 19th of september, 2007

You can also change a picture from color to a black and white image, or even sepia color. This often makes some pictures more dramatic, than the color versions, and might be more sellable.

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A Helping Hand for Tonygers....

posted on 19th of september, 2007

I think tonygers is an excellent photographer! I bought one of his pictures tonight. I would like to share it, and two of my other favorites with you...
This is the one I bought. I like it because it has so many uses. It could be used as a background for Easter cards, or a backdrop for portraits, etc...

I also like these two pictures very much!

Thank you for helping me out, tonygers. I hope we can all help each other in our times of need.

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Posted by Gadgetat on October 20, 2007
All three are fantastic.....probably why I favorited him the other week! Super stuff Tonygers!
Posted by Kenneystudios on September 20, 2007
Ooh! Even better!!
Posted by Kenneystudios on September 19, 2007
I like the view of the sea through the arch. It is very well framed, and draws the viewer into a bliss of relaxation. I also like how you can see a flying seagull to the left of the arch.

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