Top Travel Photo Spots-Part II

posted on 3rd of january, 2008

If we use the Top Travel Photo Ops destinations in Part I as examples of typical travel destinations, you can learn some specifics about what travel photos will sell. The first step, starting weeks or more in advance, is to do research. What are the best seasons to visit for weather and events? Possible to connect with any one there to help find a good guide or translator/driver if the situation requires? If you want your images to stand out, you are going to have to forgo shooting the backs of heads. The most desired images have released people, both tourists and residents, engaged with the camera. Refer back to this earlier blog for some good references.

A local person can help you the...

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Posted by Ellenboughn on February 25, 2008
All the tips on travel were really helpful I think it really helped get some great images from my recent trip to Cuba. Im now going to pretend Im a tourist in my home country and see what I can find to use as travel photography from here.

Sometimes we forget that our hometown is often a tourist destination for others. So you have a great idea. Be a tourist in your own town. After all you know the best places to go and things to do.
Posted by Lensara on February 24, 2008
All the tips on travel were really helpful I think it really helped get some great images from my recent trip to Cuba. Im now going to pretend Im a tourist in my home country and see what I can find to use as travel photography from here.
Posted by Sophiesourit on January 29, 2008
I truly like travel pictures. They provide a kind of immobile travel, when travelling is not possible.
Thanks for the tips

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Key Lessons-Travel Photos III

posted on 9th of january, 2008

This is the final article in the series on Top Travel Spots. (Don’t neglect the list of Do’s and Don’ts at the end of this blog). When your location includes great diving spots like the warm waters of the Bay Islands of Honduras, consider shooting underwater. Shooting underwater takes more than having an underwater casing for your camera. Like with any photo, light is the biggest challenge. Colors disappear very quickly as you descend. Red goes first at about 15 feet. Orange is next at between 25-30 feet and yellow at 45 to 60 and so on. The horizontal distances also detract from the colors that your camera will record. It’s easy to see why so many underwater images are dull against a black background.

If you are serious about capturing the underwater...

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Posted by Fallsview on February 29, 2008
This is a truly great article. Since I like travel photos a lot, I found that rule 2, 3 & 8 are most useful for me, thank a lot!
Posted by Dreef on January 18, 2008
Great article
Posted by Ellenboughn on January 11, 2008
Yep for some reason CNN has removed the link to the Best Budget travel article from Cheap Tickets. I found the source article here that will give you a PDF to download.

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Girls Just Want to Have Fun

posted on 16th of january, 2008

Hotels in major business centers and cities empty out on weekends as do resorts in slow seasons. As a result many promote packages geared to special groups/interests in order to fill empty rooms. One of the fastest growing hotel and tour packages is for women only. Men have always had hunting, fishing or camping trips but us girls have had to settle for weekends alone if we couldn’t or wouldn’t tag along on treks with the goal of killing a large mammal.

We began noticing an increase in requests for images of women only weekends in the industry about three or four years ago. Dreamstime has a couple of good productions but not much variety. Images of women having fun also work for many other uses as well: for restaurants, hotels, car rental companies and,...

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Posted by Torchdesigns on January 21, 2008
This article is so true. Me and my girlfriends love to do days and weekends out. I think having great photos that show women having a blast together would be coveted by advertisers and media producers. Thanks for the article, and have a great day!

Sarah L.

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Modern Medicine

posted on 23rd of january, 2008

Biotech companies generate ever-promising new drugs and treatments while politicians in the US argue over the cost of health care. What to shoot to get your images used in the enormous world of health care education, promotion and advertising? Why should you care? Each year the health care industry spends billions of dollars on adverts for over the counter and direct to consumer ads for services and drugs. Related businesses such as health insurance companies, physical therapists, large health care complexes, labs, cosmetic surgeons and dental offices contribute to the spends for promotion, marketing and education to medical professionals and the patients they serve.

Those who can get access to photograph medical uses of current technology will have...

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Posted by Ginsengcoreano on July 22, 2016
Thanks, great advice!!!
Posted by Ginesvalera on February 02, 2008
Thanks for the article. Very useful information
Posted by Ellenboughn on January 24, 2008
Amyemilia: If you can photograph the pharmacist behind the counter from the point of view of a customer that would be great as well as just a portrait with the pharmacy shelves in background.

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Update Business Images

posted on 29th of january, 2008

It’s a fact business images that work seldom ******** from the predictable: business teams, meetings, handshakes, office collaboration and portraits. Within these scenarios you should always try to move ahead by updating wardrobe and props as your images evolve.

The button-down era isn't over but nor does it dominate business dress as in the past. Dress codes in the high tech business are pretty much out the window. Younger workers prefer to dress more in business casual than in uptight suits. Your images should reflect these trends. Think of Steve Jobs in his black jersey and jacket…and he isn’t even all that young!

The ever present briefcase has also become a dinosaur for many. Who carries a laptop in...

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Posted by Platinumdesign on February 06, 2008
Really useful info and tips... so much gets overlooked that really can make a difference to an image.
Posted by Sophiesourit on February 02, 2008
great tips...
let's try to use them well
Posted by Agathabrown on January 31, 2008
great article as always. i havent graduated to "people shots" yet so its nice to see i can take some in demand business images without people being the main focus.

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