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posted on 6th of january, 2008

© Taragolden (Help)
I feel a little like this seagull, looking at the waves, and thinking about the best way to jump in.. I was told about this site by another photographer right before x-mas and ive been adding photos since this, though many are still in line to be approved.its been a learning curve for me to learn about whats wanted ( seems like sedona scenics, abstract blurs and scottish animals) and whats not( my cat gracie and arty type images)..
I also have a good time playing with the artistic filters in photoshop.. personally i just love how some images look with watercolor, drybrush or palette knife filters, and im still waiting to see what the verdict is from DT editors but im starting to suspect that those images arent considered "stock"..

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pics from our 1100 mile peace walk across scotland and england

posted on 7th of january, 2008

i'm a documentary filmmaker in post production on a film we shot in the United Kingdom called Peace Walker. It was shot over the course of a real 1100 mile walk from the north of Scotland( a very small place called John Ogroats) to Land's End England, on the Cornwall coast. It was an adventure, to say the least, and we have been getting a lot of attention with our videos prior to release on the internet, with over 2 million views on You Tube. One video, mostly shot in the north of Scotland, called Why Walk 1000 Miles and talks about Peace Pilgrim, the inspiration behind the film.It was voted one of the ten most inspirational videos of 2006. Why I am tell you all this?
For one, i want to introduce myself and two, im hoping that some of the people who have been following...

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gimme some money!

posted on 11th of january, 2008

well, hey, i dont consider myself too money oriented, but ill confess i came on dreamstime with the hope/dream of making some extra cash to pay the bills. being a filmmaker is a little like being an actor.. most of us have other jobs, and i thought stock photography might be perfect.
but clearly a lot of you guys are professionals and i sense i may be a little out of my league..the more i spend time on here, the more i continue to see really fantastic work. i dont give up too easy though and ill still keep plugging away, though i feel a tiny bit guilty about sending in possibly substandard pics..
a question for you readers.. what type of photos are most likely to be purchased out right? any thoughts on that?

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Otherworldly, Drop Dead Gorgeous Sedona, Arizona

posted on 15th of january, 2008

I'm fortunate enough to live in one of the most beautiful places on earth, Sedona, Arizona. It has some of the oldest exposed rock on the planet, over 360 million years old. The lowest layers, that you walk on, are only slightly younger than the bottom of the Grand Canyon.
The Native Americans who were first here considered this to be sacred land and only came here for ceremonies and lived in the surrounding regions.. even today many people come here on spiritual quest.. the rocks have many colorful names © Taragolden (Help) you can see Coffeepot here, but it was also called Chickenhead by the early pioneers.
One of the best things about living here is that i go hiking every day. This trail is about a 1/2 mile from my home and i enjoy it every day.
© Taragolden (Help) ...

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Posted by Taragolden on January 17, 2008
[imgl]http://www.4008089[/imgl]here are a couple more taken at the stupa here in sedona, a beautiful place where evryone is welcome.[imgl]http://www.4008239[/imgl]

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the learning curve continues...

posted on 19th of january, 2008

im still finding my way through the rejections and acceptances and by looking through everyone elses great work.. i feel kind of silly to be excited over a 60 cent sale but it is my first one.. i was wondering what had taken so long.. so i feel a little better and im hoping that more will come soon.
i shot this barbeque pig the other night and had to clean it up a lot in PS, which im also learning..but , hey its the ONLY barbeque pig neon sign on the site i could find, so im a little proud of that.
also im been experimenting with removing and replacing backgrounds( photoshop COULD be dangerous in the wrong hands) and you can see what ive done with my new icon and profile pic..

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going galapagos-5 of your DT images used in new You Tube video

posted on 30th of january, 2008

Thanks Rebeccapicard
for the use of your photos in my new video Going Galapagos, about the new documentary we are going to start shooting next week in the islands.
now on the designing side with DT for the first time i'm happy to report no bugs, easy quick downloads and very high quality pics.plus. the blog system works because i had saved enough credits to download them. I could have used even more. sorry, i didnt key frame.. they would have shown a lot better but thats my editors job and he's away.. i had to do the video as best i could. hope you enjoy link on video connects people to this blog and the photographers...

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