Could not complete your request because reading differential JPEG files is not implemented

posted on 6th of november, 2008

Dear DT users, Hope this information is useful, well today i was designing a magazine, while opening one of the image downloaded from dreamstime gave me this message alert
'' Could not complete your request because reading differential JPEG files is not implemented'' wow i was wondering whatz this, as I encountered this for the first time. googled for answer found these two sites non were useful either.

Adobe Forum this site refused to open when I mostly wanted to check it.

This site gave me an idea why this happened.
Web Development Community

Well no time to contact the client who gave the image as i was on deadline. so here is what I did....

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Posted by Simahuanghe on December 01, 2014
me too
Posted by Nelieta on June 06, 2014
So glad I saw this because I had the same problem. Opened it in Paint, resaved and then opened it in PS.
Posted by Cmeyers13 on May 10, 2012
P.S. These files can be opened in Mac Preview, resaved and opened in Photoshop. No PC needed.

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Showcase My Works with your pictures

posted on 9th of november, 2008

Hi mate,
Here is few of my latest work and photographs, I have designed two magazines recently and placed some of my illustration work and photographs, Hope you people like it. Leave a comment if you liked my work, I guess i have also downloaded few images from DT.

Travel Arabia October Issue

This the travel related magazine,

Here is my pet magazine Car Xpress, I spend lots of time to retouch the images and make this a real treat.

Car Xpress November Issue
Few iamges from this both magazine is already uploaded to...

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Posted by Creativei on March 19, 2009
Hey, Altaf, you have a wonderful job and great designing skills. Those mags are beautiful! Good luck with your new projects!

Thanks Maigi, Its nice to get such compliments, wish you the same.
Posted by Maigi on March 19, 2009
Hey, Altaf, you have a wonderful job and great designing skills. Those mags are beautiful! Good luck with your new projects!
Posted by Creativei on March 19, 2009
Thanks everyone for your inputs.

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Camera Buying Tips, Very useful

posted on 12th of november, 2008

Guys if anyone planing to buy new camera, here is a site which explains how to choose, Click the below link and explore the site, very useful site even if you own a camera already. Checkout the SLR Senor cleaning tip and lens changing tips.

Must Read Before buy a new camera

© Pakhnyushchyy (Help)

Leave comment as which is your fav camera.

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Posted by Creativei on November 12, 2008
Yeah Littledesire, its really worth reading, loaded with informations.

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Feature Request, Buy instantly through paypal

posted on 17th of november, 2008

A big hello to all the DT friends, and another very big one for the site admin and site feature specialist. I have one request, I don’t know if its an valid request or no: (Would like feedback from DT Users), Wouldn’t it be better if people can buy images and vectors without being a member of the site, I mean to say, anybody who visit the site can buy an image directly without buying credits, they click, its goes to any other payment options then using pre purchased credits. Why I'm suggesting is that, recently during my latest work as freelancer I suggested my clients to look for photos in DT and buy them, they were hesitant, no we don’t want to buy credit and buy image. What happens to my credit if I don’t ever require another image? was their reaction. Is there anyway a client can buy just...

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Posted by Tangie on November 20, 2008
There is such feature on the site. You can add the images in a lightbox and there is the option for Buy and Download. There is a minimum amount of $10 or actually 10 credits required but they can download the images they want without having to purchase a credit package and be left with unused credits.

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Crop Factor, can ruin sales.

posted on 20th of november, 2008

Hi, I would like to share something with DT which I guess will be very useful for everyone on DT, I don't know if this subject is already covered, if yes, sorry for my ignorance, but anyways I'm continuing to write this at least newbies might get benefited.

Well recently I was doing a freelance project for two of client and we are searching images in DT, my client liked so many images here on DT, but was it his bad luck or the contributors bad luck, the client and his creative manager rejected 80 images out of 100 selected in the light box. The reason the image is excellent, but BAD CROPPING, even I dint notice it while creating the light box. The client wanted around 40 portrait image and he settled down for just 5 out of the selected 20. Its huge loss for the DT Community. So i suggest contributors...

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Posted by Countedsorrow2 on January 29, 2011
Hi, I usually put things like that in the image description.
ie Uncropped image available, or image availble also in xyz format.

Good point.
Posted by Mpimageart on December 26, 2008
thanks for sharing this information with us :)
Posted by Creativei on December 20, 2008
Well I almost forgot about this blog so do DT users, was suprised to see this pop up on the homepage of DT blog under HOT TOPIC

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Photoshop Tool

posted on 25th of november, 2008

Hello Mates,
Well I have read so many blogs out here and most of them are very very useful, and I love reading them all, I have noticed most of the blogs are related to photography, sales, and tips.
This blog just came into my mind when I was working on a project using photoshop. I guess 80 percent of the users here in DT use photoshop, some are experts and some are newbie. Well I have a question for all photoshop users, hey hold its not a tough one, just a simple one, might be the answers given here could very useful to other photoshop users, not may be I’m sure your answers will be a new learning opportunities for other users. This blog is the series of blogs and its photoshop part 1, so lets start
Q. What is your favorite tool in Photoshop? (No matter which version)
Rules to follow: Please...

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Posted by Pvvaidya57 on November 26, 2008
I love pen tool with rubber band option to select image for cutting.
afterwards I can use same image with different backgrounds.
Posted by Martinedegraaf on November 26, 2008
I think it must be simply levels... so powerful and with instant dramatical effect :o)
Posted by Creativei on November 25, 2008
Clone tool is gaining popularity in this blog, so for all the guys who needs more info here are quick few links to learn more about clone tool. Have a look

An video from About dotcom

Link from IIT Bloum

From Grafx

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Browser problem in Mac, Helvetica Fractions

posted on 27th of november, 2008

Since many days I had this issue with my Mac G5 Desktop, when I view few sites or yahoo messenger I wasn't able to read anything as it appeared like alien characters. Screenshot Here but in my macbook pro this problem wasn't there and not even in my pc.

Now I found a solution through another great site thought I will share this with you guys, credit goes to individual contributor of that particular site, especially user acescence

QBN Solution This is a great site for designers can learn many things from this site.

I found solution at Apple also Apple Solution

May be someone else in DT is having this issue, I hope you get an...

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My image in this month’s assignment.

posted on 27th of november, 2008

There were loads of complaint and discussion when the assignment was announced. First it was for late second people thought they don’t have a dreamstime t-shirt to compete, third people were confused forth some people were angry saying dreamstime is promoting their new online shop. Well it seems a nice topic for me, and I have loads of stuff ready for this competition, and I just uploaded this image and got approved.
As I’m launching my second eshop store exclusively for t-shirts this assignment was a good thing for me and I had few t-shirts designed and uploaded two from that collection to test, one got approved and other I don’t know yet as its still in queue. Now I'm tempted to upload all my t-shirt designs to dt, but I guess too much is too bad, and moreover my t-shirt design will look out...

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Posted by Littlemacproductions on November 30, 2008
Well you know I like it!
Posted by Creativei on November 28, 2008
Thanks Lingong
Posted by Linqong on November 28, 2008
Very good design! !!!!!!!!

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Terror Stuck My Country

posted on 29th of november, 2008

Dear DT community its been a sad day for all Indians since 26th Nov 08. Our dear city Mumbai was hit my terror, some 40 terrorist stormed into well known five star property and targeted tourists and killed 200 people and injured around 300 people. And also killed our three most powerful & elite Police officers.

I don't want to riot this site as I'm aware that this is not the place to blog personal things I just want you guys to know how painful it was for us for three days. I'm just highlight how this 40 bloody terrorist terrorized every Indian for almost 60 hours. I hope and pray this doesn't happen in any other country and doesn't repeat again in my homeland India.

I salute all the people who scarified their life to save us.

[link=http://www.ndtv.com/convergence/ndtv/default.aspx]FULL STORY...

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Posted by Papepi on December 08, 2008
Surely this world is a two-speed, course, the march is more devastating, but the fertile and healthy is stronger! A hug
Posted by Helioshelen on December 02, 2008
I love India and have been so many times in mumbai. I am really sorry to see those images on television ...
Posted by Creativei on December 01, 2008
Thanks Noonie, Wll you have a great portfolio hence I added you as my fav, Well in some way you are right, and in some way you might be wrong, we need to speak even if its a terror strike or a storm. Anyways thanks for those lines.

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