I'm new :)

posted on 13th of november, 2008

I'm new here. And since I'm more an illustrator than a protographer, I'm glad DT is accepting illustrations. I've got only 14 images uploaded yet but I will continue. I like being here.
Before today I've been only reading the blogs of others and didn't think of making my own mainly because English is not my native language and I find it rather difficult to express my thoughts in it.
But I'll try to do my best and will learn.
I'm Russian, so some of my images reflect my country's life. But as for the illustrations, they usually reflect my dreams and memories.

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Posted by Applee on November 29, 2008
Hi Mildegard,

Welcome to DT!
do a good portfolio and sart writing blogs
we all are waiting for ur great works yaaaaaaaaaar

Best of wishes,
Posted by Cleaper on November 14, 2008
Welcome - I wish you many sales for the future! Good luck!
Posted by Sleiselei on November 14, 2008
Good works! welcome to DT! wish you have a good sales.

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Loving heart

posted on 14th of november, 2008

My husband is fond of everything Irish. Their music, their customs, their land and history... etc. He dreams to visit this country one day.
It was February, a time close to St.Valentine's day when I decided to make an unusual gift to my beloved. All those coloured heart shapes seemed so boring to me, I was close to give up looking for smth new. Then I got an insight! Joining celtic knot and a heart shape gave me a wonderful combination!
My husband was 1000km away that time, so I sent my gift by e-mail. He was happy. 'I'm so sorry I'm not an artist myself, I can speak about my love in words only' he said.

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Posted by Zhangyang13576997233 on November 17, 2008
I am in China
English is not my mother tongue
So what to read English very hard
You can only wish the best of luck

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New life for the old photo

posted on 18th of november, 2008

I love old photos from our family archive. Most of them are black and white, and don't pretend to be of high quality. But they've a soul of some sort. And sometimes - interesting ideas.
unfortunately, they were done with primitive camera and developed and home then. They're not professional and have special meanings only to my family and me.
But I thought of the ideas... And tried to give old photos a new life - as illustrations.
This one was a photo in it's 'previous life'. The woman is my mother, the short-haired kid is me. I'm about 5 years old there. We're waiting for a ship to take us to the recreation centre.
And this is an alley near my home. I always liked the contrast: metal and concrete constructions on one side of the road and birch trees - on the...

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Posted by Justmeyo on November 18, 2008
Yes very nice idea,congratulations they are very good,wish u luck
Posted by Bradcalkins on November 18, 2008
Very cool idea and technique!
Posted by Teekaygee on November 18, 2008
A great idea, and very nice work.

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Today's cold

posted on 24th of november, 2008

I think I've caught a cold. I feel really sick today, so I'm not going to work at the lab and will rather stay at home to recover faster.
Now I think of making a cup of hot chocolate for myself and draw some new illustrations instead of just loosing time. We've to take best of any situation, haven't we?

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Posted by Keki on November 24, 2008
get well soon!!

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My first sale ever

posted on 24th of november, 2008

I've never earned money from my pictures before, neither on Dreamstime, nor anywhere else. And there's my first sale ever:

I'm happy :)

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Posted by Creativei on November 24, 2008
Hi mate this is just the beginning, let me know how much you earned after one yer from today.
Posted by Lftan on November 24, 2008
Congratulations :)
Posted by Cleaper on November 24, 2008
Congratulations and good luck for future sales. Nice illustration!

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What is New Year holiday to you?

posted on 26th of november, 2008

The story of this picture is long but ill try to be brief :)
December 31 is New Year holiday, and January 1 is my Birthday. Not a long time ago I disliked them both. They were saddest days in all year to me. I don't like parties, so I used to spend these holidays sleeping or reading books about something fantastic and wonderful not to see how boring my life is.
But when the year 2008 came, everything changed. One young man (he's my beloved husband now) made both New Year and my Birthday special. He came from another city to be with me at December 31 holiday, and in January 1 in early morning he took me to the ice rink where (when everyone went home besides us) he said he loves me and wants to marry me.
I didn't even hope we could be together. He's much younger than me, he lived...

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Posted by Zhangyang13576997233 on November 26, 2008
Bless my friend

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Being first model to yourself

posted on 27th of november, 2008

I was not sure about experimenting with Model Releases. What if I'll fill them not right... and all that... So I decided to begin experimenting from becoming a model myself.
This is my first model photo approved. It's me at my wedding day - April 18, 2008.
We had a humble ceremony, only 7 guests, but were very happy nonetheless.

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Posted by Littledesire on November 27, 2008
Congrats for your wedding! I thought you were kid :)
Posted by Bradcalkins on November 27, 2008
Congrats on the wedding! - and the model release :)

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Using friend's imagination

posted on 29th of november, 2008

Many people in the world have imagination so bright that it's a pity they're not artists. Pictures born in their mind sure could have been amazing when drawn. So, sometimes, when Muse of yours has a long vacation, why not using their ideas?
"I want a picture of Mystirius" - "Who's that?" - "He's a mage. I see him like that: a man sits in a ruined tavern, his elbow on the table, face and hands are not seen, he has a hood. And - the staff - this is important that he has an outstanding mage staff" - "What would it be?" - "Hmmm... I suppose it should be a dragon... Yes! A dragon biting phoenix before it has a rebirth. Really evil staff it must be"
Such a dialog we had with a friend over a year ago. He wanted to see this fantasy of his mind drawn in black&white tone. And was really happy...

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Posted by Tipareth on November 29, 2008
Wow, beautiful! Is this a photo or a scan after the drawing? Or digital drawing? I can figure it out. :-)

Anyway looks wonderful!

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