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posted on 3rd of december, 2008

To all you newbies out there, or those of you wondering if you will ever reach your first payout, hang in there. I first started uploading to Dreamstime in September of 2007. So, you looked at my profile and said to yourself, "Hmmmm, she only has 90 uploads in over a year." You are absolutely correct. So, let me be the first to say that I am not the perfect model for doing it the right way. But I have learned a lot, and I continue to learn every day.

Everyone that has been successful will tell you that you have to upload, upload, upload, and then upload more! That is one thing that I have not been strong in doing. I contribute that to the fact that I was insecure as to what I should upload. I rationalized everything and spent way too much time trying to decide whether an image would or would not be accepted. Yes, you do need to do some of that, but you can over think yourself into doing absolutely nothing.

Patience is a key ingredient with success here because there is a lot to learn, especially when you are new to this industry. At least from the business perspective. It takes time and perseverance. You need to learn how to: select your best images; title, caption, and keyword effectively so that your work will be found; network so that you get exposure for your portfolio; and understand what is selling in a particular market and how to meet those needs. You need to not only understand all of these things, but to put them into action.

The purpose of this blog is simply to say that even if you have a slow start, sometimes you can reach your goals despite yourself. It has taken me over a year, but I finally have a level 3 and several level 2 images. My level 3 image (below) has pushed me to within $.78 of my first payout. I know to some that seems like a drop in the bucket, and it is. But I'm ecstatic! To all of you who felt the image worthy of download, thank you from the bottom of my heart. It has definitely been an incentive to me to make my first New Year's Resolution for 2009, and I am going to start it early. My resolution is to: "Get the spigot off slow drip, and turn it wide open." My challenge to all of you who are also on "slow drip" is to turn up the flow and let that bucket overflow.

Never give up! May you all send the year 2008 out with a bang!

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Posted by Eclecticelegance on December 08, 2008
Thank you very much for your good advice - I am a very amateur photographer - but I love doing it and I love the feeling of meeting the challenge and having images accepted!

I have not had any downloads yet, but I keep hoping! Many images I have submitted have been refused due to poor optical performance. But I learn much from the refusals! :)
Posted by Rolmat on December 08, 2008
Wonderful article, Carolyn.
Congratulations. :-)
Posted by Sgcallaway1994 on December 06, 2008
Thanks for the encouraging advice. I am extremely frustrated by my lack of sales. I am taking your advice, though, and I keep uploading. I have a goal of at least two images per day. However, its so discouraging when each time you log in to Dreamstime you still have the same amount of sales as the last.... sigh.
Posted by Irisangel on December 03, 2008
Great advice, When you get that first payout, I hope you have a great celebration!
Posted by Lifesazoo on December 03, 2008
Excellent advice :) good luck on getting your first payout really soon. It pays to be patient and not give up.
Posted by Rebeccaosborn on December 03, 2008
Nice blog!! Thank!!!
Posted by Sukro on December 03, 2008
Congratulations!!! Keep up the great work
Posted by Sukro on December 03, 2008
Congratulations!!! Keep up the great work
Posted by Digitalreflections on December 03, 2008
very good advice. I hope your first payout comes very soon.
Posted by Dcwcreations on December 03, 2008
I have read many of your blogs and can tell you that you have done it with class. Every body reaches goals at a different level. And your accomplishments are to be admired just as well as someone who has had 1000 images in a month. So congratulations and a well done.

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