Canon EOS D50, what you think of this camera

posted on 1st of december, 2008

I have been waiting since too long to change my two old cameras the good old Canon Power Shot and Sony Cyber Shot. I have just placed an order from an online store for Canon D50. I was juggling and confused between Nikon D300, Nikon D90, Canon EOS D40 and Canon EOS D50. I wasn’t sure which one to choose from all this versions, did lots of research on the net and finally without consulting anyone I just went for Canon EOS D50. I didn’t inform any of my friends or family, just waiting for the delivery. Now I don’t know if I made a wise choice choosing Canon EOS D50 only time will tell, mean time I would like get some inputs from you guys. Was this a right choice or did I missed a great camera in Nikon D300, will wait for the inputs.


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Posted by Pixelbux on December 02, 2008
I have the 50D and i must say that i´m very pleased with it. It´s greatest advantage in my opinion is it´s great speed. Fast in every aspect. On the downside the performance at high iso settings could be better. All in all it´s a great camera.
Posted by Creativei on December 02, 2008
Thanks Aughty & Dcwcreations, so it idcates that Canon was best choice, im waiting for more inputs from DT Community

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My first encounter with sports photography

posted on 7th of december, 2008

Well I’m very thrilled today as I was assigned to shoot for a sports event. I was at this great boating event, The Eighth Class 1 World Power Boating Championship event held in Dubai. I was rubbing shoulders with great sports photographers with their huge equipments. I was a rookie, as this is my first ever assignment on sports. Dreamstime has helped me a lot for what I'm today and thank DT for helping to achieve this feat. It was a really difficult to capture those fast boats but after few minutes I was going well, I have shooting continuously for one hour and the results are great. I might upload few images in DT or atleast upload in my personal website so DT community can view and comment. At the moment I'm still doing some touch up and needs to submit to my client once done surely I will update...

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My First Editorial Images

posted on 16th of december, 2008

Hi, first time ever I submitted images for editorial section, well after last week’s encounter with sports photography, this Saturday I clicked few images for my personal use and for DT. I’m happy as well sad, out 7 images uploaded for editorial section 3 got approved, I'm not complaining, but just felt bad has I had spent some time select those images and they were quite good. Now I'm confident to upload editorial images. I'm about to celebrate my one year anniversary in DT as contributor. Watch out my next blog about my one year in DT.
So here are few images in editorial section which got selected and others are new image on my portfolio.


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Comments (4)

Posted by Papepi on December 17, 2008
Best wishes for your anniversary in DT! compliments .. Dubai beautiful ..
Posted by Creativei on December 16, 2008
Thanks Lingong & Dcwcreations. yeah right I opened new door in DT.
Posted by Dcwcreations on December 16, 2008
great shots, congratulations on opening yet another door.

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How many times you log into DT in a DAY?

posted on 17th of december, 2008

Funny but nice

Well one quick question, in a day how many times you log in to DT, and what you usually do?

Well I log on to dreamstime every hour, as i'm in front of the computer for most of my day designing magazines, and back home working as freelance web designer, i log on to DT for more than 25 times a day, first I check my sales, then the blog, finally when I have spare time re keyword my old images.

So mates just let us know how many times you log in???

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Posted by Creativei on January 13, 2009
Thanks Brad & Marilyn and all others for the input.
Posted by Marilyngould on January 09, 2009
Hey, DT is up as long as I am in front of the computer -- many days that is more time than I would like to admit! Cheers!
Posted by Creativei on January 05, 2009
Well its nice to know how people use DT, for some its addiction ( i agree with this) and for some its part of the daily routine. Whatever it is DT rocks, I love the Blog section and Forum section most.

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Another Quick Question & Suggestion

posted on 21st of december, 2008

I was just wondering how many DT contributors really think from the point of Designer, Do you guys think what a designer is looking for??

Well I have a suggestion to all DT users, as I'm a designer and our company do download many images from DT and other stock sites, why don't you guys create a clipping path for the images you upload, it will really help designers. i have found very few images on micro stock site where there are clipping paths, well if you guys are included clipping path on images, do leave a line in the description section of the image or include a key word clipping path. We guys are really looking to maximize the time we spend on images, most of the time we fortify good images as we get an distant alternative with paths included. So my suggestion is include path wherever necessary....

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Posted by Creativei on January 29, 2009
As we say clipped will be a perfect keyword, hope to use this keyword to search images in future.
Posted by Fleyeing on January 28, 2009
A repeat from the forum:

It makes sense. But what is the keyword/description convention?
For my isolated shots, I put isolated over white in the description, and isolated and overwhite in the keywords. What type of description/keyword(s) would you like for clipping paths? We can stick to that convention, but it would be much better if DT added an extra category for isolated.

You are right, contributors don't listen enough to buyers. Here's another question.

I'm always doing my isolations so they can be extracted with a magic wand, tolerance 0, no anti-alias, not contiguous. The highlights (in eyes for instance) I change by #254,254,254. In JPG, that gets lost, and I always advocated TIF or 3x16bit PNG on DT as an "additional format", but in vain. The RAW really isn't a solution for the designer since he will have to redo the cleaning up, the levels and the cloning.

So clipping paths are what you guys want. No sweat about that. But in that case you should push DT to include an...(More)

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One year with Dreamstime, Thank you DT & Thank you Buyers

posted on 21st of december, 2008

One year in DT as contributor

I have been here for almost a year now, with my first image uploaded on 27th Dec 07, and my first image was accepted on 8th Jan 08. Which began as a fun two years ago on a different web site where I had more than 200 images but I was giving out images for free, I was like who wants to sell these images. But I read somewhere why do we need to give away when we are spending time and effort, and that article said every little thing comes with a price, then I knocked on the DT doors, also few other sites, but I had to fortify those sites for DT as I wanted to concentrate on one site. So DT was an obvious choice.

Well after being here for one year I have just managed over a 100 images, well this really below the par considering many contributors. But I was really choosy...

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Posted by Creativei on December 22, 2008
Thanks Maigi & Irisangel, and yeah Happy new year to you as well.
Posted by Irisangel on December 22, 2008
Good luck on acheiving the goals you have set. I really like your illustrations. Happy New Year!
Posted by Maigi on December 21, 2008
Great achievements, great goals. Good luck! :)

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Hooray, 100 Images Online

posted on 24th of december, 2008

I'm glad, I reached my 100 images milestone today, great way to end one year in DT. Its a great feeling to reach 3 figures. Thanks DT

100th image

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Posted by Antonio1 on December 25, 2008
All regard how are you? With Approaching holiday!
Posted by Alfonsodetomas on December 25, 2008
Posted by Creativei on December 24, 2008
Thanks for all the comments, and wishes, this is the real motivation factor in DT, here people care

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Fastest Downloaded Image

posted on 31st of december, 2008

Was really surprised to see a fastest downloaded image from my portfolio, This image was online on 24-12 and just 5 views and 1 Download. Thank you buyer.

This is latest image in my profile and one which was downloaded very fast, hope this will break all the records in my portfolio.

Well guess everyone is the party mood, and i guess some part of the world it is already New year, I'm just waiting for the clock to tick 0000, anyways Wishing everyone here in DT a Happy & Healthy New Year, Hope the coming year is peaceful all round with no more bloodshed. Ameen

Comments (7)

Posted by Linqong on January 01, 2009
Congratulations!You are so lucky!
Happy new year!
Posted by Creativei on January 01, 2009
Thanks Rebecca & Fulton
Posted by Fultonsphoto on January 01, 2009
Congratulations, your portfolio is good and sales are there, best of luck in 2009.

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