Fairy seven

posted on 2nd of december, 2008

Making of my own set of characters was the idea that led me to creating my fairy seven.
I saw lots of illustrators there that have remarkable characters drawn in different situations and poses.
And I thought this to be good for both buyer (who may need a set of pictures of the same style) and seller (who may sell a whole set instead of one picture)
Finally, the last sun fairy was uploaded today. Now I'll have to wait for their vector variants to be approved and then see what happens.
If such approach to illustrations making proves to be successful, I'll make it a rule to always draw a set of characters instead of one.

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Posted by Mildegard on December 08, 2008
Thank you :)
Posted by Zhangyang13576997233 on December 08, 2008
I am not English Hendong

But still support you
Posted by Irisangel on December 02, 2008
Very interesting and unique style. Lots of luck with them!

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First photo sold

posted on 4th of december, 2008

Well, I'm not much of a photographer. Most of my images are illustrations, handdrawn or vector, so I was a bit surprised when I saw this morning that somebody bought one of my few photos. A good day beginning! :)

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Posted by Cmarshall717 on December 04, 2008
What a motivator it is when the most unexpected things like this happen. Congratulations.
Posted by Py2000 on December 04, 2008
Posted by Lftan on December 04, 2008
Congratulations :)

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Global warming?

posted on 6th of december, 2008

Russia is known to be snowy country (not south regions of it, of course). This time there always used to be a lot of snow where I live. But now...
We had a snowy week (when I made these photos), but then all this snowy magic melted into dirt. Days are passing, and weather is not going to be winter-like anymore.
I wonder if it is global warming all ecologists speak about?
Do you have snow in your living place?

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Posted by Emicristea on December 09, 2008
In my city (Brasov, Romania) the first snow of the year was in 22 november. Now (for two days) is the second snow, outside.
Posted by Zhangyang13576997233 on December 09, 2008
Climate warming, the South China a few snow

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Collage pictures

posted on 9th of december, 2008

I've always been wondering how some people do really magical images just by placing one picture above another in Photoshop. Collage technique seemed complicated and mysterious one to me. But one good person gave me a tip of how's these things done. It's not so hard as I thought.
I just began making collages and found the approval of my first ones very inspiring. I think I'll continue to learn more about this technique to make even better images.
Some collages good as holiday cards, some - as backgrounds, and so on.

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Posted by Creativei on December 10, 2008
really the cat image is awesome, you should write a blog on how to make collage,
Posted by Irisangel on December 09, 2008
Very good! Lots of luck with them.
Posted by Rebeccaosborn on December 09, 2008
nice image of the cat, i like it!! I have never tried this before, but i must!!

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Finally - real winter!

posted on 14th of december, 2008

Finally, we have snow! It's been snowing heavily for two days and nights already. It's cold as it should be in December. I'm so happy to see real winter again! My husband is happy even more: he is fond of hockey and he's going to play it every evening with his friends when ice-rink is ready.
Unfortunately, I won't be able to accompany him this year, because I'm soon-to-be-mom and my pregnant tummy is too big for all this winter fun. So I'll just walk around breathing fresh air and watch him playing :)

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Posted by Yaking on December 14, 2008
cool!next year,you will be a mother!

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What you can do with pencil drawn pictures

posted on 16th of december, 2008

Someone said that pencil in artwork is the same as piano in music. It's a base for everything. And for unknown reason I like it best of all. So as the black&white pictures and retro photos. When the only color is gray, nothing pushes your imagination, and you have more freedom imaging any color you like.
Most of my handdrawn pictures were made with pencil only. They're black and white, but it doesn't mean that I don't like color.
When I want to add some color to the picture, I prefer to use computer for it. I scan pencil drawn sketch and begin experimenting...
What I noticed after uploading both black&white pencil drawings and their colored variants to DT is that colored pictures sell better, and sell fast! Sometimes even after a few hours...

[ Read more... ]
Comments (8)

Posted by Frannyanne on April 11, 2009
Lovely, thank you :)
Posted by Mildegard on April 11, 2009
Yes, I do :) But sometimes I add color and shadows after scanning to make variations
Posted by Frannyanne on April 09, 2009
Beautiful work, Mildegarde! I never thought of uploading sketches... do you just scan them and save them as JPGs?

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All we were artists before

posted on 21st of december, 2008

You know, it's true. Remember yourself as a child - you were an artist, undoubtedly. You used to draw, to paint, to make applications, plasticine sculptures, etc...

I wonded where all this go when most people grow up... All we were artists before.

So maybe it would be a good idea to find some of your child artwork, scan it and upload to DT.
These pictures can be used by desighners in many ways, and besides they can be very inspiring.

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Posted by Linqong on December 21, 2008
An interesting idea!

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Show us your workplace

posted on 23rd of december, 2008

There are lots of interesting things right around us. We usually don't notice it because we got used to all these common things. But if we give everything that surrounds us a fresh look, we can make lots of photos that would be of interest to other people.

I'm a postgraduate student, a geneticist and work in a lab. So I decided to make best of what I see at my workplace every day. All these bottles, flasks, test-tubes, chemicals...
I began making shots a couple of weeks ago and now finally have some of them approved.
I hope all these scientific style pictures will find their buyers. I also will try to make some more.
Think about your workplace - it might be as usual for you and as it is unusual for others.

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101 images online

posted on 30th of december, 2008

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Posted by Mildegard on December 31, 2008
Thank you :)
Happy New Year!
Posted by Marilyngould on December 30, 2008
Congratulations! Good luck with your next milestone!
Posted by Creativei on December 30, 2008
Great start, will see more downloads sooner

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