posted on 2nd of december, 2008

Dining in is the new dining out. Whether the photos are of family or friends around a home cooked meal or a couple at home, the resulting images are increasingly important as budgets shrink and an emphasis on relationships increase in unsteady times. This is the time of year in the western world where more families dine together than at any other time of the year. One of the biggest holiday meals in the U.S. has just passed but most winter gatherings will take place over the next month.

It can be difficult to get great group shots using your own friends and family but if they are willing and allow you to take a little more time than with the normal family snap, you might get a winning picture. Although the uncle who drinks too much or a pouty teen may show...

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Posted by Emicristea on December 08, 2008
The food looks so ... hmm ... i am hungry now :) Good images.
Posted by Darolyn on December 07, 2008
Thanks for your reply. I'm sure that's what it meant but I was confused as I had never noted a 'comment' before under my 'management area.' As I mentioned, I'm a real newcomer at this game so I'm sure I'll have more questions for you. Your blog has been most helpful so keep up the good work.

Posted by Pigletbef on December 07, 2008
Ellen, I really admire and value your advice. I appreciate the time you put into all of your comments. It is so helpful to newcomers like me as well as professionals. Thank you so much.

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posted on 9th of december, 2008

Just as I was getting ready to reveal the top travel destinations for 2009 for those enterprising photographers planning shoots for the coming year, a new word popped up in a travel story to replace last year's "staycation": naycation (no vacation) may be this year's most over used travel buzz word to describe the dismal forecast for travel in ’09. It isn’t the end of travel advertising or the use of illustrations and photos in tour, airline and other hospitality industry ads and articles but 2009 will bring a significant downturn in those sectors. The good news is that many images associated with famous destinations are somewhat timeless and the great ones will continue to sell long after this period of economic woe is over. (It WILL end eventually....

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Posted by Bluerabbit on December 28, 2008
Mesha, Delicate Arch is in Arches National Park, which is near Moab. If you do go there, explore some of the other canyons, including the spectacular road from Moab to Potash. Spring is the best time to visit. When you speak of St, George, I think you mean Zion National Park, which is also amazing in a completely different way. Other parks in the area include Capitol Reef, Bryce, and Cedar Breaks.
Posted by Mesha071 on December 22, 2008
Make sure if you make it to St. George, Utah to stop by Moab national park for some shots of Delicate Arch you are going to love that place.
Great article!
Posted by Ellenboughn on December 15, 2008
Darolyn. Remember also though that even though a key word or phrase may describe an image, it may not be one that is commonly used to FIND the image. So sometimes you can over think these things! I know I do. Thanks for your comment.

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Booked Up

posted on 16th of december, 2008

Writing recently about a decrease in vacation time among the world’s travelers for ’09, I have been keeping my eyes out for what the trend watchers think we will be doing in our downtime and what visual opportunities this will offer. I was surprised to learn that reading a book is gaining in popularity even as some publishers are in trouble. One publisher has launched a vid on YouTube for the Christmas season with celebrities stating why a book is a good gift. One says, “A book is a great gift because you don’t have to plug it in.”

An upsurge in reading is somewhat bewildering to me, as two major US book publishers have announced layoffs, on the heels of big city newspapers closing or having major circulation downturns and with the news from the...

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Posted by Ptoone on December 23, 2008
Good tips. Thanks
Posted by Mesha071 on December 22, 2008
As always great article, great tips! Happy Holidays!
Posted by Rebeccaosborn on December 21, 2008
great ideas in this blog for photo shoots, thanks for the tips! Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year also!

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Color Me Red

posted on 23rd of december, 2008

Much of the Northern Hemisphere is covered in snow this week, even places like Las Vegas that normally never see the white, icy stuff have experienced falling snow. We’ve written previously about how to create and use artificial snow but now that the real thing is right outside the window, what can you do to maximize the impact of snowy images?

It’s tempting to limit winter images to simple landscapes, especially early in the day after a night of falling snow. The scenery is beautiful and peaceful but unfortunately everyone else has the same plans. One simple idea: add something red to the shot or angle to catch red berries or a person in a red parka walking in the scene. It rarely snows on Bainbridge Island but we have had snow falling and staying on the...

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Posted by Dan1 on January 13, 2009
We rarely have snow where i live. But these ideas are great. I don't know about photograhing someone falling on ice. I done this several years ago and broke my left hip. Another idea is getting someone riding a bike on ice (going against what i said above) which i done when i was young -- (OUCH!!!!)
Posted by Martinedegraaf on January 06, 2009
Rarely snowy here too, but it's cold enough for some ice-skating! And my 3 year old son happens to have a bright red jacket and red snow-trousers....soooo... lots of red to upload ;o)

Thanks -as always- for the idea's!

Posted by Eclecticelegance on January 05, 2009
Thank you for the tips! It snowed here in Colorado Springs yesterday so I'll have a chance to use the tips soon!

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