Background isolation color

posted on 4th of february, 2008

It's a good idea to have some objects isolated in our portfolios.

That being said some times when we want to isolate an object that by nature is already white it does not make sense to use a white background.

The main reason to isolate is so it can be removed and used elsewhere. So if you use black it easier to do it on a white subject.

Of course any other color than white can still be done using the white background.

The whole point of this is that yes there are rules and guidelines that should and need to be followed.
But it makes sense to stray from them for common sense or just to do it different some times.

It's kind of like saying a subject should never be in the middle of the photo except when it needs to be in the middle.

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Natures change

posted on 10th of february, 2008

This winter has really been tough on a summer lover like me. It seems that every weekend it's 20 below zero and 40 mile per hour winds.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Within two months this snow covered field will be full of fresh green grass .

And I will stop whinning about the cold.

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My wife, my sweet heart

posted on 11th of february, 2008

Being that valentines day is just around the corner. I can't help but feel how lucky I am to have the sweetheart I have.

My wife puts up with me and my strange ways. She is very supportive of whatever I get into.

She is not afraid to tackle anything with me.

We not only share our lives together but our interest.

She's my diving buddy, my fellow photographer. my fishing buddy and everything else.

It's like being married to your best friend. I am very lucky to have her and she really is my sweetheart.

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Posted by Milanlj on February 12, 2008
Really beautiful and very rare. All the best!
Posted by Dabobabo on February 12, 2008
:)) she is lucky too..happy valentine dears!

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Feeling froggy

posted on 21st of february, 2008

Did you ever get that froggy feeling about this time of year?

Where I live in the United States is pretty far north and it's been a very hard winter. Even today it's -20 below zero.

But signs of spring are every where. Saint Patty's day is getting closer and many stores have all the green hats and garb on display.

The Easter decorations are up and the shelves are full of bunnies and candy eggs.

And if that isn't enough to make you froggy all you have to do is walk down the isles in the dept. store and see that all the snow blowers and shovels have been replaced with mowers and rakes.

So call it shack wacky, froggy, or whatever you want but I'm feeling it. How about you?

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Posted by Niagaragirl on February 21, 2008
Not quite as cold as you here, but my spirits were lightenened when I walk into one store yesteday to find that they had the summer lawn furniture out on display. Nice froggy ;-)

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You will get a shot.

posted on 28th of february, 2008

I by my own admission am not a very trusting soul. And I have a small authority problem, but I'm not on meds for any thing so I think I'm o.k.

The problem I'm having is that I don't like the idea of any person or government telling me what I need to inject into my body. I also like to make my own decisions as to what gets put into my childrens body.

Of course I realize the importance of keeping disease under control but where is that limit?

I remember not long ago the government wanted all 12 year old school girls vaccinated for some sort of sexual transmitted disease.

Now the latest one is the CDC would like to see all children get the flu shot.

I'm not convinced they cover the right kind of flu or what the long term effects are from all this.

We get more shots...

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Posted by Taragolden on February 28, 2008
i agree.. i dont want to goverment telling me what to inject in my or my sons body..i dont do flu shots or even vaccines..
Posted by Linqong on February 28, 2008
It is very good that the plot of this picture has.

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