Best Seller Tips-Illustration

posted on 6th of february, 2008

I have just reviewed some of the most popular images as selected by our users during 2007. I’ll first discuss what I learned about illustrations and then next week the lessons from the most popular themes/images captured in photographs. Some of my findings surprised me and I hope they will inspire you to create fresh images. Fair warning though: an image may be popular for a variety of reasons that aren’t necessarily the subject, the composition or the keywords. These are the key points but by no means tell the entire story. Remember that just because something is successful doesn’t tell us about the images, subjects, compositions and styles that would be more popular if they had been created and were available.

Historical information is an important part...

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Posted by Patrimonio on April 09, 2008
Your tips were very helpful and full of new insights for me. Thank you.

Posted by Morgancapasso on April 07, 2008
very interesting, helpfull as usual

Posted by Asw4303 on February 08, 2008
I have been on the right track all along. Ok, DT, now you must accept all of the illustrations you previously rejected. ha! =D

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What Makes Best Selling Photo?

posted on 12th of february, 2008

The most popular concepts in the top photographs from last year are happiness/love/family and determined business teams. Don’t drop everything to focus on kisses and bunches of business types. Statistics only tell part of any story. How many images would have been in the top seller list if the photographer hadn’t uploaded a dozen nearly similar ones, thus spreading the downloads over the entire dozen? On the other hand if an image is a great stock photo, even a cropped or almost identical image can make it into the higher ranks as these two Iofoto images have.
There are reasons that these two similar images are both best sellers:
Location: The setting could be anywhere that has sandy beaches. The location is non-specific geographically and yet still shows...

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Posted by Karldavis on December 14, 2008
Good stuff! Thanks for taking the time to provide your insight.
Posted by Petroruth on December 07, 2008
great article good clear explanation I look fore ward to doing some model shots.I have some but need to get releases signed. Peter
Posted by Bobbie66 on September 27, 2008
Very good article. Thanks a lot ;)

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In the News!

posted on 20th of february, 2008

I am very pleased with the images that are showing up daily under the new editorial license. It snows in Athens and BOOM, Dreamstime displays images of the Roman Forum covered in snow. Barack Obama appears at a rally and we see him quickly in the news section. (We have a terrific collection of the candidates for the US Presidential nomination now.) Paris Hilton steps out on the street and a Dreamstime contributor with the best vantage point photographs her while the paparazzi look on from behind police lines.

Many Dreamstime photographers have unique access to news items where ever they may occur due to the over 200 countries where you reside. Because many DT contributors are not full time photographers, we have images that could only be taken by people...

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Posted by Hploosli on March 26, 2008
Im very glad that DT have the news section now. Often i make pictures of events but its not possible to have Model properties for the pictures so just now it wasn't possible to sell themes. Like the most of us im not a professional photographer and i make pictures first for myself and my family and friends, but im allways happy to sell some pictures too and the news section give me that chance. I can say just thank you very much
Posted by Black-white on February 21, 2008
A great article it is. Ii will be a most exiting thing to see the pictures of myself on the news.
Posted by Mpalis on February 21, 2008
New article posted: In the News!

Great article. Thanks for selecting one of my pics.. (Carnival faces..)

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Around the House

posted on 27th of february, 2008

It’s nearly spring cleanup/fix up time. I’m limiting my spring action to probing the back of the refrigerator to dislodge jars of forgotten spaghetti sauce. But for those that will spend in excess of 150 million dollars on home improvements this year in the US, it’s time to get to work. The do-it-yourself crowd spends zillions of dollars and has created a multitude of businesses on-line and on the street to sell everything from fixtures to classes in building additions. Websites, magazines and books in many languages lend a hand to the home and garden set. How can you create images that will meet the needs of these huge markets?

If you know of a big-ticket project such as a remodel or new addition that will give you access, get over there and set up...

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Posted by Tweakhp on February 28, 2008
great ideas..my mom does a lot of gardening once the snow is gone..should be a great place to expand my portfolio...plus i work as a carpenter in the summers so there is opportunity everywhere
Posted by Lensara on February 28, 2008
I needed a little spring cleaning in the photography dept and its always good to think of a new area to shoot for I may give this a go
Posted by Dcwcreations on February 28, 2008
I may have to try this one. It seems like I'm always fixing something

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