Point of View

posted on 5th of march, 2008

Fresh out of ideas? Your creative meter stuck on zero? Got the late winter idea blahs? I recommend reading this. It’s rather long but hey, if you are stuck in a morass of boredom with your creative brain flat lining, what else do you have to do? Or you can go to YouTube for a shorter video reprise. Be warned though the video first comes off as a “just say no to all mind altering substances” but persist and you’ll get about 25 % of the jest of the full reading of the PDF text version.

Sometimes all you need to do is change your perspective. Or as they call it in the movie biz: POV (point of view)....

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Posted by Cleaper on April 04, 2008
great article and nice ideas. You use some great shots here too.
Posted by Chinaphoto163 on March 23, 2008
Very useful, Thanks a lot!
Posted by Rodrigo0210 on March 07, 2008
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The New China

posted on 12th of march, 2008

The world prepares to visit China in great numbers for the 2008 Olympics. Many visitors may be surprised at the extent of China’s expansion. According to Businessweek, “China will soon be home to the world's largest airport, the world's first fully sustainable city, and the world's highest outdoor observation deck, to name just a few of its innovative architectural feats”.

Interest in this booming economic marvel will extend long after the Olympic torch is extinguished as will demand for images of the ‘new China’. Those who have an opportunity to visit China for the games, for business or as tourists should photograph more than just the ‘typical’ sites such as the Great Wall and the Forbidden City.

Modern Chinese public and business buildings...

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Posted by Michael29 on September 08, 2008
Wo hen xihuan zhongguo Means I like China. I was over in China in April going to go back next year. I am thinking of moving there as well. Please before you hear of all things from china I say go there and you will be shocked how different it is to what people say about it.
Posted by Orchidpoet on August 14, 2008
I may visit Shanghai in September or October, anyone cares to meet for coffee or shoot together? If you like, my email is orchidpoet@gmail.com. Please use Shanghai as the subject to avoid mistaken deletion.
Posted by Farang on August 11, 2008
Amen Holgs,

If you look at China today alot has changed over the years.
The first time i was in china is about twenty years ago, if you see how much has changed over the last two decades you won't believe your eyes.
I work in Suzhou right now about one and a half hours drive from Shanghai and if you see the development of China here you would be amazed.
I love China and it's people and it is a great place to work and live.
People here are very friendly and hardworking and have a great sense of humor.
It is a shame that the western press is always looking for the negative aspects in the Chinese society and don't have an eye for all the progress that has been made over the last couple of decades.
This development will continue at full speed, ofcourse there are some problems but if you look at the size of the country and the diversity of it's people that is to be expected.
I am confident that China will open up even more over the coming...(More)

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Very Crafty

posted on 18th of march, 2008

The mention of a craft project no longer has to bring to mind clunky macrame window hangings or the dreaded and ugly scarf so lovingly knit by grandma. A change has come to the world of craft and with it, photo opportunities. As Rob Walker wrote in the NY Times last December, ‘…the new wave of crafters (have) infused uncool-sounding domestic skills like knitting and sewing with a postpunk attitude that revolve(s) partly around mall-rejecting self-sufficiency.’
Along with the buy local food movement, the growing popularity of making and buying homemade goods of all kinds is part of the living green sensitivity that today’s buyers often seek married to a hip sensibility called ‘I can do it myself.”

Not only does making and buying handmade objects give...

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Posted by Likakoyn on March 26, 2008
Very interesting theme for discussion. I and my girlfriends very much we like to do things by the hands. It is very interesting theme for illustrations. Thanks
Posted by Madartists on March 23, 2008
The women in my family have been in crafts and sewing for a long time. As for me, I'm lucky to sew a button on straight and the only crafts I'm good at making is Kraft Dinner ;) Oh well.
Posted by Kittycat on March 22, 2008
I loved this Ellen. Thank you.

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The Eyes Have It

posted on 26th of march, 2008

Facial expressions and body language can either make or break a photo. Again and again we see images that would be successful if only there was emotion in the image instead of a subject with a bored look or a blank stare. How can you get your models more engaged with your camera to get more positive results? First of all stop falling in love with the dark and depressing look. Sure it’s dramatic and has it place but think about how images are used. With the exception of pitiful children and animals used by charities to solicit funds (all worthy, don’t get me wrong), the majority of images that are used depict positive emotions such as empathy, understanding, relaxation, peace, thoughtfulness or satisfaction. I’ve heard it said that you should be thinking...

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Posted by Gofer on May 13, 2008
Great advise as always and after all we speak and use our body language 90% more than we actually verbalise! Just think mmm of how many people have looked at you today!!!
Posted by Ellenboughn on April 01, 2008
oops sorry.I probably missed the joke because I was deep into writing THIS week's blog!
Posted by Motadacruz on April 01, 2008
Actually I have so many blogs because I write for Dreamstime as the Director of Content. Glad you find the information useful. Thanks for the compliment!

I know... I was actually trying to make a joke there. Thats why I added the wink ;)
Joke failed, hehe :)

Keep up the blogs, they are always fun to read and full of usefull information! Thanks

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