Spectator Sports

posted on 1st of april, 2008

As a photographer you need to be the most focused of all spectators at sporting events not only to make the best images but to keep from getting into the action yourself. To see what happens when a photographer forgets where he is, go to this video before reading on. There are more examples of sports shots gone wrong at the end of this post. For now though, concentrate on getting the money shot without causing problems for yourself (lawsuits?) and others.
1. Note of caution: if a person or trademark is recognizable and that includes team logos and Olympic symbols, be certain to submit your sports images as ‘editorial”.
2. If you are shooting from the stands, it goes without saying...

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Posted by Ladykassie on April 14, 2008
Thanks Ellen!
I will work on that!

I do want to become a better photographer.. not perfect or awesome or even well-known.. I just want to become better for me, and when I am comfortable , then what I see through the lens is what people see in me..

Posted by Ellenboughn on April 14, 2008
Getting access to photograph at events greatly depends upon the type of event. Yes getting on as a recognized freelancer for a local paper is a good but perhaps difficult way to start. It helps if you specialize in a certain sport, type of concert etc. The best bet is to somehow get to know people involved in organizing the event. Again not much help as an answer but you can give it a try but do so months in advance. Presumably the type of event that you wish to photograph is an activity that you have an interest in. For example, a friend photographs equestrian events. She spent a lot of time taking photos of riders/horses practicing. Got to know some of the riders that way. Finally with a good book of images, she went to event PR people and now has full access to those events in her area.
Posted by Ladykassie on April 13, 2008
So for us Ellen..
Do you have any advice for us to accomplish getting a verifiable pass.

~ Get a job as a freelance photographer at a newspaper?
Something like that?

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Slow Food

posted on 9th of april, 2008

Best sellers among food images are those of fast food dishes, especially hamburgers and fries that are used on menu boards and in the many articles about the joys AND dangers of fast food. But now there is a movement in the opposite direction called slow food.
In 1989 in response to the opening of a McDonald’s at the Spanish Steps in Rome an Italian started the slow food movement. In everyway this trend is the opposite of its cousin at the drive-through. It has grown up in response to both environmental and health concerns with political overtones. As with all trends/newsworthy topics it’s a good idea to review what we have available to users who wish to write about or support or oppose these developments.

* One of the major tenants of the movement is...

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Posted by Swisschef on May 12, 2008
Sorry, that is wrong information. All of these events are bi-annual.

Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre occur simultaneously in Turin and will take place again in the fall of 2008.

The Slow Food Cheese Festival is in Bra and will return in Fall of 2009.

If you find yourself in Turin at the wrong time, stop by Eataly http://www.eatalytorino.it

Yes, I see that now, a brief mention that it was founded by an Italian.
Carlo Petrini founded it it Piemonte and each year there is a big exhibition called Terre Madre ( mother earth) held in Turin, along with salone di gusto cheese festival. The head office is in Bra. That doesn't mean the big mac isn't popular here, because amazingly it is, however more people are eating biologica-organic. Thanks for the article. D
Posted by Bigpressphoto on May 05, 2008
theres now a collection of slowfood images 117 with over seventy photogs check it out
Posted by Ilbcnu on April 22, 2008
Thank you Ellen, read this latest article-realized I had missed an opportunity at a feedlot a short drive away. Long story short -uploaded pictures of the feedlot on 18th and just sold one!!

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Hair and Makeup in Photos

posted on 15th of april, 2008

While reviewing a featured photographer's portfolio, I saw a perfect opportunity to write about the judicious use of makeup on women models. Nothing better illustrates how makeup can lend authenticity to a model in different situations than photographer Niderlander’s four shots of the same model made up in different ways for four different situations/moods/time of day

In the first image of a researcher or medical tech, the makeup is extremely subdued as is fitting in that situation. Most hospitals and research facilities forbid the wearing of perfume and heavy makeup. It is not professional looking and could cause unnecessary opportunities for contamination in a lab.
When the model is next photographed in an outdoor environment she is wearing what I would...

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Posted by Rebeccaosborn on April 28, 2008
thanks, interesting to see the difference make up can make in those 4 shots with all the same model.
Posted by Irisangel on April 22, 2008
Great article, Thanks Ellen.
Posted by Gingergirl on April 20, 2008
Nice article

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India Now

posted on 22nd of april, 2008

Often photos of India show the poorer side of life. It is true that photojournalism has done much to alleviate the state of the poor by exposing their plight to the world. Too often though we fail to photograph evidences of positive economic growth and modernization of ancient cultures such as in India today.

Some of the most beautiful temples and palaces in the world are found in India such as the Taj Mahal and the modern Lotus Temple in Delhi built in 1986. By all means capture these instantly recognizable examples of India’s past and present. Iconic images are the images that travel websites and promos demand. Ensure that you give them the best light and composition. The Taj Mahal has been photographed hundreds of thousands of times so only the finest...

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Posted by Exit_nume on May 28, 2008
I love India!
Posted by Shaileshnanal on May 16, 2008
India is damn great. I am proud to be Indian. India is perhaps the only country with almost more than 10000 cultural varieties. In the coming years it is going to take quantum leap and then there will be colossal changes in life style of urban as well as rural people. As of today the rustic charm still prevails. But this country presents inexhaustible material to any photographer.
Posted by Black-white on May 09, 2008
Good article!

As one of the biggest developing country, India has gained great achievements in many areas especialy in its economy.
New India is hopeful. It must contribute more to the world civilization.

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