Look down at the Forbidden City.

posted on 2nd of may, 2008

Stand in the height bowing and seeing famous Forbidden City, make people shake. Exquisite ancient building arrangement, let building and art perfect combination of Forbidden City. Blocks of golden yellow tiles shroud the Forbidden City in a stretch of golden brilliant rays under the setting sun, people highly praise ancient's great design, its designer and builder are the Chinese people.

In 21st century today, Beijing developing in high speed, one centralized ancient civilization and Beijing of modern civilization attract sight of world even more.

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Posted by Linqong on May 05, 2008
Thank you kitty:)
Posted by Kittycat on May 05, 2008
Fantastic images. Love to visit. Thank you for sharing. :)
Posted by Linqong on May 05, 2008
Thanks:) my friend Leda_d !

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posted on 7th of may, 2008

History for 5,000 years in China is just like a thick book,it brings magnificent culture to us not merely Chinese wealth, and the human wealth too, this needs our feeling and understanding slowly ....
© Linqong (Help)

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Posted by Linqong on May 13, 2008
Thanks a lot:)my friend Amy.
Posted by Amyemilia on May 12, 2008
The long history of China is surely a treasure, and one that should be guarded but also shared. To begin to understand a culture, one must visit, learn at least a little of the language, read its newspapers and magazines, eat its food, and... look at photographs of the environment and people. Dreamstime helps in the photograph department. And you and your other Chinese brothers and sisters help by sharing your culture through these blog notes. Thank you!
Posted by Linqong on May 11, 2008

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China's red.

posted on 18th of may, 2008

I have been wanting to shoot a group of China's red themes all the time, it could achieve my goal in a job at last.

Like a lot of Chinese, I like red,it's warm and full of passion, it's a symbol of China. Red lantern of palace wall, it is full of red ornamental themes in Chinese life from ancient times to the present. Joyous and lucky that it symbolizes, represent old and long folk custom, is residing and becoming more prosperous every day, changing with each passing day showing the country.
This is a red a kind of hope that brings to us in China.

A red clothing girl and a red window, make me well finish this theme.

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Posted by Leda_d on May 19, 2008
Beautiful images, congrats! :)
Posted by Michael29 on May 19, 2008
Hi Linqong. Yes they are great photos. As I have told you before I am going back next Year to see my Lady friend and I hope to get some photos of her I am not sure if she would allow me to put them on the net :-)
Posted by Cynthi on May 19, 2008
As I have told you before, I love your portfolio. And these images of the girl in red are exquisite.

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Ancient Chinese-style bedroom

posted on 21st of may, 2008

In Pingyao of ancient city of China during May Day vacation, let me experience China's red glamour again.

This is a bedroom in period of Ming and Qing of China, more precisely, this was newly-married couple's bridal chamber in that times,in this bedroom, classical China brings joyous atmosphere to me red.
© Linqong (Help)
Chinese calligraphy and very ancient type and very exquisite wooden bed on the wall,let me seem to place oneself in the
midst of that era.Reading the pattern on the quilt carefully ...
Dragon and phoenix on the pattern imply bridegroom and bride,
several lovely child of pattern implied meaning give birth to more child, let family to be prosperous.

Whether in the overall...

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Posted by Kittycat on May 22, 2008
Beautiful images. The wood carving on the bed is gorgeous.:)

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Travel notes of ancient city(Part one)

posted on 25th of may, 2008

Travel notes of ancient city.

On the vacation in May,my friend and I goes to Pingyao of ancient city of China to go on holidays by car. The ancient city of Pingyao is one of the best preserved ancient cities of the North of China, and that the only our country declares the ancient county town where the cultural heritage of the world succeeds with the whole ancient city at present too.

After driving about 700 kilometers, we had come to the ancient city of this yearning. Get used to past dynasties ancient building of imperial city in Beijing, ancient city here old local trait and exquisite ancient building or deep The ground attracts us.

In this town of the county of Pingyao of about 2.25 sq. km. in area, have kept...

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Posted by Linqong on June 06, 2008
Thanks a lot:)
Posted by Kittycat on June 05, 2008
Images are beautiful. Magical place to visit.:)
Posted by Linqong on May 27, 2008
Thanks a lot. Dabobabo:)
This ancient city is really pleasant.

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