Rites of Passage

posted on 1st of may, 2008

Life is a series of events that mark our passage through time. Some events are as unremarkable as a Grandfather teaching his grandson how to swim or parents looking on as their child takes its first step. Other occasions such as traditional religious events or advancement at school or a job require celebration. Images that catch these moments become iconic photos that celebrate family milestones, relationships or rites of passage. They evoke positive emotions that advertisers use to build familiarity and trust for brands.

The images are aspirational showing the celebration or events in a positive light. With the exception of specific cultural or religious events, the feelings that are triggered by the images are universal or certainly specific to a target market....

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Posted by Black-white on May 05, 2008
The article has aroused me some farther thinking about nomal live.
Photos are fit like a glove.

Thank you, Ellen.
Posted by Kittycat on May 04, 2008
Great images and article Ellen. thank you. :)
Posted by Rebeccaosborn on May 04, 2008
great article and photos. Will stick in my mind when I'm taking shots

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Make the Invisible Visible

posted on 6th of may, 2008

Short of shooting roofs flying off buildings and trees ripped from the ground in a hurricane, how can you photograph wind? And why would you? As wind increases to hurricane force, the wise take shelter and let the guys in the working TV and press shoot the storm. (They presumably have health insurance provided by their employers) Images of the devastation after the wind has settled down are more dramatic and useful. (Storm images are used to advertise hurricane preparedness brochures, insurance flyers and to promote safe behavior during hurricanes or tornadoes).

The illusion of motion in a still photograph adds an exciting dimension to an image…witness the fashion ads where longhaired models look like they are standing in a wind tunnel. A high-powered...

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Posted by Gofer on May 13, 2008
I often enjoy taking long exposures to show motion, and your tips here on wind are really great. I do believe wind and environment are becoming big issues and have noticed a lot of companies incorporating small turbines on company roofs as a means to show some green credentials, even though it's just a small measure! Hopefully this is the start to more commercial awareness to these issues... Many thanks :)
Posted by Ellenboughn on May 09, 2008
Thank you all for your nice compliments.
Posted by Valeria73 on May 09, 2008
Reading your blogs is one of the best ways to learn about Dt, about photography, about keywords, etc. Thanks a lot!!!!! :)

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Earth Day 2009

posted on 13th of may, 2008

Earth Day ’08 is over. It’s time to get ready for next year. By all accounts 2009 will be “Earth Year” as all aspects of life are now increasingly examined for their impact on the environment. You will want to photograph iconic eco-products as well as using them as props in produced shoots. These are products that signal their eco-friendliness by arriving in a new package or shape or design that shouts out: I CARE ABOUT THE ENVIRONMENT.
A tipping point has been reached: ‘green’ products are now status symbols rather than signaling membership in the ugly sandal crowd. The era of conspicuous consumption has been replaced by conspicuous non-consumption. According to Trend Watching, “...

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Posted by Lifesazoo on June 01, 2008
Excellent Blog article. I really enjoyed reading it :)

Thanks for the info
Posted by Gingergirl on June 01, 2008
Nice! Thank you!
Posted by Cleaper on May 14, 2008
great blog as usual!

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Is Your Photography Art?

posted on 21st of may, 2008

There is a continuing dust up between those who claim that commercial photography isn’t art and that the photos in museums and galleries shouldn’t be sullied by appearing in promotions or ads. Not withstanding the fact that most photographers that fall into the ‘collectible’ category of fine artists have at one time done commercial work.

The popular blog from commercial art buyer Heather Morton has taken on this conversation over the past few weeks. Look for the Art/Commerce blogs. She and her readers offer smart definitions of what does or does not distinguish art from commerce.Heather’s final word is the adage: “I don’t know what is art; I know what I like”. Liking an image is a perfect justification...

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Posted by Litifeta on June 24, 2008
Bill Henson in Australia has stirred the pot over the line that exists between art and photography. He has also stirred the pot between what is art and what is pornography.

I think the line between what is art and what is a catalogue of commercial images was crossed decades ago by Andy Warhol. If an image of can of soup is art, then anything is in my humble opinion.

Images of Mona Lisa are in advertising. Art, except for the snobs, is anything you find it to be.
Posted by Cleaper on May 28, 2008
Thanks Ellen! I enjoyed it! x
Posted by Maigi on May 28, 2008
Ok contest is over. ... Thanks for all the participation especially by Cleaper and Maigi. You two have an awesome knowledge of classic photography.
Thank you, it was a lot of fun! :) I wouldn't know nothing, if I couldn't look them up on the Internet. That's why I love the Internet. If you know, how to perform searches, you can find virtually everything possible about every subject. I have never seen those masters art on print and I'm pretty sure I won't ever have a chance to see them. But I'm happy about opportunity to watch them electronically. It was a great adventure through some historical moments of photography. Thanks!

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Get Framed

posted on 28th of may, 2008

Images that are mass-produced as ‘wall art’ or posters for use in décor differ from fine art in that the images are not signed prints or original art. The business of wall art is complex and involves multiple publishers, distributors and online retailers as well as direct distribution to consumers through department stores, box stores and poster shops. Creating images for this market can be more profitable for photographers than trying to build a reputation as a fine artist although the two are certainly not mutually exclusive. The best sellers follow predictable and conservative themes. Scenes that evoke peacefulness or relaxation are on the bestseller lists. Images of deserted tropical beaches with turquoise water lapping...

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Posted by Ellenboughn on June 01, 2008
The images that I have discussed have been made with real xray machines. The photographer mentioned above lists his 'trade secrets' here You need a friend who is an xray tech!
Posted by Gundam01 on June 01, 2008
Like Demonike, I'm a little bit an aware on how the X-rays acheived... Is there any machine avaiable in the market to make this kind of art... Or it is a Photoshop techniques only..
Posted by Willyvend on June 01, 2008
As usual, your advices are very interesting and useful !
Thank's a lot to have choosen one of my pics.

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