posted on 1st of july, 2008

Temperatures are soaring in the western US. Californians are dealing with heat over 103 degrees in the south. Last weekend’s temperatures soared to over 90 in normally cool Seattle. Except for the southern hemisphere it’s Hot! Hot! in many places. Articles and posts on how to stay cool or protection from the sun proliferate, as do adverts for air conditioning, water parks and beach gear.

The goal of ‘it’s REALLY hot’ images is to show either the misery that heat can bring or how to seek relief from the weather. Heat is like our previous topics of wind and noise: an invisible element that it is your challenge to make visible. It might be boiling outside while you are shooting but unless heat is evident in your image, the viewer won’t understand...

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Posted by Ellenboughn on July 28, 2008
Great! Love the beach chair one especially.
Posted by Korat_cn on July 28, 2008
My "hot" images approved!
 Summer vector  
 Image not available or id is incorrect. 
Thanks again. I have more that 600 images online and sometimes it's difficult finding new stock ideas!
Posted by Korat_cn on July 11, 2008
I'm just uploaded some children on the beach... Thanks for the tip!
The red girl by pixelbrat: it's a great photo! How expressive!

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Industrial Strength

posted on 9th of july, 2008

Sixty percent of world trade is comprised of heavy industry and businesses in the engineering sector. Images of oil and gas industries, shipbuilding, power plants, mining, and others such as steel, cement and iron fabrication are required for news and editorial uses especially now that the cost of raw materials is in the headlines daily. Annual reports are another final use of images of heavy industry. Every complex process involves hundreds of supplier of component parts and these companies need images too.

Part of the value of industrial images is in their dramatic impact. The vast acres that an oil refinery covers is awesome while a close up of a pattern of pipes or stamped metal in a precise design makes interesting backgrounds, with an industrial touch,...

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Posted by Leanmanufacturing10 on May 30, 2016
Thanks for the blog!!! Good information!!!
Posted by Litifeta on July 14, 2008
As part of the big industrials and resource giants doing well, they are mostly upgrading their ERP systems and adding value to their assets.

Considering the size of some of these Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) projects around ($200 million plus) I am surprised their is little call for images to suit the likes of SAP, Peoplesoft, Oracle, Mincom etc..

Large resource companies like Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton etc. are screaming out for ERP people to help them with their corporate services reforms.
Posted by Ellenboughn on July 11, 2008
Since 9/11 it has been even more difficult to gain access for these shots. In the past photographers could often re-use images they had shot for their clients in the industrial sector but now more and more, restrictions are being imposed. All the more reason that those with access and permission and, as you have indicated, knowledge of the processes should attempt to get the shots.

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The New Commuters

posted on 15th of july, 2008

Commuter patterns have changed dramatically over the past few months as individuals cut back on driving both to save gas money and to protect the environment just as other countries such as India and China begin a love affair with the automobile. Both of these events have created photographic opportunities.

Bike commuting is down in some countries in Asia while up many percentage points in western countries. Dreamstime needs images of bicycle riders that are obviously on their way to the office or work site. To encourage bike riding, some cities are following Paris's lead with the Vélib' and introducing free bicycles points around town. Some commuters have compromised and traded four wheels for two wheels but with a motor. Scooters and motorcycles can fill...

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Posted by Moonb007 on August 06, 2008
Great article, I have been meaning to get pictures of our Rail system. I live down the street from it and can't wait until they add the stop by my work so I can take the rail there....but that is going to be in 2012...uhg
Posted by 4acs on July 21, 2008
Another photo op... high definition tvs. TV stations in the US will only broadcast digital over-the-air TV signals and their analog (traditional) TV broadcast towers will be shut down. The digital TV transition takes place 2/2009.
Posted by Linqong on July 20, 2008
Good advises. I have taken the works of some persons and cars of China.

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Camp Whatucallit

posted on 22nd of july, 2008

As the end of summer approaches, it’s time to capture as many summer themed images as possible. When the demand for this genre grows in early 2009, you’ll find yourself looking for a campsite or outdoor pool that isn’t covered in snow.
Over six million kids attend summer camp in the US. Many camps are based around learning a skill or a lifestyle issue. There are soccer camps, music camps, adventure camps, sailing camps, special needs camps, science camps, church camps and diet camps. Camp for me as a child was all about bugs, talent night and extremely scary ghost stories. I was bitten, had no talent and got so scared that I wanted to go home. Then I discovered a talent for making great looking key chains. Kids are supposed to learn at camp: my other lesson...

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Posted by Sunflowerhike on August 08, 2008
I like camping but I seldom shoot photos of camping, I think I should take more note and shot more photos of this theme.
Posted by Likakoyn on July 29, 2008
Very interesting theme. Children always interestingly and fascinatingly. It is necessary to make some illustrations! Thanks for idea!!!
Posted by Korat_cn on July 28, 2008
 Shooting nature coloring vector 
I will do a colored version of my camp illustration :)
one blog article - one (or more) illustration
Many thanks!

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A Whale of a Tale

posted on 30th of july, 2008

Taking photos of giant marine mammals can be tricky. First of all, they simply can’t be counted on to show up on set on time. Whale watching tour companies chart the movement of known pods and individuals to ensure that their trips offer the most likely chances of seeing whales but even then, getting dramatic images is challenging. What can you do to ensure that you get the best shots?

I have ventured out to sea to observe whales off the coast of Canada, spending what seemed like a lot of money for tickets, donned puffy and unattractive whale watching suits and went flying over the water in a zodiac only to find that whale tourists outnumbered the whales. (I didn’t let go of the side of the boat so no way I could take photos.)

This weekend as I sat...

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Posted by Valeria73 on August 26, 2008
I've just come back from a Whale watching tour in Italy. I could see a couple of Fin Whales and it was a fantastic experience. I had already seen dolphins and whales in New Zealand years ago, but I could go to such tours every day and be surprised and touched every time in the same way.

After reading of Ankimo's experience I wish I could leave and go to Canada right now!!!

Thanks Boughn for your very interesting article. Unfortunately the whales I saw didn't jump out of the water and we could only see their fin, but I can't complain!
Posted by Ellenboughn on August 01, 2008
So interesting to learn of your experience. It explains exactly why the whale came up to the kayaks here. We are only just 160 miles from Vancouver Island so maybe that whale was the same one you saw!
Posted by Ankimo on August 01, 2008
Thank you for choosing my humpback - kayak image. I did a 5 day whale - kayaking trip at vancouver island and i was so amazed, because the whales have no fear of kayaks.
In a kayak you have no chance to chase a whale so you always get whales that are interessted in you. On the image above we saw a humpback with its calve diving maybe 300 meters away from us and our experienced guide told us to paddle a little bit further and stand together. Only a few seconds later the whale and the calve popped through the surface only 15m away from us. They stayed for around 10 minutes inspecting the kayaks. It was an amazing experience.
I experienced same situations with orca (pure adrenalin), seals, otters and bald-eagles. All of them are less shy when you sit in a kayak.

Apologize my poor english, but i swear i gave my best ;)

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