Baby Boomlet

posted on 5th of august, 2008

In Chicago a popular European coffee and pastry shop has banned classic baby prams – the type of baby carrier that plows down the street slicing though pedestrian traffic and taking up more space than a SmartCar. I fully understood the coffee shop’s rules as I strolled down the street after my morning latte. It seemed that 90% of the people on the sidewalk in this up and coming neighborhood were either pregnant or had one or more infant nestled in some form of carriage or stroller. More than one of the giant carriages in a shop creates customer gridlock. US neighborhoods that young couples favor are brimming with babies.

There are increasingly reliable statistics that an American population explosion similar to the one in the US in the late 1940’s is...

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Posted by Praise139 on August 19, 2008
How about pregnant women suffering from nausea, weight gain issues, emotional ups and downs or physical discomfort? also not easy to find.

I also gravitate towards CLOTHED models - naked belly's are easy to find, but not so easy to use in conservative applications (which parenting magazines usually are)

Thanks to those who post photos of the full emotional range - I really appreciate your work.

Oh, and please, please, please don't crop your photos too tightly!!! I generally spend about a day's worth of work re-creating backgrounds, tops of heads, fingers, etc. for a banner headings - details lost in most situational photos I download.
Posted by Yunxiang987 on August 17, 2008
Baby Boomlet !!!
Posted by Iofoto on August 11, 2008
Thanks for the informative article, Ellen!

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Going Negative

posted on 12th of august, 2008

Much is being made in the current U.S. presidential race about ads and emails that disparage the candidates with the use of innuendo and false accusations. The polls show that most Americans are opposed to such ads. In general, negative claims or images are not effective in any kind of advertising. However, sometimes showing certain social and personal ills is called for: health care facilities and pharmaceutical companies use illustrations of depression to educate and promote their products and services, for example.
Images of the causes and symptoms of depression such as insomnia, weight gain or loss and forgetfulness are important to informational publications provided by mental health services and other social and community support agencies. These topics and others such as...

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Posted by Kmca on August 20, 2008
I agree with Praise 139.

Children of all ages fighting (without laughing faces - as if they really mean it) - snatching another's toys - stealing - bullying - hitting - generally being unkind to one another - clearly disobeying an adult - lying.
I'm sure they'd enjoy acting these situations out!

Also upset children/teens being comforted by a friend.
Posted by Praise139 on August 19, 2008
Another subject that I think is not covered well enough is children misbehaving. I illustrate a magazine on family issues and I find about 100 photos of happy, smiling families for every photo of a problematic issue. Are you taking photos of a happy family in the supermarket? take a shot of the mom looking harrassed, the child begging for something he doesn't need, or excessive spending - I need these shots more than the happy family genre. My absolute favorite photographers have both - in this case I purchase two high-resolution images instead of one - one to present the problem, one to present the solution with the same models... I love this combination.
Children getting disciplined (in non-physical ways)? incredibly hard to illustrate. Help me out here, take photos of your nieces and nephews getting the occassional reprimand.
How about pregnant women suffering from nausea, weight gain issues, or discomfort? also not easy to find.
Thanks to those who post photos of the full emotional...(More)

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posted on 19th of august, 2008

You know who you are, Generation Y. An analysis of Internet and social network use tells me that a majority of you reading this were born between 1977 and 1997. You are the children of the last of the baby boomers and the most studied group of young adults anywhere because you generally have money and business wants to talk you out of it. Don’t despair if you are outside Gen Y, as all generations need to recognize the unique characteristics of this group in order to completely cover the photographic life of Gen Y.

A national news program recently profiled a young woman on the ubiquitous laptop in youthful lives. She said that she feels lost without her laptop and is never more than a few feet from it. I know the feeling but when I really realized what it meant...

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Posted by Spiritof76 on August 25, 2008
You're correct Litifeta. The are two types of subdivisions that generational researchers use often called "waves" (gens split in half) and "cusps" (bridges between generations) which often get confused for generations themselves. While generations are (should be anyway) measures of shared social experiences, waves and cusps are handier ways of measuring shared pop culture. Better known examples include "Generation Jones 1955-1965" and the "MTV Generation 1975-1985". And some generational experts like Bruce Tulgan suggest that the term Gen Y is a cusplike group only existing between 1978-84 similar to the MTV Gen. Besides S&H, other marketing books also deal with either cusps and or waves. And some waves or cusps also have their own websites and even movements, Gen Jones being the biggest.

I definately agree that the Boomers have two seperate and unique waves- One who generally came of age during the 60's, and those who came of age during the 70's (if 64 is seen as the end, then the...(More)
Posted by Litifeta on August 24, 2008
Spiritof76 has done a lot of analysis here. But there is even more. Like, Baby Boomers are a wide difference in age groups. I see the latter born ones have completely different ideals to the earlier born boomers. I think they call them stage 1 and stage 2.

GenYers are a mixed bag as well. But I think the thing that defines them is their willingness to accept technology and advertising at face value. They don't believe it, they just accept they are being scammed.
Posted by Titania1980 on August 24, 2008
I'm also gen Y, born 1980 :) great article and very intereting!!

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It's Elementary

posted on 26th of august, 2008

What’s new for lower and middle school in photos and illustrations this year? Home schooling is an increasingly popular alternative educational solution. Bullying is an urgent issue. Computers are everywhere at all levels even for the very youngest students.
Home schooling is a relatively new aspect of American education. Over 2.2 percent of American children are now educated at home by their parents. In most homes that provide schooling, there is a designated ‘school room’ or area. Photographs to illustrate home schooling should show teaching taking place in a residential environment to ensure that the message of learning at home is obvious. Another way to visually distinguish between students in a traditional environment and those being home http://blog....

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Posted by Korat_cn on September 08, 2008
schooltime is a very theme. I love it. And this year my child begins to go to school! He's grown so fast...
And I'm always inspirated by cute children! :)

thanks for the article
Posted by Heathse on September 03, 2008
This is a very interesting article! I homeschooled my 4 children until junior school age(here in the UK 8yrs old). When they went to regular school they were ahead in their classes but most importantly we had tought them to enjoy learning. Consequently they all now all happy in their chosen careers. I shall rummage through my files for classroom images.
Posted by DamselStock on September 03, 2008
In most public schools here in Texas the students are required to use clear or mesh back packs. Many schools, including high school and private schools are going to uniforms as well to deter violence and bullying. The backpacks are to prevent concealed weapons.

Also, just recently announced that rural Dallas area schools are permitting teachers with concealed handgun licenses to begin taking guns with them. This is because in rural areas it can take upwards of 40 minutes for police to arrive so in case of another Columbine or Virginia Tech incident the teachers may be able to regain control. This trend will more than likely catch on nationwide if goes successfully.

Just something for the photographers to consider.

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