Creating versus taking

posted on 4th of september, 2008

Most of the time I tend towards taking images of the world around me, but sometimes I also have concepts that I want to turn into an image. Watching my son playing with some nesting dolls I had an idea last week, and this was the result. It is a cool feeling when you have an idea in your head and the result comes out pretty closely.

I find more and more since I started doing stock photography that the list of ideas is growing faster than it used to :)

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Posted by Moth on September 04, 2008
Cute idea ~ and beautifully taken too :)

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Fall camping

posted on 12th of september, 2008

Fall camping has its charms over summer camping:

1. Get to wear cozy sweaters.
2. Getting close around the fire to keep warm.
3. No bugs!


1. Better chance of getting rained on.
2. Swimming in mountain rivers isn't nearly as much fun.
3. Shorter days.

Our family likes to make an excursion for the labor day long weekend each year. This year's trip was out to Kananaskis Country. It is a beautiful area of Alberta, Canada. One of the great things about camping is the chance to see some wildlife!

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Posted by Marilyngould on September 15, 2008
Funny, I too thought that "family groups of at least three people" actually meant people! I will have to broaden my definition for the future. Cheers!
Posted by Marilyngould on September 15, 2008
Perhaps reconsider the idea of submitting the raccoon family. Check out the approved assignment submissions -- an illustration of a penguin family was accepted! :)
Posted by Bradcalkins on September 12, 2008
Come on up! Glad to hear your family made out OK - that was a funny article on Hurricanes vs. Christmas you put up the other day...

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Success (mostly)

posted on 25th of september, 2008

After almost six months on Dreamstime I am very happy with how things are progressing. It takes some time to get the hang of what will be accepted, what will sell, etc. There are some surprises along the way, like finding out what the market judges as your best stock photo. Not surprisingly this differs wildly what your own favorites are. My top seller so far, is a relatively mundane subject - a toilet! It is important to keep in mind the difference between a beautiful photo, and a top stock photo seller - two totally different goals...

I'm headed towards 500 photos online by the end of the year, and expect to have over 200 sales by next week. As well, I've finally got an editorial photo online so I'm excited about that.

This month has seen...

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Posted by Daisy7859 on September 29, 2008
Good work Brad. After reading your blog last week, I took some time reviewing your portfolio and saw many potentials for the future... Good luck reaching your goals and a small reward is a reward indeed!
Posted by Bradcalkins on September 29, 2008
Update: I did hit 200 sales today, and got one of my scanned slides accepted! This may open the floodgate of scanning old photos...
Posted by Marilyngould on September 25, 2008
Great job Brad. Congratulations on your best seller -- as you pointed out we must keep in mind that a "beautiful" photo does not necessarily make it a good seller. As toilets go, the photo of yours is very nice -- thanks for putting the lid down. :)

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Scanning for stock

posted on 30th of september, 2008

I have managed to get an image accepted that is scanned from some of my old slides. I lived for a year in Bangladesh and took quite a lot of photos there, as well as during some travels in India. Scanning is a little frustrating as you have to deal with a number of issues:

1. Dust and scratches. Hopefully there aren't scratches, but all the blowing in the world seems to leave a few particles behind that you need to take care of.
2. Color balance. Colors fade at different rates so the older the slide the more you need to handle color cast. I find my slides tend towards blue.
3. Grain. You can't get away from grain, but I find it is difficult to get good sharpness without enhancing the grain that is present.
4. Technique. There are a lot of variables to consider. You can...

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Posted by Yuris on October 01, 2008
I have one or two pictures in my portfolio here which were scanned from slides. One of these pictures is a very good seller - my bestseller here:
Ice and Sun
The picture was published many times in books and magazines.
It is very nice that DS admits such pictures unlike other agencies.
Posted by Emicristea on October 01, 2008
On the step 3, i try to get away the grain only from the sky and clouds, with selective selection in Photoshop and a noise removal filter.
Where is detail, i let the grain if is not very hard.

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