P-EL and Alcohol

posted on 4th of april, 2011

Absolutely fail!
But he earned some money)))
P.S. I am totally against alcohol because it harms the whole society. (and, as we see the cats, too)))
Thank you for your purchase!

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Posted by lzf on April 04, 2011
congrats and good luck
Posted by Egomezta on April 04, 2011
Great, congratulations.
Posted by Mariaam on April 04, 2011
Very funny concept! Well done and Congrats!

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Thank you!

posted on 29th of december, 2010

Dear buyers!
Thank you for your interest in my portfolio!
© Piscari (Help) Happy New Year!
Happiness, good health and good luck!
© Piscari (Help) Do not freeze.
Soon the summer!

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Posted by Joe1971 on December 31, 2010
Happy New Year!At China, it has 2011!!!
Posted by FabioConcetta on December 29, 2010
Happy New Year ;)

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Polar bear shot in Moscow zoo

posted on 13th of november, 2010

Stupidity has no limits. I'm sorry about that.
Detailed written here
© Piscari (Help) I'm not sure it was him. But this is one of the two bears that I saw there 2 years ago.

These animals there are very few because the Arctic climate has changed dramatically.
Ice melts and they have to swim for miles in search of a suitable ice floe.

Here's video with him.

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Posted by Piscari on November 14, 2010
-The representative of the zoo said: - Wrangell feels good eats, drinks. Here is the photo.
Posted by Elianehaykal on November 14, 2010
Someone should do the same to that despicable "human" and ask him what about his feelings about it.
How would we know of updates about the health of the bear?
Posted by Thanatonautii on November 14, 2010
That`s so sad! In Romania I sought a news the other day. There was a zoo in a town and the animals were attacked by big rats...and no one cared about it. :(
Hope this thinks will get right some day, and the animals will get all the respect that they deserve!

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My story (in pictures)

posted on 14th of march, 2010

lately I have always something altered, repainted...

Virtue like a squirrel in a cage...
but my house is located in the downtown area.
...though my apartment is still unfinished.
I think that it should be insured. Suddenly, something happens!.
I have a dog.
... and my girlfriend
Previously, she was like this >>>© Piscari (Help)
Sometimes I write her a letter...
...and give her some flowers
And recently we went on a cruise...
...on a huge ocean liner
I drank hot chocolate...© Piscari (Help)
... and she - whiskey
so we slipped a little off course... ...

[ Read more... ]
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Posted by Piscari on March 17, 2010
THANK YOU ALL for your comments. The idea of this post is this: think of the story using a variety of pictures. Unexpectedly for me was that by combining pictures, you can generate creative solutions. Try! This is a game!
Posted by Chefron on March 17, 2010
Great creativity, congrats!!!
Posted by Creativei on March 15, 2010
nice presentation, I like your images, they are very useful.

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301 USD for hobby

posted on 3rd of november, 2009

Never before did not write about earnings on DT. My work sold slowly, but it is recognized that for me it is more of a hobby than a business)). But today I earned my first 301.02 USD. (and this despite the fact that due to network problems, I can not upload their work on the DT for more than three months!) Well, I hope soon to solve this problem and begin to upload, download, upload, download .... Thank you for your interest in my works)))

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Posted by Adeliepenguin on November 05, 2009
Well done! I am very happy for you and look forward to seeing those uploads:)
Posted by pic.r on November 05, 2009
Congratulations, this is well deserved!
Posted by Piscari on November 05, 2009
-Thank you friends!!! I wish you all good luck!

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Rejected photos

posted on 27th of february, 2009

© Alexandkz (Help) Never remove your rejected photos! And never be upset about this!)))
Look at them through the eyes of a designer or artist and you will see something special in each of them.
Perhaps you come up stunning collage, or a bright pattern or a funny illustration!?
If you long look at the patterns of marble, its texture streak, you can see some fantastic characters or animals or something else shade!
Cut, glue, paint, stick! Be a little child!
Oeuvre everywhere!)))

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Posted by Grofnula on February 27, 2009
Yes I agree, I often use rejected materials in web and poster design, to achieve archaic, atmospheric, strange or other effects. Sometimes these photos are exactly what I need.

and of course...do resubmit them somewhere else on the web and so increase % of overall acceptance!

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Walking backpack assistant

posted on 13th of february, 2009

He-he-he! I found someone who will carry my backpack with a camera and run for a beer)))

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Posted by Littlemacproductions on February 13, 2009
I am scared Mommy!
Posted by Piscari on February 13, 2009
Thanks Aughty, Noonie, Cleaper and who else would comment:)) I just want to say that I agree with Noonie that this thing really could help many people ... These guys simply Well done! PS: But my dog is better!))
Posted by Cleaper on February 13, 2009
That is so cool...I want one!

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posted on 2nd of february, 2009

Time flies. I have a year on DT! (o.o).
And this picture was downloaded to the DT one year and two days ago.
And someone bought it today! Cool! And Thank you! ))
The picture was completely drawn in CorelDraw with a pencil sketch. But as a sophisticated effects (shadows, grid, blends), I did not download a vector file.
Well, as I do, this picture shows.
And layer by layer)))

Oh! You did not go to the movie "Yes Man" with Jim Carrey and Zooey Deschanel? Funny movie! Worth seeing!

Believe in yourself! Bye!

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Posted by Piscari on February 03, 2009
Thank You! (@_@)
Posted by Littlemacproductions on February 03, 2009
Happy DTDay! Love the hand with car.
Posted by Piscari on February 03, 2009
Thank You very much!))

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posted on 26th of january, 2009

Ha-ha! Yesterday, someone bought my drunken cat !p Thanks to a buyer with a sense of humor!

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Posted by Creativei on January 26, 2009
Congrats, nice image.
Posted by Rebeccaosborn on January 26, 2009
great!!! nice image
Posted by Mayatairy on January 26, 2009
LOL :-)
i love it :-)

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posted on 15th of january, 2009

I have never been to India. But going to go there soon for inspiration. They say that any creative person needs to go there. The views about this country contradictory. Some love her madly, but others say that there is dirty. And I just want to sit on the shores of the ocean, watch the waves and nothing to think;)) And I would like to visit the temples to look at the people, culture, nature and the mountains. But I have only one week. So where better to start? Maybe who advise?

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Posted by Creativei on January 16, 2009
Well one week is not sufficient, you need more time to see India. Its not dirty like what people think, you get little bit of everything. Good luck and safe journey in my Country.

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