posted on 23rd of february, 2009

It’s been two years and one month and well over a hundred blogs written since I joined Dreamstime. But now it is time to say goodbye as I move on to finish writing a book that continues the themes of my blogs to be published by an imprint of Random House and to concentrate more fully on my busy consulting business.

In the beginning I thought that all the learning would be one-way: me passing on all I had learned in 30 years in the traditional stock photo business to the Dreamstime team and photographers. In reality I learned a great deal more than I taught, I have no doubt.

I’m privileged to being one of the very few individuals whose experience spans all business models in the industry and I have Serban, Dragos, Jeff and the rest of the team to thank for that. I also want to give a special shout out to Mihaela for all the assistance she gave me weekly, as I always needed her help to get the featured blog up and running. She was tireless and always complimentary and cheerful and especially good at finding absent participles and missing sentences.
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I have also learned from you, Dreamstime users and contributors, who have been generous in your compliments about the blogs and in offering suggestions and positive criticism. I have been blown away by the level of creativity and uniqueness displayed in so many images. I truly looked forward to my weekly search for images to illustrate the blog.

I have made many friends in the microstock industry and have also enjoyed their support as a consequence of being associated with this respected company. I learned a great deal from Lee Torrens and Yuri Arcurs. But most of all I have to reserve the most thanks and gratitude to Serban for the many hours he spent in helping me to learn about Dreamstime and its place in the future of stock photography.

Best of luck to all and thank you again.


The images here are a few of my favorite all time images.

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Posted by Bright on February 24, 2009
Hi Ellen,

Thank you for all these great articles and hard work. I'm the last person on planet Earth reading blogs at internet, but I often read yours - well written, full of useful information, illustrated with best images.
Posted by Arenacreative on February 24, 2009
Aww, but you just got here Ellen! It's been a pleasure - I wish you the best in all of your future endeavors.
Posted by Hospitalera on February 24, 2009
All the best for your future and thank for your time with us, SY
Posted by Photoshow on February 24, 2009
Ellen, thank you for all you offered to Dreamstime and the contributor here. You will be missed for sure. I hope that the next leg of your journey is as advantageous to you as this last one was to all of us here at DT.

Take care and perhaps our paths of our individual journeys shall cross again some day.
Bobby Deal
Posted by Denisebeverly on February 24, 2009
ellen thanks for all your help, advice and especially friendship. i will keep up with you, you know that. thanks for everything
Posted by Littledesire on February 24, 2009
I hate word "goodbye". It really makes me feel sad. So, see you again, Ellen! Thank you for all your blogs and advises! Good luck and all the best!
Posted by Mayatairy on February 24, 2009
Wishing you all the best of luck with your upcoming book!!!
Posted by Marilyngould on February 24, 2009
Ellen, your posts have been both helpful and inspirational, the numbers of us that you have assisted and enthused is untold. Wishing you joy and excitement in traveling your new path.
Posted by Kcphotos on February 24, 2009
Ellen: In spite of our loss, I am glad you feel free to move on to accomplish another of your dreams. Your inspiration and help to us has been wonderful and much appreciated. We will miss you. I hope you will still occasionally stop by for a guest blog or article... Thank you very much and best wishes...
Posted by Clarsen55 on February 24, 2009
Ellen, thank you for all the informative blogs in the last two years...and a special thanks for using my illustrations in several of those blogs. Two years have never sped by any faster! Please come back with one more blog when your book is available, so that we all know when and where it is available.
God Bless... Connie
Posted by Seema_illustrator on February 24, 2009
Thank you and good luck with your book Ellen
Posted by Picturelake on February 24, 2009
Ellen, thank you so much for the past two years of help and inspiration. It is truly a loss for Dreamstime and for us contributors, but you have to do what is best for you. Very best wishes on your book and the rest of your career.
Posted by Diomedes66 on February 24, 2009
You will be quite sorely missed!
Posted by Moonb007 on February 24, 2009
You will be missed...good luck on the book
Posted by Unaphoto on February 24, 2009
Oh no!
This is bad news!
I mean, from my point of view, of course.
I couldn't wait for your blogs and I'm going to miss them terribly.
Secretly I hope that this is not the last time you write to us. I hope that you will find the time to come and visit and perhaps write a few words. But if not, I thank you for everything you've done for us Ellen, and wish you all the best!
Posted by Studioceja on February 24, 2009
Thank you for your dedication and wishing you the best in your endeavors.
Posted by Cleaper on February 24, 2009
Good luck for the future and with your book. I hope that it all goes very well for you.
Posted by Eclecticelegance on February 24, 2009
I will really miss your weekly blogs!!! They always gave me an itch to get to my camera! I hope your book does well!! God bless!
Posted by Dcwcreations on February 24, 2009
Thank you Ellen and good luck to you.
Posted by Sil63 on February 24, 2009
All the best for your book and future plans. I really enjoyed reading your blog so you will be missed :) Ciao!
Posted by Noonie on February 24, 2009
Glad I got in while you were here! Good luck!
Posted by Zumaandme on February 24, 2009
Thank you Ellen for all your good advices and all the things you brought closer to me- I wish you all the luck and love you want,have a good time! eva
Posted by Roberto1977 on February 24, 2009
Thank you Ellen and good luck with your book! Bye, Rob.
Posted by Godfer on February 24, 2009
Good luck with your book. Your informative blogs will be missed. Thank you for the times that you have used my images :)
Posted by Flatscreen on February 24, 2009
Unfortunately! But I wish you of course best of luck and success with your business and I hope hearing or reading something about you in the future!
Thanks for the great work you have done here!
Ciao, Holger
Posted by Teekaygee on February 24, 2009
Oh! This is shocking news to read, especially so early in the morning. I am very sad to hear you are leaving. I have very much enjoyed and appreciated your articles Best of luck with your book; I'm sure you will do a great job with it.
Posted by Micspix on February 24, 2009
Although I wish you all the success in your continued ventures, we shall surely miss you here at Dreamstime. Your articles were always informative and well written and I have enjoyed them from the start. Thank you, and, again, much success in the future.
Posted by Creativei on February 24, 2009
OMG, this is too early, I will surely miss u, It was really a treat reading your blogs, I have learnt many things from your blogs, surely miss u. But as you have set up some goals in life you have to move ahead, my sincere wishes to you and your book, hope to read it sometime, and im just hoping that i might meet you once, well anytime in Dubai, please let me know.
Posted by Maigi on February 24, 2009
Oh, well, any good thing lasts forever in this world... kinda sad. But it has been great time, learning many lessons from you, which I'm very grateful about. Good luck with your new book, I hope to read it one day. It has been very pleasant to get to know you. Wish you all the best in your fascinating journey on the land of creativity. m.
Posted by Redzaal on February 24, 2009
Hi Ellen
I have been here only a short while but I can see the respect and affection you have from members. Thanks for the excellent advice in your articles and best wishes for all your future endeavors.

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