posted on 29th of may, 2009

Even if not the stockest (if I may express this way) of images I like dreamy, misty, ethereal shots a lot. I like to get into the atmosphere in make it happen. And I take inspiration from paintings, movies and other photographs when I take shots like that.
For those of you who, like me, dream a lot, I'll talk a little about this type of images.
Let's start with the begining.
Back in 2004 I went to bank and had a loan made to buy a digital camera. Digital was expensive back then so I settled for a Konica Minolta Z3, 4Mpx and 12x zoom, oh I was so happy. Of course, now I wouldn't touch that shutter button even if an alien landed in front of me, the camera is lousy. But as I said, back then, I was extremely happy. The only cameras I worked with till this were old russians like Zorki, Zenith and Smena, more like historical museum objects than cameras but that's how I can tell what shutter speed and aperture to use in any light.

So, the thing is, most of what I did with minolta was ethereal, blame the camera, not the light.

it was snowing here but nonetheless.
Anyway, it gave me the idea of misty shoots, around that time I was browsing images on a bunch of photo sites and the best photographs always were a bit mystique.
Thus I made the image that became best seller and made the most money for me with a bit of program added mist and with a camera that you wouldn't even look at twice today
Then I changed my camera to the canon 20d (oh, joy) and my images became crisp, nice and with no distortions, but I still liked the movie style atmosphere, like in these private investigator images

Sin City anyone?

A touch of mystery can be added not only with smoke and lights but with a bit of imagination, use what you have around you, or on you .

Asian-oriental cultures have always fascinated the rest of the world and foraying into their world and culture can also bring the ethereal in your images

So did church and the middle ages with the ladies clad in long black capes waiting to be rescued by knights on white horses (no knight came though, and the cape was my usually black background)

Different style of make-up can also make a difference in the images, it's a powerful tool to create something different from a simple portrait.

And last but not least we have fascination for eyes, sight, viewing, images, colors, people, the world in general. We don't want to imagine living without our eyesight, especially as visual artists, photographers and illustrators.
This is my best sold image, also with a touch of mystique and perhaps vision into the future, or who knows, the past

So keep searching for the perfect shot, the perfect frame, the perfect model, the perfect program to process your images, the perfect camera, because perfection does not exist but our continuous search for it makes us create and makes our creation better, wiser and more beautiful.

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Comment by Onime on May 31, 2009

Very inspiring. Thanks

Comment by Avava on May 29, 2009

Very strong work sir. Thank you for the inspiring text as well. I think you have a great eye for what the buyer is looking for. Keep inspiring us and keep shooting!

Comment by Tudorspinu on May 29, 2009

Oh, yeah... I Love the mystical pictures.
You, Ioana have a great portfolio. I like the pictures posted here. Congrats! I shoot mystical pictures sometimes but I do that for my satisfaction, not to post on stocks. What do you think about them?
first one
Second one
third one
and one more

Comment by Starblue on May 29, 2009

I like very much "mystic" style and these your images are really gorgeous. When I have visited your portfolio, I have admired several of these images - esp. the eye future vision, the woman with red lips, the yoga woman, but till now when I see your name "Nikitu" I canĀ“t forget the image of woman in black with water drops. This is a wonderful image and I like it so much, a really mystical touch :-)

Comment by Nikitu on May 29, 2009

Thank you, it's very nice of you to say this.

Comment by Asyan on May 29, 2009

WOW! I really like this photo from your portfolio. I think you can still create beautiful photos today, even whit an older camera...anyway I like you because you are very creative.

Comments (6)

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